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Rosehill Secondary College, Niddrie

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School Reviews
By Parent - 02 Oct 2023, Rate: excellent
please dont take it down..
listen this school is very good heres a little story from my experience.
My boyfriend carried me down to the secret basement.. all the year 12's are told but must keep a secret. he carries me down to a private room as i wore my favourite underwear. he ask me to strip and i obey. he asks me to lay on my stomach.. i do so. i stick my butt up and spread my legs. he gets his feather sex toy and rubs it in my thighs and tickiling my vagina bolb. i feel wet and it starts sliding down my legs. he slips my panties off and pulls his pants down. shoving his stiff erection into my wet pussy. i scream as he shoves himself deeper into me. his cum slowly filling me up as i moan untill im panting he slaps my ass hard. stop moving he explains. hes mine. hes hot.
By Employee - 23 Aug 2023, Rate: excellent
As a teacher at this school I can proudly say that Jack Naiker is the biggest coon I've ever met. He looks like a thug, acts like a thug and most of all is black. At least his mum is fit and gives me sloppy to get her son out of trouble.
By Employee - 21 Aug 2023, Rate: excellent
today is james' birthday, the bloke is 18 and still is a dick head, today we threw cake at his face and stained his face red. all the gifts hes getting for his 18th but still cant find his father.
By Parent - 14 Aug 2023, Rate: bad
My poor daughter was getting rapped by a penis while her flaps kept slapping. This is unacceptable the amount of people who are getting small 6 cm penises shoved up there tight pussys this is horrible. I rate this school a 0/10 honestly my daughter comes home horny with a saw pussy hole. And the amount of cum that comes falling out of her pussy. Oh my god my daughter just came to me saying Shes pregnant... Now I have to get a cum test up her pussy. This poor pussy I feel so bad for it it getting smashed.
By Employee - 22 Jul 2023, Rate: bad
i literally got beat by a wild mob of year 7s. they are insane. need to segregate the junior school and have the military teach them
By Student - 01 Jun 2023, Rate: excellent
i have strict parents. so for me this school is excellent!! because i go to this school i actuakky have a sex life. i stay back after school and tell my parents that im studying but im actually just getting a penis shoved up my pussy. My boyfriends cum is very slimy and delicious. The only bad part though is that this school does not provide shavers so i have to go all the way home to shave IT(ifykyk)so then my boyfrriend doesnt cut his mouth when he sucks my flaps. overall its a pretty good school i rate it a 10/10
By Parent - 31 May 2023, Rate: bad
I’ve just got a horrific call from my son after school today. Telling me that Mr Chae held him in class and locked the classroom door and started to have sex with him i’am beyond furious.he said he would love to do this again the sensation he felt while while his penis was in his asshole this has left me filled with anger and disappointment
By Parent - 11 May 2023, Rate: excellent
Mr Chae and Mr Cohan continuously hit my son James sculli sculli came home with a black eye and grazed buttocks
By Employee - 27 Apr 2023, Rate: excellent
i was walking into the staffroom when i could hear some clapping, i turn the corner and miss Jaygo is banging a dildo through miss boadle
By Student - 27 Apr 2023, Rate: bad
i think this school is full of pedophiles especially mr cogan and mr connors, you cant tell me mr connors doesnt look like vector from despicable me , also daddy derks likes to suck on the little year sevens
By Parent - 04 Apr 2023, Rate: bad
My son went to this school on the 31st of February 1969 he ate the steak and ever since that day he has been addicted to hentai I don't know what's going on can you please help me my dad knows Wayne Carrey
By Parent - 03 Apr 2023, Rate: excellent
I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. i am a parent of james sculli. my son has been recently fondaled with and as his MOTHER i took it up with the school the teacher i took it up with wanted me to call him baby conners and called me Mommey i screamed at mr conners saying how could you allow this, he proceeded to pull down his pants and done the helicoptor and said do u like this sweetie i ran out straight away.
By Student - 03 Apr 2023, Rate: excellent
hi im a student and im here to talk about the state of our school bathroom. RSC school bathrooms our mens room is holy and has candles surrounding every toilet making the smell in their delightful and a elegant, me and my fellow boys have made the mens bathroom our prey room and every time larry decata goes inside to catch some kid taking a piss and look at his little willy it distracts me and my muslim brother from our prey which is a terrible sin, teachers please stop walking into our holy toilets.
