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Gilson College, Taylors Hill

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School Reviews
By Alumnus - 28 Sep 2023, Rate: bad
5 years since graduating Gilson. So upsetting to see that the school hasn't improved their quality of education.
I just wanted to say for the current students reading this you will be ok after high-school. You will have to do a lot of independent learning to score highly in VCE but the effort will be worth it. I know the teachers are awful but there are enough online resources to get you by. Imagine being taught by professors with pHDs with amazing facilities. That's what you get in University!
For the parents, take your kids out of the school and put them into Copperfield College they literally score higher in VCE and you save 7k.
By Student - 19 Sep 2023, Rate: excellent
As a student that has been attending Gilson College for 11 years, all i can say is it's a great school. It's allowed me to express my talents confidently, and create goals that i want to achieve as i grow older. Gilson is a school based on Religion, and this has taught me to live my life with morals. And, these morals allow me to respond to any challenge, to gain an understanding that i'll be able to overcome it when the time is right.
For those saying that Gilson is a bad school, i don't see how it could be. I've had many instances where i've been in personal situations that restrict me from being at my full potential, and i've gotten full support from teachers, which has helped me grow and find ways to avoid those situations from occurring again. Gilson is a great school and for you to not like is doubtful.
I've been at Gilson long enough to know that any child suffering from bullying or any sort of inappropriate behaviour, will be acknowledged and thoroughly dealt with until they feel safe. If your child has ever experienced such things and hasn't been attended to, then that's probably because a teacher hasn't been privy to that information. Because, how do you expect a teacher to help a student if the student doesn't say anything. I understand that in some situations speaking about these type of things can trigger a child, but if you, being the parent, are so concerned, then go and speak to the teacher rather than write a review complaining about the issues of a school. Try and help the school grow and help other children who may be in the same situation.
I understand that some students, as well, have concerns about the school, but i've seen it all and understand now, that the way teachers respond to issues is for our own good. Kids nowadays find humour in starting trouble, and how do you expect a teacher to not give them community service, or any punishments for foul behaviour? I don't know about you, but if my friend ever did something inappropriate, i'm teaching them right from wrong because as a friend, as a PARENT, and as a TEACHER, it is your duty to look out for all children, regardless of who they are and where they come from. And Gilson does that. Gilson doesn't care about a families wealth, or race, or religion, Gilson cares for everyone.
All staff and teachers want what's best for every child. Even if that means giving consequences for inappropriate behaviour, then so be it, because the way a child is taught now, those habits, they will stay with them until they're older. And what type of parent, or student would you be if you didn't listen to the advice of people who only want you to succeed in life.
Anyways, Gilson is an amazing school for development, and if you believe that there are other ways to grow, than you do you, and let Gilson do Gilson, because, considering it's been working for over 30 years, i think they'll be fine.
By Student - 24 Mar 2023, Rate: bad
I got caught sucking on my hot dog happily and got told off. very disappointed that im not allowed to eat
By Alumnus - 02 Mar 2023, Rate: average
The learning for life is just the only thing I’m worried about
By Parent - 05 Aug 2022, Rate: bad
Let's just say, if I could give this school NO stars I would.
To start off. Gilson College's wellbeing team is very poor. You say you care about your students but you don't take mental health seriously. Comparing to other students, invalidating kids feelings. What kind of wellbeing team is that? If a kid expresses that they aren't feeling great, take it seriously. It's your responsibility to let us parents know if our kids are expressing that they are struggling mentally or even academically. Taking our kids mental health as a joke is disgusting. No care whatsoever.
This school cares more about the uniform than my kids education. So what if my chid is wearing converse on sport days? Sport days are when you can wear runners or sneakers. Telling all kids off for wearing converse or even giving them community service for it is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. It's a shoe, whats wrong with it? You tell kids off for dying their hair natural colours, so what if they want blonde or brown hair. I can totally understand if it was colours like blue, red, etc or things that aren't professional. But cmon, natural colours Gilson there is no harm in that.
Don't even get me started on where our money is getting spent. Getting told by our kids that you wasted money on three colour bins that are sitting at the front of the school because no one uses them. Wasting money on things like poles or flags that go around the school saying respect, responsibility and resilience. You're short on chairs, desks AND even teachers. Spend our money for things that are NEEDED.
Treating teachers and staff disgusting. Allowing kids to treat them disgustingly. Example. Our principle for one Mr Vodell, chose not to get the vaccination (Fair enough. It's your choice). Your opinionated staff, passing that onto students (Unprofessional). The fair well of Mr Vodell with all the kids booing just because of a choice he made, just like anyone else can. Or the teachers you stood down, coming back and getting treated like absolute crap, just because they don't get the vaccination. Calling yourself a christian school and doing the complete opposite. Wheres the respect there?
Our kids getting uniform passes or even community service because simply our kids where the incorrect uniform. 9/10 kids show up in the wrong uniform because your uniform isn't warm enough. If you want our kids to stop wearing the incorrect uniform and adding scarves, gloves or even hoodies under sport uniform, then get a better and warmer uniform.
Very unhappy with this school.
By Student - 27 May 2022, Rate: poor
a walrus jumped through the window and pulled down the teachers pants only to reveal that HE had a vagina. was too hairy for my liking. 4/10
By Student - 03 May 2022, Rate: bad
mid school
By Student - 01 May 2022, Rate: bad
Dear Mrs Apopei,
You are the worst teacher i have ever encountered at Gilson College. I would not even call you a teacher because you don't teach. You lack empathy for students, and don't care about their results. Your punishments are unreasonable and you don't provide a valid reason, and also you are racially motivated towards black people. For instance, you called a black person's hair a mop. sad, because it was curly. STOP watching your dumb ass Romanian shows on Netflix during our classes when you are supposed to be "teaching". Also, reading off of a power point is not a form of teaching, your students can read. I am surprised that you have not gotten fired from this school after the amount of complaints that have been filed against you, which i find appalling. You should not even be teaching VCE, because it does not seem like you are qualified.
- slay
By Alumnus - 26 Apr 2022, Rate: bad
I have been at this school for a. decade and graduated and I have witnessed horrible actions and behaviour by both students and teachers.I think that the school does not put enough money into the school even tho the cost of the school is overpriced.
By Student - 27 Sep 2021, Rate: bad
this is literally my 13th reason im going to be a satanist
By Student - 30 Apr 2021, Rate: bad
100% honest review from a student who’s been here for well over a decade.
