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Parkwood Green Primary School, Hillside

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School Reviews
By Parent - 23 Mar 2023, Rate: poor
This school is pretty good but too long and lunch is really short
By Alumnus - 15 Dec 2022, Rate: bad
traumatic, I was treated with disrespect.
i was dragged by my hands and feet to the classroom/principal’s office.
they would drag me without permission even though I begged them to stop.
i burst into tears everytime I think of this.
the grip was tight as hell.
i never got apologies.
I was here for 6 years, and it was the worst time of my life.
after primary, I gained nothing but trust issues, ptsd, anxiety, and depression. obviously I had other issues, but this was just one of them.
go to this school if you want to, but from my experience..
i wouldn’t recommend.
By Alumnus - 07 Dec 2022, Rate: excellent
I once went to this school. I just wanted to tell everyone that the only person that is failing you is yourself, if your child is an optimistic person with the potential to learn then they will put their mind to it, if your child is falling behind in classes or getting distracted in classes then it's probably their fault. I get it. Sometimes teachers can be a little careless but if your child is willing to learn then they will do exactly that. I am now in year 7 and graduated from Parkwood green last year, I'm on top of my classes and that's because in primary school I was the one that asked for extra work, I was the one who concentrated on my work. Those kids who think they're popular and cool will get nowhere in life. So please take y advise to heart.
By Alumnus - 27 Nov 2022, Rate: excellent
I have amazing memories at this school with the teachers and students. what I love about this school is that there is always something fun to attend. e.g clubs, excursions, and more. the principal is super nice and loves to get to know every kid and make them feel comfortable. graduation was really sad but I'm just glad I came to a school like this.
By Parent - 09 Nov 2022, Rate: excellent
I like it
By Student - 29 Oct 2022, Rate: bad
I can’t go below bad but I will describe it. It is the worst, most disgusting, worthless school EVER. Bullying, even to kids with autism ect. I’m not or have been bullied but I know many people who have. The punishment? 10 minutes at lunch, or walk with a teacher.
Problem 2 will be the education given, I remember year 4 we were doing times tables and even in the highest group it was just more numbers in a question, I just sat there learning nothing for an entire year. Luckily I had tutors and in year five I got nearly all subject at the top of band 8 even after those scores year 5’s year was still easy. There’s also too many extra breaks or subjects. You get rewarded if you don’t speak for 2 minutes with a “Pom Pom” and if you get enough you get certain rewards but sometimes kids couldn’t stay quiet for that time either. Pathetic
A lot of teachers are so rude, sarcastic and unfair. Mrs. Thomas is the worst ( I think that’s her name if there is multiple it’s the P.E teacher ) she is unfair towards certain students and gives less punishments/fouls to certain kids. Another teacher named mrs. Covrik ( I forgot which year ) is sarcastic but she’s not rude to anyone but a lot of students dislike her so that will lead the next problem
THE STUDENTS, if they cry omg they get no punishments and a talk like “ oh it’s okay just don’t do it again” and then get comforted. The kids get 0 discipline. I’ve heard year 1’s swear and push. I was on the oval and a kid kicked my ball away and said “ F*** you”
Change the school. I’m leaving soon anyways.
By Student - 16 Feb 2022, Rate: poor
Hi it’s me Aleksa Velimirovic 6AC and I’m here to say you teachers do nothing to help. I’m here being bullied when your teachers don’t help me. I should’ve gone to burnside instead of this school. Look… the school is a very good design but the worst part is teachers just don’t do anything. They go up to the bully and say move away. This doesn’t happen a lot but please. Principal if you see this please fix the school and make it better. I’m just giving you advice. Sound good?
By Student - 25 Nov 2021, Rate: excellent
This school is the best primary school to attend. I am now in year 6 and this has been the best experience of my life all the teachers here are super nice and amazing and if it wasn’t for this school, I wouldn’t have been the person I am today(of course my parents too) the teachers are so funny and fun and if there is ever a problem, the teachers alway try to help, they comfort you. As for my peers, they are al super nice and have always respected me for who I am. Like one of the comments said, there are some students who think they are popular but all schools have these type of kids.
If some people who have attended the school or parents think kids here are mean and rude, it’s not the teachers fault, in fact it’s the child’s parents fault. Parents. You should teach your kids to be respectful to others. I think this school is the best primary school you could send your child to so please take my feedback to action.
