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Wattle Park Primary School, Burwood

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School Reviews
By Parent - 11 Jun 2021, Rate: excellent
Wattle Park Primary School communicates very well with its community. Their website is constantly updated and it compliments their KONNECTIVE platform. My child's classroom teacher always knows what's going on and responds to me promptly.
Rachel C
By Parent - 11 Jun 2021, Rate: excellent
Wow! What that school did during remote learning was incredible. I showed my sister in-law, who ended up not using her own son's school program and used Wattle PArk Primay's instead it was so well constructed and delivered! Sally
By Parent - 02 Jun 2021, Rate: excellent
The negative comments in here are absolute nonsense. My daughter was targeted at another school and was suffering emotionally. After talking to friends with children at WPPS we moved her to WPPS and it was transformative. THE best decision we could possibly have made for her. We did not even need to inform WPPS of our situation, the staff, students and leadership at embraced and supported her as a new student, through friendship and respect, and she has never looked back. Thank you WPPS!
By Parent - 01 Jun 2021, Rate: excellent
Clearly these negative comments are part of some targeted response. Looking at other schools through this website, they do not have the same amount of responses not as vitriolic. They are untrue and unfounded. We have found this not to be the case. WPPS is a wonderful school with a warm, supportive community.
By Parent - 30 May 2021, Rate: excellent
It’s a pity that names aren’t attached to these comments as how many comments are from trolls? I have been involved at the school for a number of years and couldn’t speak more highly of the school’s culture and values. All students are treated respectfully and are encouraged to learn at their point of need. Teachers find an area of strength for every student whether that be academic, sporting or creative talents. Fantastic school from the office staff, learning assistants,teachers, leadership and parent community. Helen
By Parent - 25 May 2021, Rate: excellent
Absolutely brilliant school. I can’t imagine a more caring place to send my children. Each child is treated like an individual and nothing is too much. The teachers go over and beyond. Couldn’t possibly find a better school for my children.
By Parent - 25 May 2021, Rate: excellent
Wattle Park is an exceptional school. I have 3 children here and they are very happy. Teachers and leadership are very approachable and are always happy to take feedback on board.
When reading the negative reviews, I couldn't be more shocked. Clearly there are some members of the school community who feel the need to vent through social media as opposed to using more appropriate forums.
By Parent - 19 May 2021, Rate: excellent
Wattle Park Primary School is an excellent school. The teachers are warm and support and the leadership are welcoming and open. My children thoroughly enjoy going to school each day. We especially like the integration of the Kitchen/Garden program and the availability of leadership positions for all Year Six individuals. Staff are also doing an exceptional job to support students following the difficult year last year due to COVID lockdown.
By Parent - 17 May 2021, Rate: excellent
What a marvellous place for my child to learn! All three of my kids have been to WPPS and most importatnly, of all the things they learned, the most imporatn was a LOVE OF LEARNING!!! Thank you WPPS!
By Parent - 17 May 2021, Rate: excellent
I have been in attendance at Wattle Park Primary School for many years. The teaching staff are excellent. They care for their students provide extention work for those who require it. The office staff are helpful and informed. I've always found the school Principal, Gayle to be kind, organised and to thoroughly know each of her students. I have no hesitation in recommending this school to anyone as an ideal primary school education.
By Parent - 28 Nov 2020, Rate: excellent
This is a wonderful, friendly, caring school. We are moving and therefore unfortunately have to take my son out and send him to another primary school. He has loved his first year at wattle park, has made lovely friends, and grown in confidence. The principal is very dedicated to the students. We will really miss the school
By Student - 10 Nov 2020, Rate: bad
Bad behaviour is rewarded. For example on two separate occasions two separate classmates crawled under the LOTE room punching the flour making a loud noise preventing education and throwing rocks at people outside, one of which hit me. Both of the students that did this were send to the principals office to play games on their laptop and talk to the Vice President. These aren’t even the worse things that happened. I have heard from my sister that Gayle(the principal) has started suspending kids. If this is true that is a reward to these kids that won’t behave. No ten year old is gonna use their week off to reflect on their actions, they will play games all day and since you don’t learn anything at this school past year one there is no work for them to catch up on. I hit high school not knowing basic division. This made my first maths topic of high school really difficult because it was dividing fractions. Most teachers are fine but any that are actually good don’t stay long. The Principal has corrupted the school of its glory under Mr Farley. I was not there while Mr Farley was principal bit the whole school slowly got worse through out my time at Wattle Park. If you still this Gayle Cope is sane, she spent 15k of a wooden pole with some decorations on the top, the is only good for throwing your friends hats on to the top of.