Anyone who wrote a good review probably only had a positive experience or are a parent or staff. Not everyone is going to have a good time in this school, in fact the majority of people aren’t. They put religion before academics which I don’t know if it is a good thing or not because I don’t come from a very religious family but their academics are very poor. Maths pathway is the worst system and it’s all because they can’t be bothered to actually TEACH their students. I don’t think they realise that not everyone is at the same pace because most teachers will compare and expect the whole class to be like that one person in the class who is really efficient in their work. Teachers discriminate a lot and if someone does one thing bad the teachers will continue to pick on them for the smallest things. The students have no values whatsoever. They don’t take bullying seriously either, I have been bullied by students through social media, verbal and physical abuse and I witness it everyday. They expect us to tell them if someone is bullying or anything (they don’t give enough discipline anyways) but what they don’t realise is that telling the teacher will make the situation heaps worse for US. As many already said, they are biased towards certain families and people especially if one of the teachers or principal know them personally or they go to the Gilson community church. They claim to respect everyone’s religions but the principal even compared atheists to hitler. Not even lying. So many people have mental health issues and it is in fact very true that they disregard them and don’t take mental health seriously enough. Someone I knew was having an anxiety attack and he needed the teacher to help him and when I tried to get the teacher she said she’d be there in 5 minutes and turns out she used that 5 minutes to have a casual conversation with another teacher. I still wonder why she is the level leader. People are quick to judge, mock, make fun of and talk about people just because of their race,religion,weight or looks. I really hope you don’t make the mistake of sending your child or going to this school, PLEASE! I BEG ON MY LIFE. That is how bad it is. I didn’t try to make this too formal, I just wrote down some of my thoughts and opinions on this terrible school and tried to keep it somewhat short because there is WAY too much I could write.
By Student - 27 Apr 2021, Rate: bad
PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW - I've had a look at the google reviews and it's SO FUNNY because so many of the 5 star reviews are actually submitted by teachers (I'm a student so I actually recognise their names and profile pictures). If you're reading this, look through the reviews here as there are a lot here that are more accurate, though some could still be by teachers. The fact that the school is actually getting their staff to write 5 star reviews is so sad. I'm sure just knowing this says so much about the school. Parents, be careful if you're thinking of sending your children there. The school is already trying to fool you before you've even sent in an application. :)
By Student - 27 Apr 2021, Rate: bad
Terrible school, teachers really be questioning your questions instead of answering them. For all those saying "everyone makes mistakes", please explain this. Teachers should know their content before teaching, yet so many of them actually don't know whats happening. There's no excuse for this because they could've taken the time to review content that they may have forgotten, but they don't. So for everyone saying it's a mistake, why don't you go pay for their tuition fees since you love them so much. Surely that'll fix their "mistakes". Period.
By Parent - 29 Jan 2021, Rate: poor
“not all students are treated fairly especially if you’re not member of the church.
Teachers play favourites”
By Student - 14 Dec 2020, Rate: excellent
As a student that has been going to Gilson for 10 years, I am glad to say that I have had an AMAZING experience and continue to. Every teacher encourages and looks out for each student. I have never felt left out or upset about anything because Gilson teachers always keep their students happy and feel included. Everyone helps and encourages each other to express who they are through music, sports and many others things. Every week I see students having fun and including everyone in their games like basketball, volleyball and other things. Not once have I seen someone so upset that they leave Gilson. To the people saying Gilson is a bad school, I say your the reason you did not have a good time. For you to enjoy Gilson, you have to have a positive mindset, otherwise you’d be the one putting others down and making others have a reason to write a bad review. Gilson is a wonderful school!
By Parent - 11 Nov 2020, Rate: bad
Parent-teacher meeting in a small, messy stock room. We felt like being trashed or something. Definitely not worth the money we are paying for. They only say what we wanted to hear about our children but behind our back, not all students are treated fairly especially if you’re not member of the church. Teachers play favourites and aggravate mental issues in students due to their religious beliefs. Students with mental issues need support and understanding not throwing stones to them. Wish they could do better...
By Parent - 21 Aug 2020, Rate: excellent
I am truly saddened to read some of the appalling reviews about this amazing school. My association with Gilson has been for over a decade and I have known the principal for over twenty years and because of my positive association with this school I am compelled to write this review because I feel it’s my duty to right a terrible wrong. I caution anyone who decides to overlook this establishment because of the ‘bad’ reviews you read, you’ll do your children a dud-service if you’re influenced. I honestly confirm from personal experience, that this school is one of the few who say it the way it is. Good, bad or ugly. Yes they have a firm policy regarding uniform. Yes they have a strong student management focus, yes they have a value-based curriculum, but they are fair, compassionate, generous and believe whole-heartedly in equality. We have been so grateful as parents to have a school for our children that works in partnership with us to bring out the best qualities of our young people. Gilson College is founded on unwavering values, is centred on positive education and growth mindset, and they actively demonstrate restorative practice when managing our students. We are confident when we drop them at school that they will be safe, cared for and valued. Gilson teachers do their very best, everyday. Communication and connection with families has always been their strength. They care and their students know this because when they graduate, more often than not, they return to visit their valued teachers. Students that don’t have a real connection with their teachers, don’t bother to come back. So you see, for those people who speak poorly about this school have either been asked to leave, perhaps have been held accountable in some way or another, or are just plain vengeful. If you’re interested in this school, find out for yourself and ignore the ‘bad’ and misleading reviews. Finally, during this terrible year of lockdowns and online learning, we’re could not be more grateful that our children have been part of this uniquely supportive community. We are delighted to be part if the Gilson family and not apart of some other school that bends ever times someone squeals loud enough. We could not be happier with the choice we’ve made for our three children. Thank you Gilson College teachers. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts; ignore what the bad press, because we know the truth.
By Alumnus - 21 Jul 2020, Rate: excellent
I would like to start of by saying Gilson College is a school that can benefit your child for the better. Gilson has staff that continuously show encouragement towards every student and does its best to improve their learning. People may be saying that Gilson College doesn’t care at all about bullying whereas they actually do, when bullying is brought up teachers will end it straight away. If you want ur child to have a stronger connection with God and get the best learning, go to Gilson college cause they are the best school i’ve been to and still am at.
By Alumnus - 26 Jun 2020, Rate: bad
The school cared more about their uniform policy than they did about proper issues; bullying, depressed kids etc. what shocked me even more was the fact that the school used our parents’ money for an electronic billboard instead of items which could benefit the students’ education. The parents are paying a fortune for this school but no satisfactory results are given in return for the vast majority. The majority of the teachers are straight out of Avondale college which is an institution closely linked to the school itself with minimal to no teachers from other distinguished universities who might I dare say, have most likely received a better education from their respective universities in comparison to whatever Avondale gave to Gilson teachers. I had a math teacher who had no idea what they were doing half the time and spent class slacking off instead of teaching us. (They came from Avondale college as well) and another teacher who was also incapable of teaching whom was also from Avondale college. It’s not exactly a bang for your buck but if you want to bring your kids here to show off to other parents that your kids go to a private school, gilson is the one for you.
By Alumnus - 26 Jun 2020, Rate: bad
I had a more enjoyable time with insomnia than I did at this school
By Student - 21 May 2020, Rate: bad
I've been in Gilson for 11 years and tbh its the equivalent of saying you play golf to seem rich even though you don't know how to play golf
By Employee - 26 Mar 2020, Rate: bad
I was employed with this school for just over a year. In the end, it was one of the worst experiences I have had. I, like many others before and after me, were discriminated against and not offered secure work because of our denomination. Despite saying there is respect for other Christian denominations, this is yet to be seen. There were many, many flaws in this school, but two major ones were overworking and disrespect of staff, and disregard of students. There was minimal support for students. It was a disappointing experience. This school is not all it is cracked up to be.
