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The House price is 2% lower than last year.
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The House rent is 6% higher than last year.
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Lakeside Lutheran College, Pakenham

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School Reviews
By Parent - 06 Feb 2023, Rate: excellent
We removed all of our child from this school recently. We couldnt justify the price when even the local government school is outperforming them by a lot. The principal is a bit of a lunatic also, we questioned why we hadn't received refunds of our camp and excursions payments despite their being zero excursions or camps at all in 2022, and he was really angry about it. They built a new building and I really wondered whether that was at least in part built using our excursion levies. Its poorly managed and performing poorly to boot.
By Parent - 09 Feb 2015, Rate: excellent
We have a couple of children attending the school. It still has the benefit of being small and caring, but is growing nicely since a concerted effort to raise standards, following the arrival of the new Principal at the start of 2014. The primary and middle schools have both benefited from increased focus/new programs in the last year. If you value a rounded education and don't want your child/children to be educated in a sausage-machine school of 2,000+ students, then Lakeside College is a great Cardinia choice (the number of students P-12 is around 350-400).
By Parent - 14 Nov 2014, Rate: excellent
We have traveled a lot over the years, attending several schools in different areas, and I have never been involved with a school that cares more about its students. The staff at Lakeside are (on the whole) genuinely caring, and (barring the odd exception, as with any school) are excellent educators.
If you are looking for a school with state-of-the-art facilities and a massive range of senior subjects, look again in a few years. It's still a "baby", relatively speaking, and is currently undergoing some exciting developments - particularly in the middle school curriculum.
If you are looking for a school which will truly care about your child, both academically and pastorally, you will be hard-pressed to find somewhere better than Lakeside.
By Student - 29 Jan 2014, Rate: average
As the school is still fairly new, take caution when looking at enrolling your child.
For a school of it's size and age the facilities are decent (with off site use of the YMCA for some PE classes)
Some of the teachers aren't very good but the ones who are good are excellent and take great care with their students.
In terms of culture (music, art, etc.), I must stress again that the school is still small and new and these things take time to develop and has grown alot since I have attended the school.
If you want your child to be part of a growing and changing school community then this is a good option.
Of course if you want more class choices (more being added as facilities are built) then another school may be a better option for you.
By Parent - 04 Jan 2014, Rate: bad
Poor teaching staff bar a couple. Terrible culture and pathetic facilities.
A number of other independent schools in the area with much better reputation and facilities for the same or lower fees.
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