By Student - 03 Apr 2023, Rate: excellent
hi im a student
By Student - 31 Mar 2023, Rate: excellent
lower the canteen prices fug mee
By Employee - 30 Mar 2023, Rate: excellent
i am a retired employee from rosehill secondary id like to admit my deepest darkest secret that a student that goes as koby naiker was fiddling with me in the d block toilets as i was screaming please stop and no one came to help and koby still goes to the school every day. do better rosehill
By Employee - 30 Mar 2023, Rate: excellent
me personally working at this school has been great for my lingering foot fettish, commonly in my classroom i promote a 'no shoes or socks' policy. that way, i get to smell the aroma of the wonderful foot fungus stench. this really gets me going in the afternoon, no need for coffee!!! my favorite student is toby foster, the smell of his feet makes my day that much better
By Student - 30 Mar 2023, Rate: excellent
I hate when Miss creed fiddles with my willy but She promises me good grades so I don't really mind. Would recommend 100% if you want good grades you know where to go
By Parent - 30 Mar 2023, Rate: excellent
my son Daniel D is constantly bullied for his disability. he has to were a groin bracer to stop his genatailer from flopping out. i am ashamed as my son is builled in the toilet's as his head is constantly flushed down the toilet with fecal matter up his nose and in his mouth. i will be taking action against the bullys
By Parent - 30 Mar 2023, Rate: excellent
my son Daniel D is constantly bullied for his disability. he has to were a groin bracer to stop his genatailer from flopping out. i am ashamed as my son is builled in the toilet's as his head is constantly flushed down the toilet with fecal matter up his nose and in his mouth. i will be taking action against the bullys
By Parent - 30 Mar 2023, Rate: bad
My son Kobe Naiker came home to tell me his teacher was being very touchy with him and asked him to pull out his willy, my son then proceeded to tell me that he was hard when this was happening and he then told me his teachers name was larry di carta, Larry then grabbed my son Kobes will and started stroking it i am in distress and feel for my son although he enjoyed it
By Student - 30 Mar 2023, Rate: excellent
As a student going to school here i must say this environment is heaven, everyday i got touched and i loved every minute 10/10 school highly reccomend.
By Parent - 30 Mar 2023, Rate: bad
extreme disappointment from a parent here of a bright young child Dimier D from year 10. He came home last night crying because he was attacked verbally by one of the staff members. He was called numerous things such as a filthy Turk and was told by people that they were scared that he would blow up the school. They said that he looked like a bomb all because he has a round figure that people got "confused with" as a bomb. Very disappointed. He is now being called the white jihardi 2.0. Students are convinced he is jake billardi's son . Do better Rosehill.
By Parent - 29 Mar 2023, Rate: excellent
My son came home crying and was extremely horrified. Hd pulled down his pants and there was jam and cum stains all over his underwear. I was extremely horrified and made him tell me what happened. He didn't want to tell me but I demanded him to tell me what happened. He told me the that Miss vigrione made him pull down his pants and show her his willy. She put jam in his ass and eat it all up then mr Sioukas joined in and put his penis in my sons ass and cummed all over my sons ass. I have contacted the police and I am extremely surprised this has happened
By Employee - 29 Mar 2023, Rate: bad
I am a employee at rosehill secondary college and I walked into Mr Bertoli roaring at a boy and fiddling with Luke Swartz willy and Mr bertoli put peanut butter in his asshole and licked it all up. I think he liked it. I am a employee and extremely horrified when I saw this.
By Student - 22 Mar 2023, Rate: bad
James is writting stuff in students diaries, he calls a kid alien saying that he is going to bash him and bullies avatar characters in real life he should be suspended immediately
By Parent - 17 Mar 2023, Rate: poor
James Marrevelious is the worst student ever, he has bullied me at every chance he gets and is always mean to be, i didn't do anything but i can't take this verbal harassment anymore, it's time for me to say goodbye as for im leaving this world to go live on the moon away from him
By Parent - 27 Feb 2023, Rate: bad
This is absolutely outrageous. They removed my review about vaping and how the students are going to die at 20 because they knew it was true
By Employee - 23 Feb 2023, Rate: bad
Kabir Darshan Shah is an indian curry muncher that smells like tikka masala everyday. His haircut is the goofiest haircut of the century. Tommy is illegal
By Parent - 21 Feb 2023, Rate: average
My cheld came home from skool and said that they didn't understend anything the teacheR was saying. The teachers love to talk about their love life like the students care. The teachers are also disrespectful to the students expecially Miss Pervis.
