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The House price is 7% lower than last year.
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The House rent is 3% higher than last year.
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Open Access College, MardenCompare
School Facts
School sector:Government
School type:Combined school
Total student:1800 (boy:657, girl:1143)
Total staff:110
None-english student:
ICSEA value:
1015, ranks No.309 More ICSEA Ranking...
Address:1-37 Marden Road Marden, SA 5070
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Phone:08 8309 3500

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School Comment
Open Access College is South Australia’s open learning and distance education provider. The college provides opportunities for metropolitan, country and remote students in government and non-government schools to gain access to a broader curriculum. Stud... more
Student Assessment
Year 346741442745443546
Year 552050852052852428
Year 757153957355361441
Year 9560450559519530182
Student assessment is based on he National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy(NAPLAN) results in 2011.
By Student - 07 Oct 2015, Rate: average
It was great when I did it in year 7, However In year 12 it was a disaster, I had started doing maths studies, my work was faxed she couldn't read it, but said she would give me another chance to do it again, but never did. She wasn't that bad, she was a nice person just overwhelmed, year 12 subjejcts are quite stressfull.compared to The year 12 geology teacher, basically made me have low self esteem, as someone who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, I was so surprised at the emails she wrote, accusing me of cheating, saying I was on the internet, when I was using a school computer and youtube was blocked, accusing me of being late, writing emails to my psychiatrist without my permisson, then telling me to mind my own business, giving me a zero in a test without further explantion. I take my education very seriously because my siblings are servely disabled, how heartless of someone treat a ptsd suffer like that, I'm sticking up to all the PTSD sufferfers, they don't deserve this treatment.'
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