By Student - 25 Nov 2021, Rate: excellent
This school is amazing all the teachers here are super nice and not once have they touched a student. All these terrible comments aren’t true, I’m now in year six and I’m so sad to be leaving the school. The teachers make me feel very comfortable and make me feel like I belong. I do admit there are some kids who think they’re the best but there’s those kids in every school. I definitely recommend this school to all people. The principal has changed and most of the teachers, they’re fun and amazing to be around. I wake up every morning so excited to come here again!
By Alumnus - 01 Oct 2021, Rate: bad
I was a student at parkwood green primary school , I would never had thought that this school was as bad as what it is . yeah I didn't get bullied and all that but there definitely some kids who was bullied and the most of what the teachers and principal could do was from them to say sorry to eachother . the teachers couldn't care less about the students and I heard that grade 6 students are still learning time tables, like im sorry but shouldn't you be preparing the year 6 students for high school not teaching them some grade 1 work that they have already done before . and lets not talk about the students here . year 6 was the worst year yet . the girls think that they where popular and think they own the school but they really don't . and the boys think they where so cool and funny but there really not . you know how many people got talked shit about its not even funny . and the fights I mean they where entertaining since the school is so boring and all the teachers do is tell them to say sorry and forgive them like its that easy to forgive someone you just fighted with or talked shit about . like hello . if I was any parent out in the world I don't recommend you taking your child at this school unless you want he or she to be made fun of and get bullied or learn nothing .
By Alumnus - 22 Aug 2021, Rate: bad
I was a sweetheart when I came to this school in Year 1, and left in Year 6 with a MASSIVE chip on my shoulder. This school was the primary reason behind my anger issues. Going to this school felt like living in a real-life political drama, corruption and all. I had the privilege of being taught by a couple of great teachers who actually tried to teach me instead of playing favourites and abusing their power, but overall, the crippling neglect of non-gifted(and non-cashed up) students, along with the narcissistic principal made it a facetious and often unbearable experience. To be fair, there were highs during my time at this school, but I daresay that the school had little to no part in actualising those highs.
- Bloke from PGPS Class of 2016.
By Alumnus - 22 Jun 2021, Rate: excellent
I went to this school with my friend back 2 years ago, I got bullied everyday and no one said anything about it, we had a fight everyday at the school no matter when. During class and out in the yard, the principle made the school horrible and it always will be horrible. Before I went to my high school, my GPA's and all my important information was never sent to the high school and the school claimed it was "lost in the mail" and that was so annoying because in the end it was still at the school. The school is violent and terrifying for your children. NEVER SEND THEM HERE!
-Former student here
By Parent - 15 Feb 2021, Rate: excellent
After some years of decline through poor leadership in the form of a lack of behaviour management, academic focus and not celebrating or promoting the achievements of students in sports (one of the areas with which the school has excelled at) there's a great sense of excitement and enthusiasm within the school. The new leadership has this school back on track to excel beyond the highs of its early years.
By Student - 27 Jul 2020, Rate: good
I mean this school isnt bad at all to be honest but i kind of hate how the teachers dont really do much about when we say a bad slur
By Student - 27 Nov 2019, Rate: excellent
Never tease people about their names because it’s mean and rude also be honest and respectful all times. From Ibrahim mr pejics class 1DP
By Student - 27 Nov 2019, Rate: excellent
People who said those bad comments just ignore them because they are really bad people they think this school is dumb and stupid but I don’t think that because I think this school is amazing and fun because learn something new each day and if someone swears at you walk away and a teacher. Teachers don’t ignore they figure out problems that have happened at lunch or recess. They do detentions because it’s good for the child to write something nice instead of being in trouble and being suspended or expelled. These people should not say this because the teachers do everything they can. And it’s not the teachers fault it’s your child/children’s fault because the teachers solve the problems and the children just fight about it and you parents shouldn’t say that about this school. This school is actually a school we’re you can learn have fun and do some specialists like: PE/ sport,Italian and music,art,science,garden and kitchen. They are really fun things you can do. From Mirna Miss Hodgett’s class 3AH.
By Student - 27 Nov 2019, Rate: excellent
Because it’s a great school to learn and have fun.
