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Roxburgh College, Roxburgh ParkCompare
School Facts
School sector:Government
School type:Secondary school
Total student:1214 (boy:667, girl:547)
Total staff:109
Student attendance:
None-english student:
ICSEA value:
937, ranks No.2073 More ICSEA Ranking...
ICSEA distribution:
Bottom quarterMiddle quartersTop quarter
VCE rank:No.477 (2015), No.410 (2014), No.316 (2013), No.467 (2012), No.493 (2011), No.467 (2010), No.490 (2009), No.466 (2008)
Location:Roxburgh Park

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School Comment
Respect, Learn and Achieve are three behaviours, three dimensions, three values that Roxburgh College and its diverse school community strive for and represent. Roxburgh College is a Middle Years (Years 7-9) and Later Years (Years 10-12) Secondary School w... more
Student Assessment
Year 7497521510489503472
Year 9521530550522528514
Student assessment is based on he National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy(NAPLAN) results in 2011.
By Student - 23 Jul 2023, Rate: poor
Classrooms are chaotic and noisy. Many students don't want to learn and think it's a game to bully teachers and other students. I have seen many of my teachers cry and give up teaching on the spot. I saw three students surround a teacher and just verbal them because they told them to go to class. It's a dangerous school and its students versus teachers and everyone I know hates it. Many female teachers are also feminists and anti male, especially the English teachers.
By Student - 09 May 2023, Rate: excellent
I honestly love this school so much it helped me with everything. A lot of people dont like it because of how "rude" the teachers and students there but truly they are so kind please send your kids here and it honestly depends on your kids. PLEASE SEND THEM HEREEE
By Employee - 03 Apr 2023, Rate: bad
The culture here is toxic. No one on the leadership team knows or understands how to build a culture of safety and positivity. Staff bully Staff, students bully staff and there is a real anti teacher sentiment. Students believe teachers are the enemy and old staff are threatened by newer staff with competence. Certain year level coordinators are bullies. I would never ever send my child to this toxic environment.
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