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Presbyterian Ladies' College, Burwood

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School Reviews
By Employee - 20 May 2021, Rate: poor
Overall, this is not a great environment to teach in. I have taught English at PLC for several years now. Teachers are not very welcoming, the students are overly competitive, and they are overly invested in their studies. School isn't everything. Sports and the health (mental and physical) of the students is overlooked.
By Parent - 22 Dec 2020, Rate: excellent
PLC is probably my daughter’s favourite school she’s gone to so far. They have wonderful facilities and a friendly atmosphere. Their academic results are amazing. I’d really recommend this school.
By Parent - 03 Oct 2020, Rate: bad
Too focused on academics. Kids and parents are all trying to outshine one another. Teachers are sub par as all most all the students get tutoring. Students are selfish and self centred. I am glad that I took my daughter out of this school. There’s a lot of competition among students and parents. You feel like you’re studying in China!!
By Parent - 20 Jul 2020, Rate: excellent
My daughter went into this school when she was in year 7 and now she is in year 11. She has improved tremendously in her works and attitude. I would never dream of sending her to other schools. This school has the best facilities that any private school can offer. If you want your daughter to have a good career in the future I would think PLC would be the place to set your foundation.
By Parent - 10 Feb 2020, Rate: bad
My daughter had her heart set on this school. I was taken out of action in unforeseen circumstances (stuck in the middle of nowhere with coronavirus paranoia). I tried to explain this to the Admissions Office, but all I got was a Holier Than Thou sanctimonious response about I should have planned for it and one devastated student who has done so well she had even been in the newspapers who now thinks she is worthless. I think she has dodged a bullet but she is crying herself to sleep. Thanks PLC Victoria. I am happy not to hide behind anonymity here DR LIAM BASTICK.
By Alumnus - 30 Jan 2020, Rate: good
Excellent school if your daughter wants to become a lawyer/doctor/engineer etc and for her to learn in a safe/inclusive enviornment. Not so great if you want her to have strong mental health or social skills.
By Parent - 04 Dec 2019, Rate: bad
Terrible school. Even the most academic child can lose their love and enthusiasm for learning and school at this place. Terrible environment.
By Alumnus - 31 Aug 2019, Rate: average
Perhaps parents should stop making snap judgements about the atmosphere - and making sweeping statements about the personalities of the student body (?!) - of a school that they themselves were not immersed in. A two-dimensional snapshot offers nothing beyond one angle at one moment in time. It invites snap judgements and assumptions that greatly reduce the complexity of a high school culture which took me fourteen full years locked in the gates of PLC to understand, and which I found toxic and scarring - and not because it was 'too academic' as far too many assume.
By Parent - 21 Feb 2019, Rate: excellent
I went for an interview for my daughter today. I’ve already gone to another school for an interview but I must say PLC is impressive! I will definitely pick this school over the other school as we felt welcomed and can see all the teachers and staff are very dedicated to the children and work.
By Alumnus - 03 Sep 2018, Rate: excellent
I was at PLC from Grade 3 through to Year 12. Amazing school, resources and teachers. Highly Recommend.
By Parent - 15 May 2018, Rate: bad
This school is focused on short term results and focuses on rote learning to the exclusion of all else. The children are highly stressed as the demographic at the school puts a lot of pressure on children. Children go from school to tutoring and don’t have any personalities.
By Parent - 07 Aug 2017, Rate: excellent
One of the best private school with amazing facilities and very modern buildings that provide the best for my daughter.
My daughter has improved a lot on her studies since studying in PLC. It is a very expensive school but it is worth it as the students there are great and totally not snobbish.
By Alumnus - 19 Jan 2015, Rate: excellent
When I attended PLC I felt like this was my home. I've never felt like I belonged more. Everybody is friendly, the teachers are so encouraging, the facilities are astounding and the curriculum is challenging and great. I love this school and I miss it terribly.
By Student - 20 Nov 2014, Rate: excellent
Quiet easily the best school in the world.
By Student - 02 Sep 2014, Rate: excellent
Amazing friendly people
By Student - 07 Mar 2014, Rate: excellent
PLC is a wonderful school. The atmosphere is always friendly, there are superb facilities and there are so many opportunities for you. We always learn so much each day. Year after year PLC achieves excellent results. Not only that, the teachers at PLC treat us students as unique, important individuals, and they always inspire us and bring the best out of us. PLC is a brilliant school, and I strongly recommend it to you.
By Student - 02 Mar 2014, Rate: excellent
PLC is an excellent school! I strongly recommend it to every girl.
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