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Glendal Primary School, Glen Waverley

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School Reviews
By Student - 15 Jun 2020, Rate: good
Good School!
By Student - 13 Oct 2019, Rate: poor
Hi i use to be a student and it was horrible. The teacher don’t care about the student s but only the money and i got bullied too much times. The education has dropped and once i had three teachers in a year. So don’t go to this school.
By Alumnus - 04 Aug 2019, Rate: excellent
I've been to this school since prep and has been all the way to the end of Grade 6. It's a great school, and for kids who are interested in robotics and science, this is the best school for them. The science teacher is absolutely fabulous, and prepares many out-of-school competitions and programs that kids can do. Teachers can be unfair or biased and sometimes, and that affects the senior student leaders leadership a bit. The teachers and the principals (some) are a bit scary and unapproachable. However, us students do have our share of bad teachers and good teachers, but all the teachers do in some way entertain and teach us at the same time. One thing I love about this school is that it has many asians, so I never feel different like in many other schools.
One thing about this school though, it educates kids excellently IF the child is willing to calm down and if the teacher is able to
Great school overall.
By Student - 31 Jan 2019, Rate: excellent
This is the best school! The education is very high but I feel like some teachers can be a bit scary
By Student - 23 Jan 2019, Rate: poor
everyone is mean. I don't feel well in this school
By Alumnus - 04 Nov 2017, Rate: excellent
very sporty. had no friends. unless they were perverts
By Parent - 03 Nov 2017, Rate: excellent
By Student - 03 Nov 2017, Rate: excellent
I think it is fantastic! But the teaches can sometimes be a bit.. scary? But overall, the education is above average and is so much better than another school which I've been to. A lot of students are smart and well educated, which is good for the whole school. Plus this school has a lot of focus on science, robotics etc. I really love how we actually have a NAO Robot to program. I, am a grade 5 student who has done this before and have programmed it to do the Macarena Dance. It was extremely fun. The music teacher isn't too good though. She can't even control the boys in my class, who are hyperactive and noisy. The facilities are splendid and I love the Science Building. It has stick insects, bugs, a turtle, and some hermits! It is a wonderful school with lots of great, smart, teachers! And mind you, not all teachers are bad. We have this really strict Chinese teacher who can be scary, but also helps keep wrongdoers in check! I love this school. An absolute sublime school if you ask me!
By Student - 04 Jun 2017, Rate: good
I have quite enjoyed my years at this school. I had quite nice teachers but a few were not so good. A few were short tempered.
By Parent - 19 Dec 2016, Rate: poor
Bullies everywhere in every schools but it is the responsibility of the teacher to understand what's going on classes. My child was bullied by another classmate all the time which made my child really upset through out the year.The x teacher flavoured the child who bully my child and never took appropriate actions. When things get worse they took appropriate actions but it was too late. Further, I am not totally happy with the manners and behaviour. Academic success is not the only thing in ones life. A child must have a emotional and social development in prior to everything. Neglecting the emotions of the kids is the worst part of any school (the responsibility must take by teachers not the school). At the end my child rejected to go to school anymore. It's very fair when I consider all what happened. It can be a good school if you have a child with a rough behaviour. Where there is emotional harm and negligence happens it's automatically become a poor or bad school though the school is academically strong. As well the school management must be honest and never flavoured anyone in any incidents. The school must take strong actions for bullies. The school can't have both bullies and victims. The victims will move then and the bullies will remain.
By Parent - 17 Sep 2016, Rate: good
Good in facilities but not happy with the teacher we got for children at prep. All the parents were disappointed.
By Parent - 08 Aug 2016, Rate: bad
This school has an authoritarian principal. There are some good teachers because of whom this school has a good name.
By Parent - 02 Aug 2016, Rate: excellent
HI What an excellent school
By Student - 01 Aug 2016, Rate: excellent
By Parent - 09 Jun 2016, Rate: excellent
Our son been a student since 2014 and we are loving Glendal PS. Our youngest son will join his brother soon.
By Student - 21 Apr 2016, Rate: excellent
I was a former student this school is Awsome
By Student - 04 Feb 2016, Rate: excellent
Glendal Primary school is a outstanding school that provides top standard facilities for students, teachers and parent helpers. It is a school with high academic standard and organizes events that entertain and teach students. They are school that gives students opportunities to not only extend their ability but to help others as well. Amazing! Keep on doing what you do!
By Parent - 15 Dec 2015, Rate: average

As a parent of two and a professional working in education, I was disappointed and shocked by the treatment several families received during a recent tour of Glendal Primary. To say that the principal was rude would be an understatement. Without much of a welcome, in the first two sentences, the principal informed the attending families that ?you've chosen the worst time of the year to come for a tour.?
Very interesting, since if she is the principal, why allow families to tour in early December if it is not ideal for your school? The principal?s next topic of conversation: ?you shouldn't even be on this tour if you are not in our catchment zone, because we are pretty full and will not consider students even from neighboring zones.?
Following this we were rushed through several classrooms, without much being said about teaching, philosophy or vision.
So sorry for Glendal, which looks like a school with top facilities, and quiet likely mediocre quality senior leadership.
By Parent - 28 Sep 2015, Rate: excellent
Different culture background can make better ways for better outcome of education
By Parent - 21 Aug 2015, Rate: bad
filthy foreign dogs infecting our education system ill hit em right in the gabber if I see ya mate pow pow chief keef is coming for you boi
By Alumnus - 12 Jul 2015, Rate: excellent
Bullies everywhere. Im sorry
By Parent - 18 Mar 2014, Rate: average
The school should limit intake of Asians and people from the sub continent and take in more students from different backgrounds
By Student - 14 Mar 2014, Rate: excellent
I love this especially with good teachers. All teachers, this school has a fitness club for teachers after school! Plus, this school is fantastic and I love it!
By Parent - 03 Feb 2014, Rate: average
I think this school is great but the bevavior of this school is not very good. I ESPECIALLY do not like to sportsman-ship
By Student - 15 Oct 2013, Rate: excellent
Good School :D
By Parent - 26 Apr 2013, Rate: excellent
What. Fabulos school.ialways wanted o go to this school becaus he napalm is fantastic.
By Student - 26 Apr 2013, Rate: excellent
This school is best in the world
By Student - 29 Jan 2013, Rate: excellent
It's a great school
I'm , rate this school

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