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Boronia West Primary School, Boronia

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School Reviews
By Parent - 15 Dec 2023, Rate: bad
Its a small school for a reason, and not a good reason. Don't do it.
By Parent - 30 Aug 2023, Rate: bad
Brendan from after school care being fired is the last straw.
He was the only good thing left at the school.
By Student - 06 Jul 2023, Rate: good
Julie is good that’s the only good thing about it
By Student - 06 Jun 2023, Rate: bad
This school is the definition of hell. If you send your kids here you are a psychopath. I have witnessed several bad and even dangerous stuff at this school a kid at this school got a concussion and the teachers didn’t send him home which can be lethal. For all the parents out there DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS HERE AT ANY COSTS.
By Parent - 22 Apr 2023, Rate: poor
What an absolute joke of a school.
Constant staff turnover, 2 days ago they announced a new teacher and then today announced she is no longer starting and there will be a relief teacher until they find a permanent one.
Obviously having a new principal in 2023 has made no difference, and there is clearly something going on behind the scenes with staff constantly leaving and no stability for the kids in keeping the same teacher.
This toxic school just needs to be closed down. Staff turnover is ridiculous and the only children now at the school are from troubled family backgrounds or kids with learning and behavioural difficulties.
Don't do it.
By Student - 05 Apr 2023, Rate: bad
The worst school you’ll ever meet. I went to here and most of the kids you’ll find out arseholes. At all cost, please do not send your child here. From a former student That went here I’m telling you. This is a terrible school. And half of the good teachers have left because they can’t stand the principal. Don’t even get me started with the principal she manipulates you. And “ brides you” with swps Tokens. Like I’m sorry I do not care if I get a token or not. It’s like they don’t even care about education because they don’t. At all cost, please avoid the school. The principal is bad the students are horrendous and most of the good teachers have left.
By Parent - 14 Mar 2023, Rate: excellent
A terrible school no excursions no nothing
Kids are not good
By Parent - 06 Mar 2023, Rate: bad
This is almost a special school or youth detention centre.
Recently went into lockdown when a former student came back for revenge during school hours.
The school is full of every drop kick kid in the area, every kid kicked out of other school, or kids with developmental disabilities who aren't severe enough for a special school.
They can't afford or cope with taking the kids on camps, excursions or any other major school activity.
Principal JB is actually lovely but up against the odds with the quality of kids in this school, all the lowest end of intelligence and behaviour.
By Parent - 20 Jan 2023, Rate: excellent
amazing school!!! quality teachers that help the children to reach their goals and full potential. such a lovely school community feel where everyone looks out for eachother. so many before school and after school activites and opportunities. such a sense of belonging and feeling of being welcome here.
By Student - 20 Jan 2023, Rate: excellent
Very good school.
By Student - 08 Dec 2022, Rate: bad
Probably the worst school in Knox. Some kids are manipulative and are psychopaths. And the principal... wow what a principal. She only cares about "playing with your age group". The school's website makes this school sound like a safe and happy environment while in reality this school is a prison. A actual prison. And some of the school captains are some of the worst people I have ever seen. They tell us to get out of the "corridor" sometimes. But we found them in the corridor walking around to the toilets. JUST BECAUSE YOUR SCHOOL CAPTAIN DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH THIS. YOU WON'T ANYMORE. AND THAT PSYCHOPATH. I know why you're doing this. Listen to me. I have done nothing to YOU and then you're bossing me around. You do this for pleasure, don't you?. I saw your smiling face when you said "You're in trouble" when you made a lie about me. I have no words for this prison of a school. "Play with you age group and you'll get a token" - Principal 2022. Don't bribe me. Then you've got kids who say speak up when you practise your passion project. I am not talking to you. I am talking to 1 person. And you know I was talking at perfect volume actually. And also another kid spat water at me and another tried to put slug slime at me. WHY? I HAVE DONE NOTHING TO YOU! Who would call this a "school"
By Student - 04 Nov 2022, Rate: average
Eh it’s ok
By Student - 16 Sep 2022, Rate: average
In this school, you will see kids fighting over diaries when you know that the person who gave the diary said that they didn't need it. Then she asked for the diary and then the kids with the diary said no. Should have given the diary back, but did not. The aid got mad at the person who gave the diary, not the person who had it and was requested multiple times to give the diary.