By Alumnus - 11 Dec 2018, Rate: bad
This school is the worst school I've ever been to the kids there swear at each other and the teachers dont care at all the worst punishment is detention and detention is just sitting in a room and writing what you did wrong. It's so bad even teachers by the end of the year are just giving up becuase the students are so bad the principal just doesnt care about the school at all just DONT send your kid/s here
By Student - 03 Dec 2018, Rate: bad
These are reasons you shouldn’t go come to parkwood green.
.The teachers don’t do anything about bullying.
.They put you into groups that are supposed to be your level but they are either to easy or to hard.
.Teachers are making students do things infront of the class that students do not want to do.
.The students who are in trouble all the time and than the one time they are good they get an award for it. The teachers never pay attention to the students who are good all of the time.
.There is to much bullying. I go to parkwood green and all I care about is what people think of me because everyone says what they think out loud and they don’t have respect.
. The teachers are hypercritical. Eg: They would say I haven’t made the mess so you pick it up. But I hadn’t made the mess either.
This is just some of the reasons why this school is absolutely horrible but I could make a whole list of why this school is nasty.
By Alumnus - 29 Oct 2018, Rate: bad
I hate it I get bully everyday no one helps me
By Student - 01 Sep 2018, Rate: bad
I went to PGPS last year (2017), There logo says we are just amazing but i dare you to walk through those front gates and see just how bad this school really is! The teachers don't care about the students i got bullied for 3 years straight, and all they did was call the child into the teachers office and told her to stop, there was no punishment at all! The classrooms are unsafe, the year 6 building is all windows so if we were in lockdown, or a guy with a gun walked into school we would be DEAD! cause you can see straight through, some classes even have signs saying report to the office before entering as this room has asbestos. Say your child the pain and misery, and DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SEND HIM/HER HERE!!
By Student - 11 Aug 2018, Rate: bad
It is a bad scool
By Student - 07 Jul 2018, Rate: excellent
This school is the best school I suppose. Thank you for doing a lot for us such as, Kitchen Garden, music, arts, and heaps more. Thank you for keeping us safe. Something I am proud is my handwriting, I got my pen license not long ago. Something that you made me upset about is call the preps foundation instead of prep. But it doesn’t matter.
By Student - 24 Jan 2018, Rate: bad
Hi I attended this school last year the principal and the teachers and the senior sub school principle always picked on a bunch of boys that did nothing and walked around the oval minding their business and apparently we looks intimidating by not only by teachers but also students which is stupid because we can walk around the oval like what? How are we meant to socialise with people....?? When we were told this information we were answer the person who was Jarrod Sutton and told us questions and didn’t want ask to answer how does that work like honestly thank god im out of there and if your child goes to this school don’t be surprised if they get pulled in the time out office or something for being accused for something they didn’t do. I hope that parkwood green can look at this bad comment and make their school a better place where kids can learn something. Do yourself a favour and stop making your school shit.
By Alumnus - 15 Dec 2017, Rate: bad
I used to attend PGPS and back then it was brilliant. Now, my sister attends the school and the things that happen at this school are appalling! As a senior student, the homework given to her is ridiculous. Examples are; taking a walk around the block, setting up the dinner table, playing a game... if this continues, all of these students will struggle in high school! On top of this, many of the teachers and even the principal make the students call them by the first name. One of the “school values” is respect. This does not show any of that! The school is deteriorating to such a level that many of the teachers that I had admired as a student are all accepting new jobs due to the fact that Parkwood Green is dropping on the scales. It is honestly worrying that the students are taught like this. The work my sister is doing is at about a Year 2 or 3 level. They’re still doing times tables in Year 5! All the school seems to care about is doing community projects and looking after the community... don’t get me wrong, go ahead, give to the community. But the students’ education and wellbeing should not the top priority!
By Parent - 31 Oct 2017, Rate: bad
My child goes to this school and he learns nothing. They don't learn anything in class and expect them to do it all by themselves. She is disrespectful and rude, all she thinks about is herself and every time she does a fundraiser she keeps all the money.
- kind regards a concerned parent.