By Student - 03 Mar 2020, Rate: bad
This school is the worst. Now, where can I start? Well, I'd introduce myself. I am a Year 6 student, currently staying at this school. I am thinking of moving to different schools, considering how bad the school itself is. Now, you might be wondering, "How would a Year 6 student explain to us or give us any valid reasons?" Well, I have one too many to share. I mean, the teachers are great and all, but it's the curriculum. Pretty sure they make up certain things, and we have this stupid system to "teach" (and i put it in quotation marks for a reason) us math. Now, let's look at this. They introduced this to us because they don't want to put in any effort in teaching us certain topics, nor do they even want us here for experience. It's always reputation and money. It's like a teenage boy/girl looking for attention. It's stupid. I do believe in God, you see, but they "also do". They don't care about us getting bullied, as I have been bullied countless times. Shoved into toilet cubicles, lunch taken, beaten up, etc. I've told the teacher, but they say, "oH gEt oVeR It." Uniform is way too expensive. It's over $100 FOR a BLAZER. A BLAZER. Well, there is many more I can say about this terrible school but, I shall stop it there, since I don't want to ruin anymore of their "reputation". Bloody idiots.
By Parent - 01 Feb 2020, Rate: bad
The negligence of senior leadership to prevent racism discrimination and bullying at Gilson College Taylors Hill is a disgrace to God. It is against everything God stands for. If you care about your children then you should get them out of Gilson College Taylors Hill and save your money as well as your child by finding a safe school before they destroy your child's life.
This school only grabs your money and definitely do not practice or demonstrate an organisational culture of child safety.
Teachers who try to help are silenced by senior leadership as they gang with the bullies against their victims. Truly shameful.
By Parent - 10 Dec 2019, Rate: poor
School teachers lack of EMPHATY!
By Parent - 05 Dec 2019, Rate: bad
This school is a money grabbing school... they care more about their reputation then their students... Classrooms are old, the facilities are of extremely poor quality. Secondary school is appalling, kids get bullied by teachers and get away with it... The leaders of this school are extremely disappointing, they will do and say whatever they can to cover their backside!!!! Students wellbeing and welfare is NEVER a priority. Teaching is mostly underwhelming with teachers teaching subjects that they are not qualified to teach. Very poor subject choices. Very disappointing school from leadership, to teachers, to facilities, to curriculum a complete disappointment all around. Take your kids elsewhere...
By Student - 06 Nov 2019, Rate: bad
All this school cares about is uniform and let’s anything else slide. Teachers couldn’t care less if a student is being bullied or made fun of. The teachers are all so bad, some teachers will be kind and nice but don’t know how to teach and other will be good at teaching but don’t care about students.
By Student - 21 Oct 2019, Rate: poor
This school has constantly failed to put students first. The school only cares about reputation - as they only make effort to address uniform, and do not address issues to improve the 'student experience'.
Though Gilson College has a lot of good teachers, the remaining teachers are terrible, and I feel as though not much effort goes towards a hiring the best teachers possible. A lot of teachers simply are given a job due to their religion, and many are removed due to the lack there of.
In my opinion, few of the teachers stand as 'paid supervisors'. They only provide students with online education, failing to properly engage with students - fail to answer questions. Some of the teachers simply teach due to Gilson's failure to hire propper teachers, only fr convenience. For example, a psychology teacher would be forced to teach an english class. -The leaders at Gilson enforce rules that have no purpose and are in result detrimental to student wellbeing.
Gilson really needs to take time to re-evaluate the policies, programs and 'teachers' they have put in place.
Gilson steals a lot of money, and the school is overall not worth your coin.
By Alumnus - 06 Sep 2019, Rate: bad
During my time here there were some sensitive issues which happened, which really shook my year level emotionally. These are not contentious or politically correct topics, but just really unfortunate things that happened in the lives of some students, and obviously had an impact on the rest of us. The school brushed these things off, never spoke about them publicly, and basically left these giant elephants in the room unaddressed for years. It has been some time since i graduated, and i still think about how negatively my emotional and academic wellbeing was because i did not know how to make sense of the things that were happening. This was systematic, and wish it never happens and goes unaddressed to any child that goes through schooling in a developing age.
By Student - 07 Aug 2019, Rate: excellent
If you say this is a bad school well you just don’t believe in god
By Student - 10 May 2019, Rate: bad
this school isn't worth your money don't send your students here they don't care about the students they only care about how the uniform is and they would literally care about uniform over bullying they have the most dragged rules and they have uniform that you can't even wear properly cause they have dumb rules and they hire any one that believes in god a lot even if the teacher doesn't know how to teach as long as they believe in god they don't care and the teachers are so bad but they not care how they act as long as they teach
By Student - 14 Mar 2019, Rate: bad
I am a Year 12 student, this is the most important year out of the 13 years I've been at this school. But it seems like the school does not realise this as they assigned a new teacher to teach VCE English. Thats usually fine however, this new teacher is not from Australia, and it is their first year teaching VCE. This means this teacher does not know the VCE curriculum and is also head of the English department... When we are in class and this teacher is "teaching", we are being "taught" the total opposite from what we have done last year. This teacher also becomes defensive whenever a student tries to tell this teacher the right thing.
You see, this teacher has been trying to convince us that their way is the right way, but that isn't the case. We just had our first English sac and I am planning on finding a tutor, as that is the best thing I can do in my final year at this school.
Parents, if you want your child to go to Gilson and pass, I suggest you put them into tutoring as it will help them way more than some of the Gilson Teachers.
Also as a side note, the school practically hires teachers if they are highly religious and follow God and his son Jesus.
Save your money and keep your child away from this school.
By Student - 25 Feb 2019, Rate: bad
Gilson College is one of the most money grabbing schools I’ve ever seen. The teachers are plain out lazy and don’t care 99% of the time, and when they do they threaten you with going to the head of seconder which I think is awful a teacher should try to help the students because you never know if their having family problems or just seeking attention. The head of secondary is the most laziest person I swear I’m not going to act like I’m the best student but they were meant to put me on a behaviour card 3 times but never did it, even tho that was a win for me I kinda think it would of helped me but know I’m trying more to behave without the schools help. DONT tell the school anything that happens with a family problem or anything to do out of school because they make u go to see someone and they say that it’s between me and you and when I told them something deep I had every teacher coming up to me saying sorry which I thought was nice but first when they were saying it they sounded like they hated there job and secondly I thought it was meant to be beet ween me and that teacher. Also I got kicked out of the library for trying to study on my iPad and what I was doing on my iPad was these stupid website named math pathways which doesn’t work most of the time. That’s all I have thanks for reading these
By Student - 05 Feb 2019, Rate: bad
Gilson College is a terrible school were the teachers have favourites and where the head of secondary hands out punishments that are not due. If you are a parent looking for a good school I recommend you don’t come to this school as in my opinion, it won’t benefit your child for the better but for the worst as instead of the teachers doing there job properly making sure that all kids learning get a good understanding, they rely on us students to work out and or figure out everything by ourselves. Nevertheless, this school has some positives which would be some of the nice and downy to earth teachers. Lastly, the head of secondary is extremely unfair as she gives out consequences for no good reason and that is completely unnecessary!
