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Campbell Median Price
The House price is 10% higher than last year.
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Campbell Median Rent
The Unit rent is 1% lower than last year.
Campbell property sold price
Campbell 2612 Profile
XPlannings near "46 Rosenthal Street, Campbell"
A51 Rosenthal Street
13 Apr 2018
PROPOSAL FOR 8 DWELLING MULTI UNIT HOUSING DEVELOPMENT, DECONCESSION OF CROWN LEASE AND LEASE VARIATION TO PURPOSE CLAUSE - Demolition of the existing building; Construction of 8 new two storey dwellings for supportive housing, attached garages, land
Distance: 95 meters
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B69 Blamey Crescent
07 Jul 2015
MULTI DWELLING-NEW SKYLIGHT-UNIT 74. Proposed installation of a new skylight in unit 74.
Distance: 524 meters
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C2 White Crescent
20 Mar 2014
COMMUNITY FACILITY-UNIT 2-ADDITIONS-ALTERATIONS - OZANAM HOUSE. Proposed additions and alterations to existing 2 storey Aged Care Facility, including internal and external works.
Distance: 761 meters
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D14 Blamey Place
26 Jun 2015
COMMERCIAL-ADDITIONS & ALTERATIONS-BAKERY. Proposed metal roof and roll-a-door to rear of existing bakery.
Distance: 811 meters
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E72 Waller Crescent
19 Jan 2020
PROPOSAL FOR A NEW DWELLING AND SECONDARY DWELLING AND LEASE VARIATION - demolition of existing house, carport, driveway and construction of a new two storey dwelling and single storey secondary residence, landscaping and associated works. Leave vari
Distance: 518 meters
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F22 Blamey Place
12 Sep 2014
LEASE VARIATION- Please see application form for further details.
Distance: 842 meters
Map | Street view
G60 Savige Street
22 Sep 2015
MULTI DWELLING-DEMOLITION-2 RESIDENTIAL UNITS-CARPORT-LEASE VARIATION. Proposed demolition of the existing residence. Proposed construction of two residential units both with carports attached. LEASE VARIATION - to permit unit title under the Unit Ti
Distance: 724 meters
Map | Street view
H4 Blamey Place
16 May 2013
COMMERCIAL - ALTERATION. Proposed relocation of shopfront glazing and entry door.
Distance: 846 meters
Map | Street view
I2 Blamey Place
31 May 2018
PROPOSAL FOR FOUR STOREY MIXED USE COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT & LEASE VARIATION - Demolition of the existing structures and removal of trees; Construction of mixed use development comprising of 3 commercial tenancies, 19 dwellings, baseme
Distance: 871 meters
Map | Street view
J52 Blamey Crescent
05 Jul 2018
PROPOSAL FOR DEMOLITION - demolition of two single storey dwellings and associated works.
Distance: 605 meters
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