By Parent - 27 Oct 2017, Rate: bad
First of all, there is no first because there is nowhere to start. This school was on the right track when we had Mr.Sealy as the principle. There were very little flaws, if you could even find any! Now that Mrs Simpson has taken over the position of principle,the school has gone down hill. Firstly, what type of principle makes her students call her by her first name? That's absolutely ridiculous! She makes not only the students, but the parents, too, anxious to even approach her.She is more concerned about how the school looks from the outside, rather than the inside. She doesn't know any of her students by name, unless they have misbehaved, in which she doesn't forgive, it's as if she doesn't like praising children for their effort and achievements,and she refuses to acknowledge the fact that the school has becone violent and aggressive. At break times, the children hide in fear because of all of the bullying that goes on. My own 12 year old daughter told me that the school is so violent and nobody does anything about it. Her ideas of "teaching" are absolutely horrible, as she decides to focus on making Aboriginal art and learning Aboriginal history, rather than the levels of education they will need throughout life. I understand, respect all cultures, but don't make it the only thing being taught. My 7 year old daughter comes home and can't even remember what she learned in math! If that isn't pathetic, I don't know what is! Kerri makes herself out to be an amazing principle, and tells parents that the school is brilliant. It was. Why do you think she has had so many classrooms deconstructed, and so many turned into Wellbeing rooms? She's losing students, therefore, doesn't need the classrooms. She keeps procrastinating the academic progress of the children who are excelling in their learning.
There are so many things, yet only so much you can write. In one sentence, one word of advice: don't send your child/ren to Parkwood Green Primary School.
By Alumnus - 04 Sep 2017, Rate: bad
This school was once the toast of the western suburbs. It is such a shame that this school has deteriorated to such a low level. This school was once all about the students, and it had a wonderful tone of respect and cooperation. School leadership is about honesty, openness and ability, not about a superficial image that everyone can see through. Such a shame!
By Alumnus - 20 Jul 2017, Rate: bad
Not even sure where to begin!
Kerri demands every student be accelerated 1.25 years every year. All this does is put teachers under pressure to give students grades that don't accurately reflect where they truly are because they're worried they won't get their performance increase.
Discipline is non-existent at this school. The worst punishment a student can receive is missing out on a recess break. Violent and abusive students are tolerated.
Leadership have no idea what direction this school is headed in. Teachers are told to do things one way and then in the next breath told to do it completely differently. Kerri believes she knows everything because she can quote authors who have "researched" the way she wants things done. The school spends money on professional development which they make staff attend and then completely ignore what was taught because they don't agree with it. Why organise it in the first place?
Teachers have an unbelievable workload at this school. Teaching almost takes a backseat because teachers are expected to enter data three different ways all while providing constant communication to parents.
Kerri doesn't know her students' names and has no idea which teachers teach which level or what their class is called. She makes no effort to learn to pronounce children's names and visibly shrugs when she can't get a name correct.
This is the worst school I've ever seen. It's incompetence personified! Don't send your children there and definitely don't get a job there!
By Student - 27 Jun 2017, Rate: bad
This school is the worst of the worst they let me get bullied without doing anything about it, it was an amazing school until Kerri Simpson arrived then everything changed
Do your self and your children a favour and find another school cause this one is crap
By Parent - 04 Jun 2016, Rate: bad
So glad my kids have moved on. Kerri us not who she makes out she is. She is too concerned with her clothes. The school and the children's behaviour has fallen dramatically. Most of the great teachers have moved on preferring to work in a happy school.
By Parent - 19 May 2016, Rate: bad
Kerri Simpson and mr Albon physically hurt the children and Ive captured it all school wont be open for long board of education and the department of education are investigating them
By Parent - 09 Mar 2016, Rate: average
Teachers are great but are ruled under a dictator named kerrie simpson. Kerrie will talk down to you as if you are a naughty child. When an issue arises she will tell you everything is underhand and allow your child to be bullied. Teachers and students will be better off without kerrie simpson there.
Mother with two students attending the school.
By Parent - 29 Aug 2013, Rate: excellent
Was once a good school not now
By Employee - 11 May 2013, Rate: bad
Do yourself a favour, avoid this school.
By Parent - 01 Feb 2013, Rate: bad
Majority of teachers are graduates with little experience. Very reliant on placement teachers. Admin staff are rude and unhelpful. I would think twice before sending children to this school.
I'm , rate this school

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