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Staughton College, Melton South

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School Reviews
By Student - 21 Jul 2022, Rate: excellent
This school is shit don't go to this school please don't go to this school.
By Student - 07 Jun 2021, Rate: bad
bullying is not dealt with accordingly, the bullies are left to do there thing and the bullied child is being left out of things, on the first week of year 7 i was threatened with a knife and i had my head smashed into a locker and i was bashed they had me on the floor and they were beating me like there was no tomorrow, i am still dealing with this and i hate the school
By Parent - 09 Jan 2021, Rate: excellent
Great school.
By Student - 06 Oct 2020, Rate: bad
i went to this school back in 2018 to 2020
when i went to the school interview and they said its the best school its way better now because back in like 2008 and stuff it was rated the worst school in my town, the first day i was called names
i was annoyed i put up with it they constantly did it but year 9 was way better i made good friends but this one kid tried to steal my phone mutilple times
but now about the teachers some teachers alright some are just out right rude but when year 10 came around i was in classes with out anybody i knew they wouldnt talk to me the kids last year stop talking to me so i moved i do not recommend this school dont bring youre kids here worst school ever most of the kids and teachers there are dumbass and just out right rude.
By Parent - 19 May 2020, Rate: excellent
my 2 children attend staughton. Year 11 and year 9. I find it to be a really good school with dedicated teachers. The principal is very supportive of students and their families too
By Student - 19 May 2020, Rate: bad
i just moved to this school and this one boy is being rude cause i’m the “new kid” theirs literally 3 other kids that came after me this year and he still bothers me.
By Student - 21 May 2018, Rate: excellent
This school is excellent! I love it here! I get so much education and have so many friends and so much fun here! I love the activities! Totally send your kid here!!
What the frack? I’m being scammed! Kids here are being paid to write good reviews on this school.
By Student - 21 May 2018, Rate: bad
I am a student at this school and it is a very fun school that has no bullying what so ever. Hahaha! That is what the staff at this school want you to think! I’m a year 8 and last year I was suffering from depression and was bullied for being skinny, everyone spread rumours about me that I was anorexic, when how thin I am simply comes from genetics, most girls on my mums side where frightenly skinny. Teachers didn’t do anything about my bullying even when it was clearly obvious I was being bullied! Teachers only reacted when I hit one of the girls back! And because I was being bullied, I was moved classes this year. Away from the friends I made, and the girl that was bullying me stayed with her friends! That is really unfair, I don’t recommend this school to anyone! Parents, if you ARE looking into sending you kid here, I warn you not to do it, but if you don’t believe all these negative reviews, ask a few students about the education here PERSONALLY.
By Parent - 26 Nov 2017, Rate: bad
Staughton College excel at rewarding bad behaviours, if your child is disruptive and doesnt want to learn send them here. They will allow them to disrupt and bully others whom want to learn, allow then to attend school for only 3 hours a day (as per regulation guidelines, allowing the school to still obtain full funding) they may also be appointed a 'school leader' just to create equality!
The children whom aspire to learn and become something of themselves are often ignored, are bullied (without intervention after parent interaction) and are left to learn by themselves. An absolute disgrace, I had 2 other children suceed at Staughton years ago. My 3rd child (also the most academic ) was up against the world to suceed. Somehow they achieved VCE....although most of the criteria on the exams had NOT been taught by their VCE teacher throughout the school terms.Will they be accountable for my child not completing parts of the exams because they were not taught that component of the subject?? Unlikely. Will the department be made aware...absolutely.
If your child is an academic, please rethink Staughton College enrollment, they can talk the talk but the results (VCE ATAR ranking avaliable webwide) speak volumes- pls check for yourselves.
By Student - 02 May 2016, Rate: bad
i thought this school was going to be good and that i would have a great experience but i was wrong this school is full of morons like every time i get out my laptop everyone thinks i'm watching porn they do it as a joke but it's not funny and in the classroom the other students are loud obnoxious and repeat thing's that are not funny but it's very distracting and i've now got depression and i'm not joking and i get made fun of because i have autism and i'm sick of it and if you're a parent don't send your kid to this school even if him/her friends are going just don't send him/her
By Parent - 10 Apr 2016, Rate: excellent
This school has some really dedicated staff. Parents send there kids to this school with no books pens lunch and there are teachers that pay or supply the things the parents are too slack to get.My son forgot his lunch and the teacher heard about it and told him to get what he wanted on her account at the canteen.that is really looking after the kids. there are too many parents who are not taking any responsibility for there kids actions and it is taking up all the teachers time in class to deal with these rude and demanding brats. My son wants to learn but when there are so many kids who have no respect for the teacher or the other kids it is hard on the teacher who has to deal with the bratty kids. These parents are the first ones to whine when there kid is suspended or punished. The school should have a 3 strikes you are out of the school and stop giving he bad kids so many chances. its a good school with great teachers but the bad kids are wrecking it for everyone
By Student - 27 Mar 2015, Rate: good
Not exelent but it's alright only because the teachers don't put enough effort into making the students behave and stop the students talking because it also wastes all of the good students time
But at least we get our freedom and there are so many lunchtime activitys and leadership roles to participate in my personel favorite activitys at school are food technology with mrs Carmichael ,nickies nail club which runs every Thursday at lunch ,PE. With mr mills and art with mrs. Bulgar
And the lovely principal Mrs Jenny Malberg
From Jessica a year 7 leader 2015
By Student - 18 Mar 2015, Rate: bad
I was told this school would be good, but now I know I've been lied to. Most but not all students are very ignorant and rude. In one case, I accidentally bumped into one of the students and said sorry, but they continued to curse and get angry at me, and for what? One small bump? I have been to other schools, either they are in front in education or Staughton is really lacking behind. I do not recommend this school.
By Student - 05 Feb 2015, Rate: bad
As a student of Slauton College, I get constently bulilied non-stop, and the teachers do noting about this. I do not reccommned this school at all.
By Student - 07 Jul 2014, Rate: bad
I was a student at this school and left in year ten to move across the state, I had to put up with four years of non stop bullying and torment, the teachers did nothing about it at all which I'm very shocked with as they claim to take a stand to bullying, I came back to this school this year to redo year 11, I applied at the start of the year and it took them till may to tell me the wouldn't take me as it was "too late in the school year for VCE", I've got a brother who got accepted in May to year 9 and they wanted him to catch up on all the work he had missed, I think that's a joke making someone do all of term ones work while doing term two work as well plus study for nap plan and exams all at the same time, this school has gone from being on of the best back to its all else and that's not good at all, I've got a 10 year old brother who I know for sure won't be going to this school, I won't let him
By Student - 23 Nov 2013, Rate: excellent
Being a student at Staughton means the world to me. All of my teachers respect me and are always trying to find ways to improve my learning. I can't believe that anyone would rate this school low. If you saw how hard the teachers work every day and some of the students who are horrible to them, you would surely change your mind. There is always one or two bad students in every class in every school but then when the parents don't support the consequences for their crazy behaviour they think they can just ruin every class over and over again which doesn't help me learn at all. It's not fair that people should judge things because they are not happy to follow reasonable rules. Students who are willing to learn are very happy and appreciate the things Staughton does for them.
By Parent - 17 Apr 2013, Rate: poor
I am very disappointed in the effort that the teachers put into teaching the children. Outright tyrannical opinions and actions of the teacher faculties stunt the thinking process that I wish for my child to have. One point of view one might have is that the studentship have the freedom to obey. lol idk
I'm , rate this school

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