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Copperfield College, Delahey

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School Reviews
By Employee - 25 Mar 2023, Rate: bad
A very toxic environment with misogynistic men in power. The principal tries but there's not much she can do.
By Parent - 14 Feb 2023, Rate: bad
My child went to this school, and let me say, I am VERY disappointed. My child has gained nothing but chlamydia and herpes from these DEVIL PEOPLE. Mr Thorn is a bitch.
From a very caring parent.
By Parent - 20 Jun 2022, Rate: excellent
This school is amazing, everyone is kind
By Alumnus - 20 Jun 2022, Rate: excellent
im former, but jokes aside this school is pretty bad. There are school fights almost daily.
By Parent - 20 Jun 2022, Rate: poor
The teachers are all amazing and kind, but the kids suck and bully each other, they also say and do inappropriate.
Please ban every kid that exists except the good kids that are good in class. :D
By Parent - 20 Jun 2022, Rate: bad
bad school :)
By Parent - 25 May 2021, Rate: bad
Quite serious bullying happens a lot and it gets swept under the rug. Kids can’t focus in class and my child is afraid to go to school
By Parent - 05 Dec 2020, Rate: excellent
Best Fights In West Melbourne
By Student - 05 Dec 2019, Rate: good
Going to this school has given me an experience that other schools could definitely not, the students in this school are family. I went to a high school before this and all the students seemed to not be connected like copperfield. I know at this school I will make life long friends that will stand by me. This school will prepare me for life’s ups and downs and the reality of life. Teachers are always prepared to help students when needed and take the time to make sure they understand. Even if fights happen our school still works as a well oiled machine.
By Parent - 08 Oct 2019, Rate: poor
Daily fights and bullying and lack of care of management makes the school not a nice one. My daughter is in year 7 and she says I don't want to go to school. She has been bullied big time.
By Parent - 16 May 2019, Rate: bad
Very bad school. No discipline at all. Students very rude. Lots of problems. Principal doesn’t care what’s going on
By Student - 08 Feb 2018, Rate: excellent
Like every school, it's what you make out of the experience. If you wanted to learn, you were well supported. It's dissappointing to read some of these comments when I was a student at this school and I achieved great results with the help of my teachers and did not dress inapprorpiately.
By Parent - 09 Sep 2016, Rate: excellent
This is the best school my son has ever gone to he has achieved great marks due to great teachers and has excelled very fast. In uni he will be studying physcology and last year he achieved a 99.98 attar. I highly recommend this school to everybody
By Parent - 18 Jun 2016, Rate: poor
Girls are dressed like sluts at a typical public school lack of rules. Teenagers at Copperfield are vile, smoking everywhere and vandalising the local area with it. Poor behaviour.
By Student - 01 Feb 2016, Rate: average
Mr Ferguson is not dedicated perhaps he's lost interest in teaching. Front desk reception Cat not as helpful otherwise it's functional and great atmosphere.
By Student - 25 Aug 2015, Rate: excellent
Teachers are just not good and dedicated enough.
I'm , rate this school

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