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Pakenham Secondary College, Pakenham

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School Reviews
By Student - 13 Dec 2022, Rate: excellent
It's a really good school.
By Parent - 16 Nov 2022, Rate: poor
i am disgusted and utterly disappointed in how the teachers treat their kids smd bruh
By Student - 05 Apr 2022, Rate: excellent
I honestly don’t know what happened to this school but all of sudden they stopped caring about our careers and mental health, they started to worry about our the colours we did our hair as, as you would know most of us from last year came out of lockdown and came to school with fun hair colours probably 15% were sent home on our firsts day back.
Just don’t send you kids here
By Student - 17 Feb 2020, Rate: average
pakenham is not a bad school but its society that is making is seem like such a bad school, i go to officer and its sad to know that pakemham is seen as such a bad school when its like every other shcool, its not just pakenham that has shcool fight for example my shcool has fight and trust me the people here are so rude and disrepectful, the teahcers are also biaed adn for aperwson like me coming from a differnt country i know how it feels to be bullied and id rather be at a school where i feel welcomed and where i feel like i belong because at officer i dont feel like i belong here and the people make me feel like an outsider
By Student - 07 Feb 2020, Rate: average
This school is great for learning teachers are nice and has good reviews
By Parent - 29 Oct 2019, Rate: excellent
this school is excelent and theres fighting in all schools and ive heard excelent reveiws and ive heard excelent .
By Employee - 07 Aug 2018, Rate: average
Let’s put this into perspective- fights and bullying occur in all schools. It is easy to say expel the bullies but where do they go? - onto the next nearest school or out onto the streets because no other school will accept them? Students should be safe but blame the education dept and govt for inadequate support of schools in dealing with the issue. And it’s not only students that get bullied - staff do as well -the outcome is the same - no support and the bullies are back in the classroom even after suspension
By Student - 06 Aug 2018, Rate: bad
How many students have to take their lives
Before we do something about bullying in school
By Parent - 06 Aug 2018, Rate: bad
I meant to say bad in my review
By Parent - 06 Aug 2018, Rate: excellent
After watching Sunday night on 7 I believe both the principal and vice princeapal should be both sacked asap. The students involve in bashing up the young girl and the students who said up the you tube should be expelled period
By Parent - 05 Aug 2018, Rate: excellent
There is one way to ensure the schools take their responsibility seriously is Sue them for FAILURE of DUTY of CARE.
While the children are at school it is the responsibility of the staff of the school involved to ensure their safety.
Allowing them to be beat-up, bullied or humiliated is gross negligence on the part of the school.
I hope the parents of these children should take this into consideration.
By Parent - 05 Aug 2018, Rate: bad
Having seen Sunday Night on your school, I'm appalled to see how the students treat others!!!! Cowardly behaviour as I'm sure they wouldn't be so tough one on one. DISGRACEFUL!!!! Principal and a staff MUST give consequences and EXPULSION if needed...
By Student - 01 Aug 2018, Rate: bad
Finally pakenham high gets what they deserve, shittest high school I have ever come across.
By Employee - 12 Apr 2018, Rate: average
i just want to say that i like kids
By Parent - 11 Nov 2016, Rate: excellent
My daughter goes to this school since the start of this yr..the comments have led me to investigate into talking also reading up as many stories and star ratings onwich every schools rated on every 6months on Google.. as a parent whom is allowing my lil 1 to stay throughout the end of yr as she lives at her nans temp.i thought id look into everything as i live ova tarniet onwich is the education state of victoria now..and with my children going to 1 of the top academic with a 5☆ ratin g on their belt makes me norriwd about my child even finishing the yr thier looking at statistics im discusted n appalled and i am not a goody goody myself but with all i learnt from that small investigation as iv spoken to children frm there on fb..same nswers only difference is teachers allow it to fly by they get paid n go home as noted when spoken to them.now also stated was tht a teacher quote gets paid goes home n thts that unlike some techers n other schools iv delt with in general take pride in thier school and ratings ..atm the grange p-12 tarniet have even brought in a new approach n program for the children on non violence in school tawards others and yourself aswell as all 25 other peograms n a special group of new teachers beought in to help a. Kids in need. B.troubled kids/families. C.broken down homes n d. MAKING SURE YOUR CHILDS COMFORTABLE IN THE SCHOOLS ENVIROMENT AND HOW THE CHANGES IN THE SCHOOLS NEW PLAN OF ATTACK. AS EVERY WEEK A SUGGESTION BOX GETS OPENED AT ASSEMBLY AND CHANGES START IMMEDIATELY.AS THIS SCHOOLS CURRICULUM AS 85 PERCENT OF THE SCOOLS WHO ARE TAKING ON THIS NEW PROGRAM N REACHING OUT TO THE CHILDREN RATHER THAN INORE ACCTUALLY WORKED AND STILL DOES THATS WHY WE ARE RATED NUMBER 1 IN THE EDUCATION SYSTEM IN VIC ATM AND AS A STRICKLY NON BULLYING PROCESS STARTED TO ONWICH ALL SCHOOLS ARE TAKING ON BOARD BUT PAKE SEEMS TA BE THAT BIT BEHIND ONWICH WORRIES US ALOT AS PARENTS n i dont understand i take this stand as ITS NOT HARD.. AND I DONT UNDERSTAND NORE CAN RELATE TO HOW INCREDIBLY LAZY N IRRASPONSIBLE THIS SCHOOL IS FRM RESEARCH YES ALOT OF GOOD BUT ALOT OF OF SLIP UPS TO.. AS ALL SCHOOLS WHILST LOOKING FOR THE BEST FOR OUR CHILDREN GO BY IT ACADEMIC ACHEIVMENNT N ITS RESEARCH AS THTS WHAT EVERYONE LOOKS AT FIRST WHILST FINDING THE RIGHT SCHOOLING 4 OUR CHILDREN AND IN GENERAL RESEARCH... so i suggest as a worried parent same as alot of us would be THAT A CHANGE N PLAN OF ATTACH THAT ACTUALLY WORKS AS THEY HAVE BEEN ALL OVER THE STATE AS THIS IS SHOWING NUTHING BUT A POOR READING ON THIS SCHOOL AND IT WIL END UP SHUTTING DOWN UNLESS CHANGES ARE MADE BIG IMPROVEMENTS R NEEDED ONQICH I THINK THEY KNOW..QUESTION IS ARE THEY GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AS ITS PITFUL ATM N ID LOVE TO SEE THE SCHOOL BLOOK NOT DIE..CONCERNED PARENT..
By Student - 19 Oct 2016, Rate: bad
I have been at this school for less than a year, but I know that this school is one of the worst enviroments for a young teenager to attend for 5 days a week 6 hours a day and 300 days a year, do not recommend this school they need some I serious improvements for me to stay.
By Student - 17 Jul 2016, Rate: average
I reckon there is not enough help in the class room apart from that it's pretty good
By Alumnus - 15 Mar 2016, Rate: bad
Pakenham secondary college has had fights in the last two day there were 4 fights in one day and the next day there were two so rate this school very poor
By Parent - 11 Feb 2016, Rate: excellent
From what I have seen most of the students are good. I even read that they were ranked #7 in Australia in chess. So far, I am satisfied by how the teachers are teaching my child. If there are any bullying issues the team leaders and teachers address it right away.
By Parent - 22 Aug 2015, Rate: bad
I'm sorry to say but pake secondary college is absolutely garbage, your child will not get an education there the teachers are absolutely crap at their job and the VCE results are just unacceptable, I recommend taking your child to another school because pake secondary is an absolute disgrace.
By Parent - 13 May 2015, Rate: excellent
Also when you quote a newspaper story - at least check the story is current - you cannot judge a school in 2015 on any report written in 2007.
By Parent - 13 May 2015, Rate: excellent
by parents on april 20th - absolute garbage - you obviously have little to do with the school. Absenteeism is the fault of slack parents not doing their part to get students to school and not working with the school, staff move schools all the time - often to be closer to where they live or to move to promotion positions- less than 10 new teachers started in 2015 and who is really gullible enough to believe sensationalized media statistics/stories.
By Parent - 20 Apr 2015, Rate: excellent
A Sunday Herald Sun investigation has revealed:
VCE results are at the bottom of the list of secondary schools.
IT has the highest rate of student absenteeism in the state -- an average 27 days a year for each teenager.
MORE than 90 staff have quit jobs at the school in 3 1/2 years
By Parent - 20 Apr 2015, Rate: bad

