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The Unit price is 3% lower than last year.
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The House rent is 5% higher than last year.
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St Margaret's School, Berwick

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School Reviews
By Parent - 15 Mar 2023, Rate: excellent
I highly recommend this wonderous school for everyone, my daughter was nicely welcomed and was given such a warm environment.
By Parent - 27 Jan 2023, Rate: excellent
My daughter started in ELC and has continued into her prepatory year. She is nothing but happy. I am also the type of person who would change schools in a flash, if... I was to be concerned about my daughter or if she expressed a negative attitude also. So far so good and no faults.
A happy Mother
By Student - 01 Nov 2017, Rate: excellent
Outstanding school
By Alumnus - 12 Aug 2016, Rate: poor
We had a change in our family finances when I was at St Maggots, when we lost our home, and the alteration in attitude of the parents/teachers was really painful. Only send your kid if you can keep up with the Joneses!
By Alumnus - 23 Mar 2016, Rate: poor
I went to St Margarets from primary to mid high school. I enjoyed my time in primary school, but had an awful time in high school. I experienced a culture of bullying which was not addressed by staff, and found I was dismissed by teachers for not 'fitting in' to their narrow concept of what a 'good' student should be. By year 9 I was very disengaged with the school, and bored academically. I moved to another school where I was both challenged and respected as an individual by the teaching staff, and ended up doing very well in VCE. Some people might enjoy this school, but from my experience they do not value individuals or diversity.
By Student - 22 Feb 2015, Rate: excellent
SMS is amazing. I love it so much and every day I look forward to going each day. The teachers are amazing and the help that they will give you is extrodinary
By Employee - 09 Nov 2014, Rate: excellent
I work as Year 2 teacher there and I absolutely love it at St Margaret's! The children are friendly, good education for my 4 kids, teachers are nice, this school is by far one of the best schools I have ever worked at! My 4 children go there, My eldest daughter is in Year 9 there and she has made lots of friends and learn more and more each day! My son in Year 4 loves it there and can't wait to go to Berwick Grammar next year! My daughter in Year 1 says that St Margaret's is a fun school and everybody there is really nice! And last but not least, my 4 year old son! He goes to the early learning centre and learns a lot every day!
By Student - 04 Sep 2013, Rate: good
I really love my school, it looks after all types of learners. I just wish it was co-ed!
By Parent - 11 Mar 2013, Rate: excellent
This school is beautiful i would highly recommend it
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