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Gladstone Park Median Price
The House price is 1% lower than last year.
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Gladstone Park Median Rent
The House rent is 28% higher than last year.
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Gladstone Park Secondary College, Gladstone Park

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School Reviews
By Student - 25 Dec 2023, Rate: excellent
This school has very good potential
By Student - 22 Mar 2023, Rate: poor
Try find an alternative if possible.
By Parent - 31 Jan 2023, Rate: bad
My child get bullied
By Student - 14 Sep 2022, Rate: excellent
the teachers are funny
im in class
By Student - 29 Aug 2022, Rate: bad
it really bad becuase my friend got into a fight
By Student - 17 Feb 2022, Rate: bad
Worst school in the area and probably in the whole country. All the teachers are absolutely horrible and talk to the kids like shit just because they hate their job. The school also kicks people out of VET and VCE subjects if their grades aren't high enough, because they want to keep a good reputation.
By Parent - 23 Nov 2019, Rate: bad
Teachers are terrible, all they care about is their money, teachers won’t let students ask questions, and will give them questions on tests that they haven’t learnt
By Parent - 19 Oct 2018, Rate: excellent
hi there Am mrs Restiyani Am 46 yearas old and my house around tullamarine, my son is in primary school afor two days in there and 3 day in jacana for autistic, so I want to tell about this because this is annoyed me, some student from this school is to much swearing a lot in front my kid and my son only 8 years old , we use the bus but this boy is dark one tall and had hair tie with rabber but i dont know his name, but he point to my son
and swearing with man penis. so is in this school is the teacher teach the manners ?
By Student - 21 May 2016, Rate: bad
they have to stop being strict cause they suck
By Student - 17 May 2016, Rate: bad
it is the worst school
By Parent - 12 Nov 2015, Rate: poor
sick of gladddy
I'm , rate this school

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