By Alumnus - 13 Feb 2023, Rate: excellent
this school is an amazing school i love spiderman year 12 jumper i got, amazing teachers.
By Employee - 13 Feb 2023, Rate: poor
James Marrevelious is once agin being very devious and not behaving i will be going to the principle about this issue as it is on going and i feel depressed from him and he is a bully.
By Student - 21 Nov 2022, Rate: excellent
I can no longer walk, the feeling in my right hand has gone numb. the urge is overwhelming and i dont know how much longer i can hold the line.
By Parent - 17 Nov 2022, Rate: excellent
As a parent of a student that goes to Rosehill Secondary College, naturally I was very concerned about the whole Elissa Erichello scandal, I asked my daughter if she was fiddled with, she said her teacher used a strap on. She said she told the princpal and he said good on you
By Parent - 16 Nov 2022, Rate: excellent
a student named emmanuel berkis constantly burps in my face and wafts his farts all over me. the stench of raw garlic overwelms me with sickness. i ask that he please practices more hygenic acts
By Parent - 16 Nov 2022, Rate: excellent
My daughter gets bullied by Luke schwartz she says that he stares at her underwear and he tries to touch her buthole, I feel this is unnaceptable and mr stubbings should do something about this
By Employee - 16 Nov 2022, Rate: excellent
koby naiker is a npc and keeps belting me whenever i dont complete my work. He pushes me to do better but i dont want to otherwise he fiddles with me
By Employee - 07 Nov 2022, Rate: excellent
the comments of James Maravelias are false.
he is a good person
By Alumnus - 04 Nov 2022, Rate: excellent
lets us see if this is moderated
By Student - 04 Nov 2022, Rate: average
Students just don't care
By Employee - 03 Nov 2022, Rate: excellent
I love little kids
By Parent - 02 Nov 2022, Rate: excellent
stop coughing go to the doctor matthew
By Parent - 27 Oct 2022, Rate: excellent
my son James Maravelias is a complete book worm, he always cares about his grades being good and making sure students are okay but he hates bald people, especially David i always hear him talking about how David is his worst enemy and how he is going to bash him up on year 12 muck up day i am seriously worried about this situation and i dont know what he will do but i dont want David to get hurt so i think the teachers should be aware of this situation immediatly
Jose Gledhill
By Student - 11 Oct 2022, Rate: excellent
Ms Sikalias is the best teacher you could possibly get at this school. She actually cares for the students learning and well-being and makes class enjoyable for everyone.
By Student - 10 Oct 2022, Rate: bad
do not go to this school, the school is full of animals and is just full 0of bullies, especially James Maravelias, he has fiddled me and looks like a npc but dont be fooled he is the most dangerouse of them all he even pisses of teachers like Daniel leaver and billy. l. i am honestly so affraid.
By Parent - 14 Sep 2022, Rate: bad
this school is terrible, bullying runs rampant and the people who are doing it get nothing but a slap on the wrist. they protect the people doing it instead of the people experiencing it. do not send your kids here!
By Parent - 26 Aug 2022, Rate: excellent
I go rosehil as a parent i am very behind in my larning but i relly like huw the clasrom look like camp cabenz. This skoel tort mer 2 spell and profreed my work. It also definatly haz no droogs.
By Employee - 02 Jun 2022, Rate: excellent
my students turn me on, the school shouldn't have let in such attractive individuals....i thoroughly enjoy teaching my classes and learning more about my kids....