By Parent - 31 Jul 2020, Rate: excellent
Wattle Park Primary School is an outstanding school. Great Principal, great teachers and great students. The school grounds are phenomenal with amazing places to play with lots of space for every imaginable activity. Academically the students thrive and there is a range of different opportunities within school hours and also for before and after school. My two children have made many friends and the school has a strong sense of community. Couldn’t rate this school more highly. Just so impressive.
By Parent - 30 Jul 2020, Rate: poor
Terrible school. Domineering, rule crazy principal, barely competent teachers with dismally worn-out facilities. Any primary school in the area is preferable to this one. I pulled my kids out after one year and I'm glad I did. If you love your kids, DON'T send them there.
By Parent - 13 Jul 2020, Rate: excellent
Mrs Lorena Banks is doing a wonderful job leading this school. A very innovative and dynamic school that cares for every individual student. A very happy learning place for all of my three children.
By Parent - 15 Feb 2020, Rate: bad
This school is run by bullies. The principal is a bully. Some teachers are ok but are squashed by dictatorship. Teachers can help with issues so long as principal doesn’t get involved. The school council is run by the principals mates! The principal is threatened by the deputy principal. Deeply disturbing and underlining issues. Don’t enroll!
By Employee - 20 Jan 2020, Rate: excellent
An absolutely fantastic school with a very experienced and understanding principal. Staff and students are so lucky to have a wonderful school such as Wattle Park.
By Employee - 26 Nov 2019, Rate: poor
The Principal at this school is an untrustworthy, unprofessional and bizarre woman who makes promises that she doesn’t keep and only employs young attractive men. If you make a suggestion to her she will tell you how great it is and then when you’ve left the room she’ll turn around and deliberately do the opposite.
However, there are some great teachers at this school, most of the staff can’t stand Gayle Cope but are too scared to stand up to her for fear of being targeted which is what she does when she wants to get rid of a staff member, she makes their lives so miserable that they eventually resign.
By Parent - 07 Mar 2019, Rate: excellent
There are always two sides to every story!
Not everyone is happy at that school. Maybe the issues should be dealt with in a nice & professional (I emphasise professional!!) way then those people wouldn’t be forced to write these comments. It’s important to have your voice heard instead of being silenced through force!!
By Parent - 16 Oct 2018, Rate: excellent
Wow, so many negative comments about an amazing school. My children love the school. Our learning issues are being addressed, bulling is not tolerated, the staff are all lovely and helpful, students are friendly, and the grounds are beautiful.
By Parent - 14 Oct 2018, Rate: bad
I would definitely not recommend this school. Everything you hear at the beginning is a facade. Parents that want to make the school better and have great ideas are put down. Issues are not delt with and you are left feeling frustrated and angry. Bullying is tolerated and as soon as you bring it to principles attention excuses are made but your child is still left traumatized. If you care about your child and your own well being do not come to this school. Another element is that there are too many “yes” people that think being in with the principle is something special. High school antics as they say. The school is a joke. A good school is about empowering the students and creating a safe and good learning environment. This is not the case. Emphasis is put on the external facade. School fees are exorbitant for what you are actually getting. Parents of a child with special needs should definitely not consider this school. No support system in place and very inexperienced with how to deal with matters. I would like to say though that there are a handful of teachers which are great and are a rock when you need them. Unfortunately their hands are tied too if they try to rock the boat.
By Parent - 20 Jul 2018, Rate: bad
After todays events leaving this school.
