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Sydenham - Hillside Primary School, Sydenham

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School Reviews
By Student - 05 Dec 2022, Rate: poor
I, too, was a former student here more than 10 years ago now. I would just like to say that I was horrendously bullied and singled out by my teacher. I was only 8 years old at the time. My teacher yelled at me, called me names, embarrassed me in front of all the students and would constantly put me down/belittle me for anything. At this age I began to lose my sight, every time I asked to sit closer to the board she would berate me for “being blind” and needing to “get my eyes checked” in front of the class. All I remember at this time was trying my hardest to hold my tears back. This is just one example of the many I have.
12 years later and this has still stayed with me.
Shame on Mrs Guppy. Shame on the administration that let this happen in their classrooms. Judging by the other reviews left on here, I’m sure this happened with multiple teachers too. Children should not be treated like this by adults. Do better.
By Student - 11 Aug 2022, Rate: excellent
this school was amazing everyone else is lying i was there 2 years ago and it was great stop lying bitches.
By Student - 25 Oct 2021, Rate: excellent
I love this school bring your kids here
By Student - 17 Jul 2021, Rate: bad
Let me get something straight, I was a former student of this school nearly 10 years ago.
This school and their irresponsible teachers at the time (I’m not sure how their staff are doing nowadays for the record) are the reasons why myself and numerous other students who can testify, lost our confidence and gained an insane amount of anxiety to our high school lives the following years. When I look back at this school I only have a handful of good memories here and there, but the rest are just depressing, decrepit, horrible and nasty. This is not just from the constant bullying from the students, I was also bullied a lot by the teachers themselves. Teachers are supposed to be mentors, they’re supposed elevate and inspire their students and that’s how kids grow. A student does not deserve their work violently screwed or ripped up if they make a mistake.
A student does not deserve to be humiliated by being called names.
A student does not deserve to be screamed in their face when they haven’t done anything wrong.
I don’t care how they’ve been brought up or taught by different generation this method of teaching, this is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!
So parents, if you want to risk your child’s mental health and well-being at a school like this by all means go ahead.
Let this be a warning to anyone reading this, their slogan was “Gateway to the Future” which in reality it should be changed to “A Gateway to Hell and Out”. Thank you
By Parent - 12 Nov 2020, Rate: bad
horrible school, bullying runs rampant and no one does anything about it. too violent
By Parent - 24 Feb 2020, Rate: excellent
I have been involved with the school as a parent for the past 6 years with multiple children attending the school and overall have found the school to be very good. There have certainly been issues, my own child a victim of bullying for a period of time but issues will occur no matter where you go.
The staff and leadership at a school can not be held accountable for all behavior displayed by students but certainly can be for how it is dealt with and what is put in place to correct it. Saying this I have found that each and every issue I have had has been dealt with accordingly and where possible a satisfactory solution has been found.
By Employee - 14 Nov 2019, Rate: bad
don’t bring your kids here. just don’t do it.
By Parent - 04 Dec 2018, Rate: poor
Sydenham Campus The leader of this school is washed up. I have to pull my son 2 weeks before the end of the year because of constant bullying. I have had meetings but that’s just a waste of time the old saying of sweeping things under rug happens a lot. Luckily my eldest is leaving this year for year 7 and doesn’t have to go to the school next door pull your kids out before something BAD happens and then maybe they might just do something about their bullies. Their policy is not worth the paper it’s written on.
By Parent - 16 Jul 2018, Rate: excellent
The women/receptionists in the school office are arrogant and rude! First encounter with them to put my son into that school, don’t know her name but wasn’t very pleasant or helpful. Had to reschedule a tour of the school due to my 3 month old being sick, receptionist on the phone was arrogant - sighing on the phone because I wanted to cancel, tone of voice was off! I might just put my children somewhere else if that’s how the staff are towards parents!!!!! Heard Sydenham Campus is a lot better anyway, only wanted Hillside cause it was closer to home but if that’s the sort of attitude they teach at Hillside then I’d rather travel the distance to somewhere decent!
By Student - 15 Jul 2016, Rate: excellent
The principle took good care of me after school hours ;)
By Parent - 15 Jul 2016, Rate: excellent
I once ate a butt here and it tasted like onion
By Student - 21 Apr 2016, Rate: excellent
By Student - 03 Jul 2015, Rate: excellent
This is my favourite school I love it
By Parent - 21 Jun 2015, Rate: good
I'm pretty fussy and this is a high performing government school with good teachers, friendly students and a solid set of values. Great school for the area, highly recommended! Could probably offer students more subjects in the arts but that is my personal preference.
By Parent - 08 Jun 2015, Rate: bad
Unfortunately I didn't feel my children were well looked after in this school. Not sure it is due to shortage of staff but gates are often not locked, there is no toilet papers in the toilets, no bandage or antiseptic cream provided in the sick bay. Children with bad behaviour don't seem to be disciplined either. My grade 1 child punched by older grades for a few occasions but teachers did absolutely nothing. School don?t admit this kind of behaviour as bully. There are also a few children are 'dating', kissing on lips, touching inappropriately. They don't seem to be corrected either.
By Student - 02 Jun 2015, Rate: excellent
this is one of the best schools in the area
By Parent - 02 May 2015, Rate: bad
I hate this school,
By Parent - 02 May 2015, Rate: bad
I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone. There are no discipline in school, swearing and violence seems to occur on adaily basis but nothing has been done. My chidren and I are very unhappy and frustrated. We are moving them to another school.
By Student - 26 Mar 2013, Rate: excellent
I LOVE my school i am in grade 4 this year and I rate this school sydenham hillside primary school a 10000000000/10
I'm , rate this school

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