PAKENHAM Secondary College is a school in crisis with poor academic results, overcrowding and violence interrupting student learning.
Death threats have been made to teachers, student drop out rates are among the highest in Victoria and there are claims teenagers turn up to class drunk
By Parent - 01 Dec 2014, Rate: bad
Good to koo wee way better trust me...
By Parent - 07 Oct 2014, Rate: excellent
Last pot wasn't true soz bud
By Student - 07 Oct 2014, Rate: excellent
Nic mcqualter wants kiarra Wilson
By Employee - 03 Sep 2014, Rate: bad
Kurt horsnell sells drugs
By Student - 13 May 2014, Rate: good
the last review by a parent was false facted because if a student has forgotten to bring their sport uniform the teacher in charge will tell them to change into their normal clothes and then they observe the lesson only in apropriate clothing will cause you to be sent home. i am in year 12 now and its been like that since i was in year 7
By Student - 08 Nov 2013, Rate: good
As a student I know first hand what the school is like. Pakenham High is definitely not as bad as everyone is making it out to be. I'm in year eleven, and never in all my years of being there have I ever seen a weapon on grounds, or and purpose-lit fires, or anything along those lines. It is quite disappointing through my eyes that people perceive it so negatively when all they will believe is the headlines, which are oh-so-very bias.
I'm , rate this school

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