By Student - 28 Nov 2018, Rate: poor
I’m a year 8 student who has been learning at Gilson College for 9 years so far. Like all the other reviews on this website, I think this school is bad when it comes to their priorities. As a female, I have been told to unhem my school dress and to take out my second ear piercing. At the school assemblies, the head of secondary tells everyone off for trying to show off their own creativity. In this case, Gilson College is bad, but I don’t believe that this school is as bad as all of the other reviews say. If you are a parent reading this, looking to find a school for your child, you need to know the bad AND the good. Gilson College’s academic system works very well for some subjects and very bad for others. A good thing about Gilson is that there many good teachers, but there are also many bad teachers who don’t teach you and tell you to “look over the textbook one more time”. This school is very individualised. The recent Maths Pathways program is an online system which is based on students self teaching themselves by answering questions and watching the videos provided. This program doesn’t help students who aren’t good at self teaching themselves. In my opinion, Gilson College Taylor’s Hill isn’t the best school to send your child to. They even combine some small year 11 and 12 VCE classes (THE MOST IMPORTANT YEARS) because they do not have enough staff. Consider other schools before sending your children here, please.
By Parent - 08 Nov 2018, Rate: bad
This school is horrible and math pathway system does not teach them anything. They care more about image than anything and they scold students just for yawning? There punishments are harsh as they make students waste their eating lunch time to talk about accidentally stepping on garden beds? Cruel. Especially the teacher in 5s. My daughter comes home complaining about her every single day. She tells me she yells at her for no reason scolds her for things out of her control and doesn’t even let her speak disgusting. I am getting my students OUT of this school . Period
By Student - 28 Sep 2018, Rate: bad
I got sent out for giggling at a friend who made a joke, he didn't get sent out for talking but I was sent out for giggling? Teachers complain about their pay and topping it off they have a second job. As students your voices will not be heard, often we would have sub teachers who abuse their power. For example I was told off to use my ipad to do the task assigned like everyone else or yelled at for helping other students. As a class we would complain to our teachers who listened but did not do anything about it because the school 'lacks' sub teachers.
By Student - 22 Sep 2018, Rate: bad
Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings all begin with a 10 minute assembly where the head of secondary will scold all the students in the school for various reasons at least once during the assembly. It has always confused me as to why the school wants to start their students day with such a negative note. It is understandable that negative behaviour must be addressed but to do this right in the morning is such a drain especially when the issues addressed are soo repetitive and not even applicable to everyone. Send your children to a school where their day begins with positivity and encouragement.
By Student - 20 Sep 2018, Rate: bad
The school has now gotten to the point where it simply lies to save its reputation and teachers... It's sad to see such dishonesty and lack of respect from those in leadership roles. Students have whole VCE SACs before they sit them, yet the school doesn't know how to deal with the situation and lies about taking appropriate measures. The head of secondary even claimed that tutors have lost access of SACs but obviously this wasn't the case when this is a repeated occurrence. The school doesn't learn from past mistakes at all. Just covers them up. If they were willing to learn, they would make their own SACs.. or use questions from various sources just like most schools. They do not care about authenticity.
The school also has been using student trial sacs for its formal assessments for one subject. Which can be easily bought and where the answers are available on the internet. When students speak up against cheating, the school directs blame on the student body but fails to recognise the teacher error of using trial SACs available to students to assess content. Teachers also claim full credit for SACs that they have not written which is straight up plagiarism and very dishonest.
Leaving Gilson College and going into the positive and fairly managed world is something all students of this school will be relieved to do. The school has no respect for its students that genuinely work hard to get their scores, nor does it have any idea about how to deal with cheaters and dishonesty.
Reading the below comments, one did stand out. I have to say that most of the teachers that have graduated from Avondale college genuinely put in all their efforts into teaching their students and display the values of that the school advertises. So I have to disagree with the claim.
By Parent - 10 Sep 2018, Rate: bad
Gilson College is a terrible school, motivated by money and focuses solely on reputation and presentation. No attention is given to genuinely teaching. Recently, they have introduced a system called 'Maths Pathway'? My daughter has brought attention onto this and has told me that system is not teaching her anything. She has also told me that the majority of teachers are Avondale graduates, who have absolutely no idea what they are doing 70% of the time. The teachers slack off, and constantly criticise about uniforms. My daughter has been scolded today by one of the secondary coordinators, telling me that she had come late to homeroom, when in reality, she was getting her books, which is being organised. She had arrived to class, but the rest of class were already lining up and the teacher asked her "Why are you late? Why is everybody else here but you aren't?" She was quite upset by this comment, as she was only trying to be organised. This school is an absolute rip off and they should be ashamed of themselves.
By Student - 20 Aug 2018, Rate: bad
I am a student at gilson college and I have been for the past 12 years. The school cares way to much about image and reputation that the education itself. They give students detention for coming to school LITERALLY 1 minute late and do not address more important issues. This school does not prepare you for the real world. They teach students that the only thing that is important is image and the way you dress. I was even told to unhem my skirt in the middle of class because it was 1cm above my knees.
The school does not care about its education at all. They do not even offer a basic VCE business class. Small classes are combined with year 11 and 12 because the school would not be bothered employing teaches to teach more classes. This limits the time that VCE students get taught as teachers have to balance their time between two year levels, ultimately giving both year levels half the class time that is required for VCE.
Most of the teachers do not know what they are teaching, leaving students to literally teach themselves or result in getting tutors to teaching them the entire subject content. Highly do not recommend going to this school.
One of my biggest regrets in life is not changing schools when I could. Such a joke of a school.
By Student - 19 Aug 2018, Rate: poor
As a year 12 student, my teacher in a particular class constantly refuses to review sac questions and explain the answers and argues that we are on a tight schedule despite the fact that students are willing to come at lunch or after school to learn. If students aren't given an opportunity to learn from their mistakes they will just continue to make those same mistakes. I thought this was a simple concept but not for this particular teacher. Other subjects however spend a whole class or at least half a class simply explaining answers and also answering personalised questions of students not just brushing them off. This teacher is simply lazy and is not willing to explain sacs and it is not acceptable and I hope students will start to speak up so a change may be made. The school overall is very corrupt and many wrongdoings get overlooked as a result and I wish this wasn't the case. Please send your children to a school where students have a bigger voice, a school where teachers are constantly monitored despite experience and status, a school where education is the first priory.
By Student - 13 Aug 2018, Rate: bad
This school doesn’t seem to even try to be a good school. As a high school student I would obviously need textbooks for subjects such as maths and science but the texts books we receive are battered, torn, filled with drawings and even has duct tape holding it together, no joke. I don’t understand how a school can’t buy new textbooks instead of the horrible ones that have been used year and year over.
By Student - 08 Aug 2018, Rate: bad
The individual beneath me whomst decided to post on the 31st day of Julius Caesar's month circa 2018 Anno Domini (in the year of our lord 2018) ist of ill mind and may be unfit for the duties of a serf. May the glory of heaven shine upon their unworthy visage and amend such future erring.
By Student - 31 Jul 2018, Rate: average
Ok honesty this school is great
By Alumnus - 07 Jul 2018, Rate: bad
Been going here since 2011 and it has gotten worse over the years. Like... no offence but... why do you keep employing Avondale graduates? It is CLEAR that they have NO IDEA what they are teaching in class: I even had to correct a few in the past. Also, they have no respect for people and put all there attention towards to popular students. Please think twice before you employ these people. I only reasoned I survived high school is because of googles existence.
