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School Reviews
By Parent - 13 Sep 2016, Rate: excellent
By Parent - 19 Apr 2016, Rate: excellent
Only one term in, but cannot fault PCWs handling of my daughter who has requirements fora learning problem. They have been amazing in working discreetly with her to ensure she is not embarrassed in front of her peers and allowing for the establishment of friendships amongst all the girls before they started with the 'extra' help for the girls who need it.
Very pleased to read bad reviews from children claiming they are unhappy with being made to present themselves with pride and dignity and requiring them to realise they are ambassadors for their school. Then I have chosen the right school. It is a Catholic school and as such they have every right to insist upon a Catholic approach. Regardless of what you might choose to believe in during your spare time.
By Parent - 02 Mar 2016, Rate: bad
I agree with student 3rd June 2014.(unfit and unjust to their students). My best friends daughter had some learning issues, yet she is very bright. The school were hopeless in any endeavour to assist her and the website states otherwise. The school pretend to be something they are not. They are a dictatorship, not a working community. Their assistance with mental health is also shocking. They do not adhere to their own policies and prefer a do it alone method. They do not care about privacy and breached my privacy on three occasions.If they are challenged on anything they run or enter a cover up mode or blame the student or the parent. One of the worst schools I have ever encountered with discipline based on shaming and blaming rather than restorative processes. If you sail along, you might be okay, but don't get in their way, they are verging on the DANGEROUS. Many good teachers left at the end of 2015. Internally, they know what are going on. My advise, stay away!!!!
By Student - 07 Feb 2015, Rate: excellent
I love this school it's a very welcoming school you always feel welcome and never lonely.
By Student - 19 Jan 2015, Rate: excellent
i think this school is excellent. I have recently moved to PCW and found the school very welcoming, the teachers and students are very lovely and overall I am loving it! I have had so many great opportunities since moving here. I find the school caters for everyones individual needs.
By Student - 06 Aug 2014, Rate: excellent
This is a good school.
By Student - 06 Aug 2014, Rate: bad
This school is so bad.
By Student - 03 Jun 2014, Rate: bad
As a student from year seven to year ten at pcw from 2010 till 2014 I found the school to be unfit and unjust to their students. Actively participating in discrimination against beliefs of students even though it is against the discrimination acts to say a students belief is wrong. Actively giving detentions for petty reasons. Many examples are; socks are too short, hair is down while walking to school, short hair is often looked down upon, having jumpers around waists. I, and a few peers, were told off for not shaving our legs as it was "unladylike" even though it is completely natural.
These are many of the few things that us students encountered when we attended that school.
The teachers do not show respect to the student, although there are some lovely teachers, they do not treat you as a person but rather a means of money and high ranking scores.
There is a lack of support when it comes to mental illness and many family problems.
My youngest sister who attended for one term of year eight was pulled out by my mother as she was told that she cannot learn and was "stupid." Which mind you, is also against the education act.
Many students when going through year eight and onwards are faced with utter stress that is not needed, sending many students, as I often observed and was told via peers, into a crippling sense of panic, anxiety and stress.
Please, reconsider sending your child to this school, I was here, and as many student who left with me, till the end of year ten and was often told that I could not learn, that I was a failure and did not offer me help. Now attending Swinburne senior secondary college, have gone from an E student with anxiety of going to school, to one that is now completing two year twelve subjects a year early and getting the support and respect all students should have.
I'm , rate this school

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