Awful school that just doesn’t like people trying to make it better
By Parent - 28 Jun 2018, Rate: excellent
Mrs. Lorena Banks is doing a fantastic job as Principal and of running the school! Well done for 12 years of amazing service to the school.
By Alumnus - 11 Apr 2018, Rate: bad
This school has some serious culture issues. There are a lot of very unhappy people within its community. It was once such a beautiful school, a thriving hub of volunteers, loyal and caring staff, experienced teachers and happy parents. Now, it is cultivating bickering, division and quarelling behaviour. It’s really disappointing that a school can employ someone meant to positively lead a school, can then instantly change it from a thriving happy school into such a mess!
By Parent - 14 Feb 2018, Rate: excellent
Julie Gledhill is a fantastic teacher and has taught a couple of my children. If your child is in her class you are very lucky.
By Parent - 15 Dec 2017, Rate: average
OMG She's leaving. Just heard this fantastic news.
By Parent - 08 Dec 2017, Rate: excellent
As a parent I will be sad to say goodbye to Wattle Park Primary School at the end of this year. It has been a second home for my children. Not only have they received a fantastic education but they have felt safe and happy throughout their primary years at school. Very important.
By Student - 08 Dec 2017, Rate: excellent
I've loved being a student at this school for the past 7 years. It's the best school ever. I love the teachers!
By Parent - 30 Nov 2017, Rate: excellent
Just a wonderful, wonderful school. Great students and welcoming involved community. Couldn’t ask for better!
By Parent - 14 Nov 2017, Rate: bad
A principal that knows each child by name - that's not special --- that's her job!
Shame that the same people year after year on the school board and associations are the same boring yes people.
Shame that all the great amazing teachers are leaving.
Shame that the community has no right to expect better.
By Parent - 10 Nov 2017, Rate: excellent
This is an amazing school! It has fantastic spacious grounds where children can run free - something not found much these days. It also has the very best teachers. they are all so caring and kind.Cannot recommend this school highly enough.
By Parent - 02 Nov 2017, Rate: excellent
I have never know a school to be so caring and kind to it's students. Fabulous kind staff. It's a brilliant school!
By Parent - 01 Nov 2017, Rate: excellent
I have been a parent at this school fro several years.
The staff are excellent. My child enjoys going to school everyday. The Principal is delightful and takes real interest in the wellbeing of each of the students. SHe knows them all by name!
Also, the grounds are beautiful.
I cannot recommend it highly enough.
The school has a well deserved reputation for employing excellent Learnign Assistants who are have great skill and take great care when working wiht a multitude of different students.
This school is zoned so you will need to be in the catchment area to attend.
By Parent - 20 Oct 2017, Rate: bad
Go to Hartwell. Better school!
By Parent - 09 Oct 2017, Rate: poor
Good principal but has no authority over any staff. Principal has to go on every excursion & camp because unable to delegate to staff she inherited that she can’t get rid of. Good staff all left 3 years ago now. New VP is good. Inconsistent teaching which principal & VP can’t address as staff do their own thing. School classrooms are messy, corridors dirty. Huge focus on kitchen/garden but basic reading, writing, numeracy suffer as a result, Some teachers are ok, some woeful. Lovely big open grounds but that’s it. Go elsewhere. Better state schools are out there.
By Parent - 17 Sep 2017, Rate: excellent
How my sister Debbie Alderson got a job working in a school is unbelievable she beat her mother up when we were kids
I remember her beating kids up and mothers coMing over she is very bad and violent
By Parent - 08 Aug 2017, Rate: poor
We left the school 3 years ago. Best decision ever made. Our child wasn't getting the attention they required. ADHD kids just get labeled. Just slipped through the cracks. Very disappointing. Especially being in such an affluent area Camberwell.
By Parent - 07 Jul 2017, Rate: bad
Looking for a new school for 2018. This school is not willing to accept fault, nor willing to change its mentality in dealing with a negative hierarchy. It's a shame because there actually some nice people & families that attend.
By Parent - 31 May 2017, Rate: excellent
Wattle Park is a very community minded school-very friendly and no bullying.
By Parent - 29 Mar 2017, Rate: bad
What a joke.