PS. Stop telling us to enrol into Avondale college. I want to get into a uni that would PREPARE ME WELL for the outside world. Remember the saying "our children, our future"? Exactly
By Student - 19 Jun 2018, Rate: poor
First of all, Gilson is excellent when it comes to uniform and discipline. As of course Gilson always wants their school to look representable and posh. I have been attending this school since Prep and I have noticed that all the students are well mannered. When new students arrive they too learn to settle down and learn how to be disciplined.
Unfortunately, as a student of the high school community, I believe this school is too focused on uniform rather than education. Only recently was the rule of wearing your blazer (ESPECIALLY with sweaters) every second of the school hours was applied. I strongly believe that wearing a blazer has nothing to do with a student's education and if the teachers and other important adults of Gilson College could realise that a student's education is much more important then that would be greatly appreciated.
By Parent - 25 May 2018, Rate: bad
I can't explain how much of a fortune I have used to take my 3 kids to this school. My children have been attending since prep and I have been spending about $5000 per term just to pay for their school fees, and this doesn't even include the overpriced uniforms. You'd expect my kids to be genius' by now but even still they still struggle to get good marks. I've seen them come home with battered up textbooks, like it's impossible to afford new ones. With more than 1000 students with parents paying thousands of dollars a year you would at least be expecting everything at top condition. I've been through the school and seen the primary students living in beautiful hotel-like facilities and buildings while the high-school and VCE students are still in the same conditions as I saw thirteen years ago. If the teachers are willing to expand the facilities in the primary, how will they adapt once they move to secondary. I've been taking my kids to $100 camps and some they don't even enjoy. What is the point for all this? Wasting all this money for nothing. Save yourself by educating your kids in a place that won't rip you off.
By Alumnus - 18 May 2018, Rate: bad
If your child is in primary school, I would recommend removing and looking for other schools for their high school education - read below for reasons why.
Thank me later when they don't have to struggle in VCE with the Gilson teachers. I genuinely would never recommend the school to anyone and this is my only advise for the primary students. For the secondary students it may be too late to change and have fun self learning in VCE.
By Student - 18 May 2018, Rate: bad
Education is not first priority at this school but the image and the way the school may be viewed by outsiders is focussed on. A great emphasis is put on uniform which is understandable but becomes a joke when no emphasis is put into education. The amount of comments and statements the head of secretary makes about the image of the school is simply ridiculous; a polished image does not result in high academic results and this is something I hope all parents are aware of.
There seems to be no teacher reviewing at this school as some teachers genuinely do not know what they are doing especially in VCE. There are however many great teachers who do teach and put 100% into their job, a job that they are paid for and this should be expected of all teachers, but the few teachers that lacking teaching and unfortunately even knowledge skills are resulting in the colleges growing negative reputation in terms of education. I personally feel the colleges ethos and values are resulting in keeping these teachers in the school which have been in the college for several years as they may not want to hurt them and this is why many students are failing to speak up.
Gilson College does have a positive environment where students are supportive of each other, If this is all you are looking for in a school Gilson College is perfect. If you genuinely care about the quality and emphasis of education then I would highly recommend going to another school because self - learning without assistance is essential for success at this school which many students struggle with.
By Parent - 10 May 2018, Rate: excellent
An excellent school that teach academic knowledge and values. Gilson College is an amazing environment where my kids enjoy learning everyday.
By Alumnus - 02 May 2018, Rate: bad
The school cares more about their image than the quality of education. I was absolutely disgusted when a teacher, who is part of the disciplinary committee, went to the front of assembly and had the audacity to say, "if we can't teach you to wear your uniform right, then we can't teach you anything at all". So much for the "excellence in education" that the school is so proud of. And on top of that, the lack of teachers with proper knowledge and training of their subjects is appalling. And the fact that the school spends more money on constructing new buildings for the primary instead of improving the VCE program in the secondary is the most absurd thing about this school.
I have also heard about a few students from a higher year level was bullying someone from a lower year level and nothing has been done to stop it. AND the head of secondary and the higher ups have the worst organisational skills I have ever seen. They will tell you that they will catch up with you when the issue has been resolved or something has been done, but they will not actually talk to you or mention anything about it unless you confront them yourself. And when parents are brought in, they avoid the issue and give some bullshit excuse as to why the issue hasn't been resolved. I could honestly go on all day about this but I'd rather not waste any more of my time on this shitty school.
By Student - 24 Apr 2018, Rate: bad
Rude teachers, admin doesn't care about anything other then their image.
By Parent - 25 Mar 2018, Rate: bad
WORKING Bees program is a joke ! Believed me ! when I ask the front desk lady to work is there any work in the library, she told me yes, and then, after of two hours work, I have to take a break, I did not know where can I rest to have my lunch, I walk around and one school staff whow me
the canteen but the way he looked at me just like ... I am going to do somethings bad...It very hurtful; a very unfriendly and impolite
If school does not like people to come then why
front-desk lady told me yes?
WHAT A shameful of being a Christian school
Big lier!
After that I paid $400, forget about working Bee program. Then I do not have to involve into
working Bee program. What a shame!
By Student - 17 Mar 2018, Rate: bad
The school needs to employ better teachers because many of them are mean to students and don’t care about their wellbeing or education. They don’t fire any teachers no matter how many complaints from parents they get, maybe it’s because no one wants to teach there and they want to cherish the only workers they have.
No school will have the perfect teachers but Gilson needs to step up its game if they want to keep their students.
By Student - 06 Mar 2018, Rate: bad
The other reviews perfectly summarise this school. Gilson College cares too much about its outward appearance, sacrificing integrity for a fancy facade. Most teachers are indeed lazy and provide no support for their students, especially students in VCE. The only obvious contention of this school is to steal parent's money.
By Alumnus - 04 Mar 2018, Rate: poor
This school is not concerned with the quality of education delivered, particularly at the VCE senior level where it really matters. They compromise on classes, combining year 11 and year 12 classes for the smaller subjects. Effectively, in doing so, the school's academic administration shoots its VCE students in both feet, and, subsequently, itself and the results of their students. However, the administration of the school willingly hires purposeless new "chaplains" annually, only to dispose of a few and rehire more the next annum. Teachers are strained to their limits, with quality VCE teachers disposed to teaching junior classes, and clueless substitute teachers disarranged into various important senior classes. The school willingly interrupts classes to attend to cash loaded "spiritual teachings", creating detriment to the learning of the students. The school's management is more concerned with the superficial facade of student appearance and growth of lawn at the school than the results and achievements, in the form of opportunities which the students never receive due to the off-shoring of school fees and government funding to a distant Mernda campus, or funding the cash loaded SDA system. If you or your parents have any regard for the quality of education and corresponding value for money, don't allow your income to be milked by this excuse of a secondary college.
By Alumnus - 20 Feb 2018, Rate: bad
I left this school. I'm not running away from my problems - I'm actually accepting them and with that have realised that I don't need to stick in a place being fake with fake people in order to be accepted. perhaps one day you will realise that the cycle at gilson is toxic and unhealthy - but then again, those not strong enough to be alone instead of being with bad company will still have to endure the hard times.
