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Mackellar Primary School, Delahey

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School Reviews
By Parent - 01 Jan 2023, Rate: bad
i have went to this school back then , at the momment my kid is now at the school, he comes home complaining about the front office and teachers yelling at him for something people do when all he does is sit there in class listening, my kid broke his foot and the teachers told him to go fix his own problem by him self , the principal represents the school as a bad place to be, specially when they tell students parents huger problems then what really happened, the school might get paid more for doing that but it just represents the whole school as bad
By Parent - 01 Jan 2023, Rate: bad
This is a awful school, my kid went here and The school would call me everyday and tell me a big problem and when my kid comes home she tells me a whole different story, this school calls parents to tell them a huger problem then what really happend, i do not recommend this school, the toilets are dirty and they do not care about mold and students all they care about is education
By Student - 04 Nov 2022, Rate: bad
i went to this school and it is awful. the teachers dont care about the students, all the school cares about is upgrading the technology, not fixing the holes in the buildings. There was a whole other school under the stage, and kids climbed into the hole all day and teachers let them.
By Student - 19 Nov 2021, Rate: bad
I was bullied repeatedly at this school by teachers and students. I now have mental issues because of it. This school is a terrible one, please be mindful about bullying.
By Parent - 05 Dec 2018, Rate: bad
If you hate your kids send them to this school. This school was good when my kids first started but few years later when we needed help with some issues the principal swept them under a rug apart from a hand full of teachers 80 percent of them are just there for the pay. Please do your research before you enroll you will see the number of students are dwindling over the last few years. Hope this helps
By Parent - 23 Feb 2018, Rate: poor
Very inactive. A lot of problems! Front office are very rude. Head master is in La la land. Regretful experience!!
By Student - 15 Sep 2016, Rate: excellent
I used to go here but now I'm in year 7. This school was very fun and my favourite teacher was my year 5 teacher
By Parent - 16 Apr 2016, Rate: excellent
I am very happy as my daughter started there this .ear as a prepie and she loves it she is already reading and iam over the moon as she has autism she does not qualify an aid . she is doing so well her teacher is awesome also
By Student - 22 Jan 2016, Rate: average
I use to go here and now I'm year 8 and I go there to pick up my brother, but when I'm there I always see the 5/6 and they act so cocky and annoying.
By Student - 27 Mar 2015, Rate: excellent
I love this school its really fun, amazing and extraordinary I'm sure parents plus students will love or enjoy this school!!
By Student - 20 Oct 2014, Rate: excellent
I attend to this school, I'm in class 5/6C and the school is amazing!
By Student - 29 Aug 2013, Rate: excellent
I am in this school and I like it
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