Waiting for the principal to leave.
By Parent - 21 Mar 2017, Rate: excellent
Movie Night on Friday was fantastic. A great community event that showed the school at its best. I feel very lucky to be a member of this school.
By Student - 19 Mar 2017, Rate: excellent
I'm really happy at this school as it has great teachers and the students are friendly.
By Parent - 19 Mar 2017, Rate: excellent
Absolutely brilliant school!
By Parent - 15 Mar 2017, Rate: average
This is a seriously overrated school. They put on a lovely welcoming show about community spirit when you do a school open day tour and it's anything like that once your kid attends.
By Parent - 07 Mar 2017, Rate: poor
Why can't I buy a secondhand uniform? I can't get there on a Monday between 8 and 9 - I work!!! Why isn't open on a Wednesday anymore?
By Parent - 01 Mar 2017, Rate: average
We also need families to attend the next working bee this Sunday morning for 9.00-11.30a.m. It is the last one for the year. At the last working bee a total of two families helped out on the day- leaving the many tasks to only a few. The more helpers we have, many more jobs will be achieved so our grounds are clean and safe.
By Parent - 19 Feb 2017, Rate: average
At $1000 in fees for a student. for a bit more I'd go to the Catholic school down the road.
By Parent - 23 Nov 2016, Rate: bad
You can't do anything. my kid already left school. happier at another school.
By Parent - 24 Oct 2016, Rate: excellent
I'm actually a past parent whose children used to attend Wattle Park Primary School. We caught up with the current school students and staff at their recent fun run at Wattle Park. It is still a wonderful school community. The students were enthusiastic participants in the run and teachers watched over their charges with care and support. Only difference from our experience is that their are many more students. The principal told us enrolments are now over 400 students! A great community school.
By Parent - 11 Oct 2016, Rate: poor
By Parent - 07 Oct 2016, Rate: excellent
Wattle Park is a great school. We all know the parent who keeps on saying negative comments about our school. The Principal should get rid of that parent- nothing but trouble. Pity the school community has to put up with a parent like that. Otherwise an absolutely fabulous school. Would highly recommend.
By Parent - 22 Sep 2016, Rate: poor
If you want your child(ren) to have major literacy issues at the end of 7 years of schooling - choose this school!
By Parent - 22 Sep 2016, Rate: bad
The worst school in the area.
By Student - 27 Aug 2016, Rate: excellent
Wattle Park is a fantastic school. Very friendly and no bullying. Will be very sad to leave at the end of the year. Great memories.
By Alumnus - 09 Aug 2016, Rate: good
Wow! What a change! Used to be a great school with Mr. Farley when our family attended. Sad. :-(
By Student - 26 Jul 2016, Rate: poor
This school is horrable. I'm so unhappy & I wanna leave, but my perents cant get me into other schools becouse of the zones.
By Parent - 17 Jul 2016, Rate: excellent
Wattle Park Primary school is a wonderful school. My two children have been provided with inspirational and challenging learning tasks that have engaged them in wanting to learn many different things. The principal, Gayle is a warm, welcoming leader who the students adore. There is a great community atmosphere with parents, grandparents, tertiary students being involved in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden, class reading programs, the annual school fete. Very happy indeed with the school and would highly recommend to others in the area.
By Parent - 15 Jul 2016, Rate: bad
Wattle Park Primary School is a struggling school academically (they skew the 'certain' results to perceive academic excellence) and has a very weak non-existent community atmosphere. The grounds are huge, but not looked after. The principal is horrendous!! A bully! The Assistant principal is a techy and not very warm at all to parents/students alike. The school is as warm as a brick. and parent involved is poor due to being at odds with the principal. Would not recommend,
By Parent - 19 Sep 2015, Rate: excellent
Wattle Park Primary School is a thriving school academically and promotes a strong community atmosphere. The grounds are exceptional where students have many different and varied places to play. The principal and assistant principal are very approachable and know all the students by name. My two children have been very happy at the school and are confident in their learning and themselves. Thank you Wattle Park!
I'm , rate this school

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