By Student - 25 Jan 2018, Rate: bad
I've been at the school for 12 years now. practically feels like a prison. Teachers don't listen, the school takes the fun out of everything, especially muck up day. The school is very problematic and they teach us useless crap. Also instead of pushing the Bible and christianity onto us, let us focus on our goals and our grades for our other subjects. And if us students want to talk about something that's somewhat controversial let us speak and voice our opinions.
I highly recommend to NOT go to this school.
By Employee - 01 Nov 2017, Rate: poor
I see some very responsible and great aspiring students with great leadership skills applying for school Prefect position, innocent students are getting kicked out because of their grades which they are working on in and because they are confident, I see this very wrong. This school needs to change and give everyone a chance, they tell you to express your leader ship skills, how is that supposed to happen when they aren’t given a chance and there grades are being counted heavily than skills to become a prefect. The form shouldn’t even ask for their grades, that just makes the student feel hopeless because not everyone is academically soo smart but have great leadership and personal qualities.THIS SCHOOL IS BULL SHIT ON OPPURTUNITIES. And so are the head teachers!
By Parent - 14 Oct 2017, Rate: average
As a parent with children at this school for over 9 years, I have seen many changes and not for the better. The teachers seem to have become more lazy with helping the ones that need more help. Communication is lacking in both primary and high school constantly. Emails via SEQTA are encouraged as a form of communication to teachers but they are not read or even answered for days, sometimes over a week if at all. Inconsistent information given via newsletters weekly. Many have previously stated that the uniform standards are a priority, but I am yet to come across a student that actually abides by this. Girls hemlines are way too short and nothing really gets done about it. The biggest issues facing this school is a lack of discipline with the bullies and those that do not comply with the school rules. The teachers need to listen to the concerns of the parents whose children are bullied, whether it's via social media, verbal or physically. Usually just a slap on the wrist is all that is given. The odd suspension is not good enough. These kids should be taken out of the school. Drugs and alcohol has been found in camps and the school does nothing. These kids are still at the school. WHY? Yes this happens everywhere, but I send my kids to this school due to it's Christian values and morale but this has been lacking off late.
It seems that the bigger this school gets, the bigger the problems that the teachers are unable to cope with effectively. Gilson needs to carefully select the student they choose to have here because at the current state, my kids may have to find an alternative school as I am not going to pay for a lack of great education and discipline. This school was great when we first started, but it has gone downhill sadly.
By Parent - 22 Aug 2017, Rate: excellent
Love the school keep it up;)
By Parent - 18 Aug 2017, Rate: excellent
Gilson is the best school. It's my child first year but she is very happy with the teachers and peers. she comes home singing and praising God, teaching her younger sister about respect, resilience and responsibility. She is always eager to do her home work and telling us how she loves School. If your child is happy at the age of five and telling you positive stuff abt her school then I assure you the school is very good. I asked a couple of parents from my child class re their experience and they are all happy with academic, discipline and spirituality. Thank you Gilson for making my beautiful child learning experience is great. I recommend Gilson college especially for those parents who strongly advocate for good education, spirituality and disciplines. Keep it up Gilson College
By Alumnus - 31 Jul 2017, Rate: bad
The same teacher which i had for 3 years made me get in trouble for checking the time on my iPad. He almost got it confiscated. Seriously leave this school or don't come to it. It's really shit.
By Alumnus - 24 Jul 2017, Rate: bad
This school took my parents money for three and a half years all they taught me was about god and satian and the gays will burn in hell when you die and I saw one of the teachers today and they didn't not even say hi to me. The teachers did not even teach me proply app they taught me and the other students that went their was go on google classrooms and do the work on their and they don't help you when you need help. All of the teachers are all ways on you back about your school uniform and I wish they paid as much attention to our feelings as they do to your uniform. The teachers are bullies they know how to pick in you so that you react and get you in trouble. I do not recommend this school at all trust me save your self the money and all of the complaining of your child.
By Student - 24 Jul 2017, Rate: bad
This school is bad. I've said enough.
By Alumnus - 18 Jul 2017, Rate: bad
This teacher I have had for 3 years is probably the worst teacher I have ever had. The teacher identity I will keep secret but the teacher makes dumb rules and likes to put down students and the way he teaches is like he doesn't care about our education. I would not recommend this school to any kids, don't go to this school for your own sake.
By Student - 12 Jul 2017, Rate: poor
I've been in this school for years. Over the last few years the school has changed a lot and some has changed in a good why somes others. The uniform is very strict and VERY VERY expensive, lots of my classmates have left the school because it's being careless. Also if you get a horrible grade in French you don't pass at all! I mean are we going to really use French when we graduate? Also the school has some bad teachers I asked my friend about one her teachers she had last year she said "They didn't teach me hardly anything, it was mostly recap on useless things.", I don't know but that doesn't seem like a good teacher. When I was in lower grades I was bullied and I'd tell a teacher "Ok I'll talk to them." THEY NEVER DID. Ended up they left the school after the break ins! I mean you need to keep your eyes out, there could be a old man learking inside our school and you'd just follow him around for half an hour!
By Student - 25 Jun 2017, Rate: bad
School is overall very poor. Uniform is way too strict, favouritism is seem throughout classes, substitutes are psychotic, teachers are way too lazy and one is even having very bad odours. Honestly, the smell is a big distraction in my learning and is also giving me very bad headaches. The fumes are making learning a big turn off and I almost can't believe that I survived that year in that terrible, unpleasant environment!
By Student - 16 Jun 2017, Rate: bad
Gilson college may seem good on the outside with its posh uniform and seemingly good education but after an ample time has been spent at this school the true gilson college is revealed where suicidal students are covered up and many students are told to turn a blind eye towards problems.
Uniform and presentation is more important than actual education.
Students who clearly have issues are protected no matter what even if it isn't logical just cause someone has problems doesn't mean they are immune to punishments.
Gilson college is a horrible school don't go there
By Alumnus - 15 Jun 2017, Rate: bad
A teacher trying to start drama:
During one of my classes, my friend next to me had some dirty particle on her face. I reached over to get rid of it BUT this teacher saw and decides to have a go at me in front of the entire class, puts me on the damn spot and accuses me of slapping her hard on the face???? Everybody was so silent because it was extremely awkward...
Whats made it even worse is that this teacher wasn't even teaching my class, she just bloody walked in and... surprise!
That was very inappropriate and made me feel very uncomfortable. Extremely unprofessional. Trying to start trouble with innocent students.
By Student - 12 Jun 2017, Rate: poor
An altogether bad school, Alot of the teachers have no relationship with the kids and don't care about their education and learning. The uniform is uncomfortable is isint doing us any favours with the cold weather. Kids have a feeing of being put down by the teachers when they don't know something. Of course no school is perfect but if this school wants to get as close to perfection as it can it has got to shape up a lot.