By Parent - 09 Jun 2020, Rate: bad
Be aware I have pulled my children out due to the principals lack of discipline and care , She really lacks leadership skills and has no enforcement in rules children at this school are severely bullied !! The teachers are great but office staff and principal are a let down to this school . There are no excursions or anything for the kids to look forward to no discos no garden no nothing it is a very poorly run school .
By Parent - 07 Jun 2020, Rate: bad
An absolute disgrace this school needs a new principal she is beyond incompetent She is full of excuses and has no regard to keeping kids safe ! Some of the parents are no better either.
Even the own teacher aid has removed her kids from this school , so many good kids and families have left also avoid for your child’s benefit!!
By Parent - 22 May 2020, Rate: excellent
Things at this school have changed a lot over the last few years. It seems like for the better. Reading the negative reviews makes it look like the principal and staff don’t care about the kids who go here but they are some of the most caring people I have met. They have helped my child bloom into a confident and self motivated person.
By Parent - 19 May 2020, Rate: excellent
I’m so happy with how the teachers have handled COVID and home learning. It is easy to understand and the work given suits my child and what they need.
By Parent - 12 May 2020, Rate: bad
The parents of the children in this school are just as bad as the kids , talk about the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree !! The principal has absolutely no backbone and office staff are poorly trained !! How it is still open is beyond belief!
By Parent - 21 Mar 2020, Rate: bad
There are students that attend this school that need to be dealt with by police and yet the principal continues to let them attend. It has under 60 students..and she cannot manage them, let that be food for thought. My kids have never been happier since leaving this juvenile detention center.
By Parent - 25 Feb 2020, Rate: bad
As a parent please be aware of the poor treatment of students in this school ! The principal has every excuse and bullies parents into thinking there is nothing they can do . School has no activities no school excursions or school camps and kids get away with bad behaviour consistently. Office lady is rude and bullies alongside with the principal please avoid at all costs . I have never seen or witnessed such behaviour at a primary school the kids miss out on a lot .
By Parent - 16 Feb 2020, Rate: excellent
Please avoid an absolute disgrace! Principal has no leadership qualities and also has a very poor outlook on bullying and has been caught lying and gossiping. The teachers are great but are let down by office gossip and bullying, It is unfriendly and kids have no consistency due to lack of direction from principal . Please avoid at all costs .
By Parent - 08 Nov 2019, Rate: bad
Full of under achievers. This drags the self motivated kids down. They are destructive, verbally and physically abusive, yet there are no repercussions, causing many students to be fearful and accustomed to regular distractions during class and having items damaged or stolen. The brighter students are paired up with these kids so they can teach them, as teachers quite honestly, cannot be stuffed dealing with them. The principal appears to have every excuse when you approach her. Stay away, for your own child's education, safety and self respect.
By Parent - 10 Sep 2019, Rate: bad
Terrible school. I would highly advise you to thoroughly exhaust any other school options before choosing this school. and even if this was last resort i would choose to home school instead. Teachers neglect children and their needs. Very poorly organised and teachers are slack and lazy.
By Parent - 05 Aug 2019, Rate: excellent
It. Is. A small. School. But. Teachers. Are. Amazing. Very. Supportive. And. Principal is. So. On. Point. When. It. Comes. To. Support. And. Education. A. Wonder full experience.
By Student - 04 Dec 2017, Rate: bad
I used to go here and it’s was absolutely horrendous. The teachers excluding like two, were terrible. The sports/music teacher (I’m looking at you mr.t) was a nightmare. Boy only ever paid attention to his favourites and never gave others a chance to shine. I lost a lot of my confidence to strive at this school. Do not send your kids here for the love of all things holy.
By Parent - 08 Mar 2016, Rate: excellent
amazing school!!! quality teachers that help the children to reach their goals and full potential. such a lovely school community feel where everyone looks out for eachother. so many before school and after school activites and opportunities. such a sense of belonging and feeling of being welcome here.
By Parent - 16 Sep 2015, Rate: bad
Terrible school, really bad, to many under achievers, the kids are encouraged to settle for 2nd best, not to strive for the stars
I'm , rate this school

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