By Alumnus - 07 Jun 2017, Rate: bad
A school that focus more on its uniform than the actaul education aspect of schooling. Half of the uniform rules they preach are nothing like the real world. A joke of a school really
By Alumnus - 07 Jun 2017, Rate: bad
They say one thing and do another. At school teachers try to act as your best friend but as soon you leave, no check up, or no hi's if you bump into them in public. Gilson teachers act like they put heaps of effort in for the kids, when in reality other schools are much more equipped with resources and teacher focus when it comes to VCE. As a someone who has been to Gilson, would not recommend it for VCE if you plan on doing well. The kids who do get the 90+ scores get it cause of their efforts rather than the teachers pushing each individual. Gilson is quick to publish its good scores and take full credit for them, but seems to ignore those who don't do too well. As soon as you compare your resources to another school, you will realise how pathetic Gilson really is. If your reading this to put your child in Gilson, do us all a fabour and choose another school. The future for your child will be much brighter if they don't attend gilson. ITS WORTH A THOUGHT
By Alumnus - 24 May 2017, Rate: bad
A few students that you think are "well-behaved" and have "good leadership", find enjoyment in putting down other students and making them feel uncomfortable behind closed doors...just saying. The deceive is strong in this school.
By Alumnus - 22 May 2017, Rate: bad
This school needs to have stricter rules for bullying, some shildren get detention for uniform but none get it for bullying younger grades, the yr 12s always make fun of the yr 7s and some kids in this school are depressed
By Alumnus - 19 May 2017, Rate: bad
The year 12s keep threatening year 7 and lower grades this needs to stop kids have rights
By Alumnus - 18 May 2017, Rate: poor
I was joking about the pellets but I heard a child was measuring his wiener with his friend and bragging and about it what I'm saying is true but I am scared about the safety of this school the stuff I wrote before was a joke but this school is very bad and bad on it's education. Teachers are strict about uniform and religion. This school is ranked 823 in Australia out of 1039. Kids complaints about this bad school need to be heard
By Parent - 17 Nov 2016, Rate: excellent
I have two kids at Gilson College. Since they are attending this school they changed completely. They are polite and well mannered. Parents complaining about discipline - isn't that one of big reasons we put them in Gilson College, to sort them out for us.
The teachers show genuine care for our kids. Sure,sometimes I do not get answers,but what do I expect,my child is not the only one there.
I am so happy my children finally got place in this great school
By Employee - 03 Sep 2016, Rate: bad
Gilson collage is a very very bad school to go to!!! All the kids get detention for nothing!! And the playground is at the front of the school where they can get robbed!!
By Parent - 03 Sep 2016, Rate: poor
I don't like the school because the play ground is at the front of the school and kids who are playing on the playground could be seeing bad things. Thank god I pulled my son out early
By Parent - 18 Jul 2016, Rate: excellent
My kids attend Gilson College. The teachers are very caring and approachable. The classes are a good size allowing teachers to focus on the students and their learning abilities. It is and excellent school.
By Parent - 26 May 2018, Rate: excellent
As a parent I am very happy with the school. I have two children in Primary. My eldest over the years has had a couple of minor issues with being bullied (once online & once in the school ground) and both times once brought to the attention of the teacher it was dealt with promptly and it stopped. We feel privelidged to be a part of the Gilson community. We have nothing but praise for the leadership team and the majority of the teachers (they can't all be perfect)! ;)
By Parent - 18 Jul 2016, Rate: excellent
Over all, I think the school is very great and looks at a child's potential. My son has Autism. He used to go to a different Christian school and was never happy. When finally Gilson has a place for him, the specialist talk to me on how they can help my child. What are his strengths and weaknesses. The teacher even arranged an interview with me and talk to the whole class so they can all prepare and make my son's start a very pleasant one. He was happier and therefore made learning easier. Now my son is in high school and much different person. From someone who dreads camping and socializing to a very enthusiastic student who looks forward to every camp. My daughter is in primary and loves every day in school. I guess if you are a parent who values discipline and social well being of your child as opposed to purely academic side of it, then this is the best school. It has a good balance in every aspect of a child's learning, which I would say is more important than achieving academic results alone. In saying that, academically, school is doing great as well. So no complaints at all. It's not a perfect school but I would say perfect for my kids needs.
By Parent - 16 Jun 2016, Rate: excellent
I hope to enrol my daughter to this school grade 7 . -are there bulling in the school?
By Parent - 23 Apr 2016, Rate: poor
Whilst the school is known for its discipline, however academic is not that great. The teachers are not experienced.
The school has such a poor communication. Newsletters often contain inconsistent information. Letters send to parents have different dates.
REally need to work on your communication Gilson!
The students report varies from teachers.
By Parent - 14 Mar 2016, Rate: bad
Worst school ever.Treated my son very poorly. Suspended him for two weeks by calling me on the Friday at 7PM. With nothing more then rubbish excuses on why my son needed to be suspended. Then, we get a letter saying if we leave quietly they wont give the other schools my sons records. Oh, and the reason for the expulsion was that my son attempted to use a VPN service. Apparently that requires 2 weeks suspension plus expulsion.I have the utmost respect for most of the teachers there, but the management are nothing more then scum. My son was tried and hung out without a chance to explain or put his case forward.We have been looking for a school for my son for 3 weeks now and hope to finalise on one soon but this has hurt my son and has made me extremely angry at his and our treatment. I hope the damage done can be reversed. I can't believe we would be treated like this. Lowest form of life.
By Alumnus - 07 Feb 2016, Rate: good
Got into university. Enough said.
By Alumnus - 03 Feb 2016, Rate: excellent
As a graduate of this school, I can say with confidence that Gilson College is a great school. The small classes allowed for better student-teacher communication. The teachers encourage us to do our best and provide us with a decent amount of material to supplement our learning. When I studied at Gilson, I felt cared for and was challenged to improve my work. I could talk to teachers honestly if I needed assistance with schoolwork or personal issues that affected my schoolwork.
Having gone to this school from Prep to Year 12, I really commend the school for its discipline and pursuits in building our character. In particular, the Year 9 'Learning 4 Life Program' really strengthened my health and taught me lessons I will remember till the day I die. This program really straightened out many of the participants characters.
If a teacher knows or suspects that a student is being harassed, they step in and discipline students who are responsible. At this school, I felt safe.
Thanks, Gilson College!
By Parent - 03 Nov 2015, Rate: excellent
Great orientation program. My daughter can't wait to start next year.
Thanks to all the staff and teachers to ensure a smooth transition from kinder to prep.
I agree their results are definitely better compared to the local government schools.
By Parent - 03 Nov 2015, Rate: excellent
I am extremely happy with the naplan and vce results this school achieved and constantly improving! Teachers are great, caring, class sizes are small and therefore they can focus on your child's development a lot more compared to other local government schools in the area.
By Parent - 12 Oct 2015, Rate: bad
Majority of teachers religious nuts who enjoy bullying students and have no idea about students with special needs. VCE doesn't offer a broad range of subjects. Focus is on on religion as opposed to academic education. Pulling kids out and putting into State Schools.
By Parent - 15 Sep 2015, Rate: excellent
Ignore these bad comments, every school makes mistakes, after all, we are human. However, this school realises that everyone makes mistakes and helps our children make the best out of a mistake, and learn from it.
By Parent - 14 Jul 2015, Rate: bad
Most defiantly my worst choice by far for my children. Parent and teacher communication is a disgrace! They want you to follow parent and teacher protocol but when you do it's takes them days to reply or even upto weeks! What school won't let a parent in to walk their child upto their class!
The list goes on! Be mindful of voicing your concerns ....no one will listen. In one ear out the other! Can't wait to get out. Poor effort on the system Gilson. No point having those smiling faces when the only people you give a shit about is yourself and the hip pocket!
By Parent - 21 May 2015, Rate: poor
I'm taking my son out of this school. Its foccus is a lot to do with gaining funds from parents. I'll list a few of my many dissapointing points of the school.
Money Hungry: A note was sent out about their chosen 'charity'. You didn't have to contribute the $50 but if you didn't bring the form back, a $50 charge would be put on to your account. Great school vaulues right there... :/
Lack of safety: They have recently put a playground at the front of the school. The speed limit is 60km per hour on Taylors Road. There are reckles drivers speeding past the school traveling a lot faster than 60 and the only barrier they have are fishnet fencing which is barely a barrier if a car was to lose out of control and head towards the kids playing. They need stonger safety barriers such as those metal poles that are inbeded deep into the ground and spread 120cm appart.
Another safety issue: Driving out of the front car park in morning drop offs and after school pickups. School has curved brick fencing on both sides of the driveway but doesnt continue on. So it doesn't stop the perverts from parking accross the road and watching the children play. People are continuously crossing the driveway. Ive always been cautious when driving out cause on 2 occasions, younger siblings have just ran accross the driveway. What they need are those round morriors on the footpath to show both pedestrian and drivers of any traffic or replace the brick fence with more fishnet fencing.
I cant fathom how they seem to charge what they do and have the primary school kids bags and lunch box outside. Their lunch box's should be brought inside. I've yet to come accross any other school that does that.
My points are no reflection on some of the teachers there.
By Parent - 08 May 2015, Rate: bad
This Alivia girl.. she's bullied my son too! This is why we left the school this year.
By Student - 07 May 2015, Rate: poor
It is an awesome school, nice environment, really big. But where are all the students? There are not many students here. And it often gets's boring. The school looks posh, But to be honest. I feel like this school only cares about discipline and taking my parents moneg.y.y.
TheresThere has been alot of bullying at this school, Taylors Hill campus. A girl in year 8 alvia Coates and vanessa Nguyen has harrassed and bullied another girl from another school. I am in complete shame to know these people. Because that girl is my friend, she is very nice, honest, and has a strong beliefe in her opinions and thoughts. She doesn't even know who these girls are, and my poor friend is being online harrassed by them. I hope the school opens up their eyes abit more.
If only we had proper classrooms for drama classes.
Other than that, itit's a fantastic school.
By Parent - 24 Mar 2015, Rate: excellent
My two children attend Gilson college and I am very happy with the school. The environment is very supportive for the children and its a great learning environment. I love the fact that its multicultural and the religious side is used for discipline as well as education in terms of moral discipline. I would recommend the school.
By Parent - 24 Mar 2015, Rate: excellent
Parent with a bad report. Weed??? Are you kidding me? Be glad its not ice they are selling. Every public school has this. If you think another school is anti drugs than go back to 1950's love!!!
By Parent - 01 Feb 2015, Rate: bad
Seriously this school needs to be shut down.
They finally got rid of one of the kids selling and smoking weed but still has lots of filth to clean up.no way would i send my child to this shit hole
By Parent - 04 Sep 2014, Rate: excellent
Great Christian school, good teachers and for the large majority good students. Inclusive of all students regardless of their religious background. Occasional whinging parent who has lost the plot on how to raise kids. Love the challenges and variety of activities and camps for my kids. My kids have a ton of fun. If you or your kid don't like firm and fair better look elsewhere.
By Parent - 04 Sep 2014, Rate: excellent
How narrow minded some parents are. You children attend Gilson College to be provided with a great education in a Christian environment. Are you really going to rate a school on "hair"
"or popularity" Maybe you should withdraw them for this school and look at a public school to which you would obviously be more suited. Parents - your children are a product of their environment both at home and school - but at home first and foremost.
By Parent - 02 Sep 2014, Rate: bad
Terrible school! Teachers have it in for the 'popular' students and are always like a hawk on them. No matter what that student does they will always a bounty on them by the teachers.
By Student - 06 Aug 2014, Rate: average
The school is good due to the education success rate. Though i am worried that the high school is getting turned into a sort of army type on the hair rules. The rule is; "No extreme hairstyles", If a student has shaved sides and more hair on the top the students should not be told off.
By Parent - 26 Jul 2014, Rate: excellent
My child wasn't happy at another other school, but since he entered this school, he was much happier. Now he is a uni student.
Thanks to the Principal and all teachers
By Student - 22 May 2014, Rate: excellent
Gilson college is not a catholic school.
By Student - 23 Dec 2013, Rate: excellent
Gilson College is a great school. Many may say it's bad, but really they never gave the school a chance. Just because it is a school of Christian views, and discipline, it isn't much like the schools around. Although it's Christian, they accept all students with different religions & background, making it such a multicultural environment where Gilson is found to be the most multicultural Christian (Seventh-Day Adventist) school. The school is improving in their ranking which this website is so out of date and also improving greatly in VCE Ranking! Each and every year the school has made progress, benefitting the students with new facilities & maintaining a well organised school. The school in comparison to other schools have better facilities like the gym & eco science centre, amazing camps, caring teachers, good students, and programs like for the Year 9 Learning4Life. It may not be the best school but it ultimately excels in what schools were made for.
By Student - 21 Nov 2013, Rate: excellent
Hey have you been to this school?! it has healthy and delicious food. it is an christian/catholic school. the teachers are nice. they supervise you too.

it is also an building next to history because of the evidence on the site
By Alumnus - 27 Aug 2013, Rate: bad
This school is only interested in money.this school does not look at the interest of its students it avoids the fact it is a negligent school and teachers are rude, camping trips in the past few years have been full of dramas from losing kids to teachers not supervising kids in the middle of the bush, and refusing to take responsibility for anything going wrong, this school is constantly covering up the bad things that happen at the school, from negligence to bullying to families that are junkies. Bad bad school and I would not send my dog there at all, actually I think this place needs to be shut down, seven day Adventist church should be ashamed of itself .
By Student - 05 Aug 2013, Rate: bad
this school only focuses on trying to be poshy and elegant when really it is a very bad school in terms of education and morals. Teachers dont do anything to help students with their problems rather, they end up gossiping about the students.
By Student - 10 Mar 2013, Rate: excellent
Gilson college is my recommended school for all who seeks friends that do not judge and a life of maturity, and our school is based on education. All our teachers are friendly and even generous. They want us to succeed in our lives and cares for our benefits. So our school is not all about discipline but to teach us what is right and to encourage us to overcome difficulties. All the teachers are followers of christ but our school is multicultural and we are all treated the same by our peers, and teachers who also bring laughter in their own ways. I know because i myself have been at the school since prep and met wonderful teachers, principle and the head of secondary/primary.
By Student - 18 Dec 2012, Rate: bad
this school is all about discipline and nothing about education.
By Parent - 11 Aug 2011, Rate: good
I am happy with this school. I have both my kids there.
By Parent - 10 Dec 2010, Rate: excellent
my child has got an a and if i asked her anything that is maths snap theres her answer.
I'm , rate this school

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