By Student - 23 Apr 2022, Rate: excellent
I got fiddled by Elisa Erichello and had a blast. 10/10 school in my opinion
By Parent - 24 Sep 2021, Rate: bad
My kid was heavily bullied by Harrison Aylward and in result to this I pulled him out of school. The teachers have done nothing about his and I am disgusted by the school and teachers
By Employee - 13 Aug 2021, Rate: excellent
Miss mortalaro gives some great head
By Employee - 21 Jul 2021, Rate: excellent
i really like this school becauss i am scared of coming to school everyday because my asma gets triggers everytime i go into a toilets
By Parent - 24 Jun 2021, Rate: poor
Worse school ever do yourself and your kid a favour don’t send them here a whole lot of bullying goes on and the teachers and principals don’t do jack about it save your kid from committing suicide and DONT SEND YOUR KID HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Alumnus - 22 Sep 2020, Rate: excellent
peter Rouse was a bully back in 2004. Don't think the vibe ever changed.
By Student - 03 Jan 2020, Rate: excellent
Being a new student at this school, I found this school excellent. If your one of them students who is willing to give the school a go, you'll be fine. People at the school have a tendency to speak badly about the teachers, particularly teachers who teach higher levels for subjects, such as mathematics and science. If the student behaves and goes to do their work instead of playing around and behaving poorly, then yes, they'll probably succeed.
By Alumnus - 18 Nov 2019, Rate: excellent
The teachers Mr Ford is horrible he can't even teach for shit and actually has asbergers it's shown. But the kids are average they can't do shit but the teachers are poor like hire new teachers that actually like to teach please
By Employee - 26 Aug 2019, Rate: excellent
as a teacher please do not send your children here
By Employee - 23 May 2019, Rate: bad
Mr Cole is miss mortallaros bitch he probably sucks her toes. And the new principal is a bloody wanker he is also a tightass he puts his kids his kids in rainbow skechers, which I completely understand because those kids are ugly af. -Stubbings
By Parent - 10 Oct 2018, Rate: excellent
Rosehilll is the most pretentious school!!!! They have children as teachers and really have noooooooo idea! How to teach.....they dilly dally make out that they care but have no substance and DONT follow through....Arthur Somalia’s Chelsea Giannino, And even Peter Rouse (yes the principal).......be very careful people think twice about enrolling your child to this place!
By Parent - 10 Oct 2018, Rate: excellent
Rosehilll is the most pretentious school!!!! They have children as teachers and have really have noooooooo idea! How to teach.....they dilly dally make out that they care but have no substance and DONT follow through....Arthur Somalia’s Chelsea Giannino, And even Peter Rouse (yes the principal).......be very careful people think twice about enrolling your child to this place!
By Student - 23 Feb 2018, Rate: excellent
I attend Rosehill myself, and it’s actually not as bad as most people say. Most teachers, coordinators and other school staff are actually very nice and friendly, and they don’t give you so much pressure. Most students there are very nice too. I’m actually a new student to Rosehill, I moved there on January 31st, when school started. Before, I used to go to Buckley Park, which is considered by most people to be “One Of The Best Schools In Melbourne,” where if you told a teacher that you couldn’t hand in an assignment because your laptop was seriously damaged, they wouldn’t give a shit, they would give you a detention straight away. And if you needed help with something and went to try ask teachers in B Block to help you, you wouldn’t find them there, so you know for a fact they left the school to enjoy their coffee, or anything else, because when you come back later, you still can’t find them. Rosehill is the complete opposite. Teachers understand you and are available to help you with anything most of the time. The school is great, I’ve been so happy at Rosehill for the past few weeks. However, there are few issues there with the school. Like, the canteen is a bit overpriced. When I was at Buckley Park, the noodles and sausage rolls and all costed only 1 or 2 dollars, however, at Rosehill, the noodles cost near 4 dollars, and the sausage rolls cost 5. Another issue with Rosehill is the drug use. At Buckley Park, students don’t actually smoke on school grounds or do any alcohol, but at Rosehill they do it. I haven’t seen anyone at Rosehill doing drugs yet, but some of my friends have seen it there and know about it. Some students do smoke, and do alcohol on school grounds, where there are no cameras. Rosehill has a lot of cameras at school, to make sure no one does anything dodgy, though students might find to do the drugs somewhere at school where teachers aren’t there to watch. And you can’t really blame the staff, because they secretly sneak it in, so that explains it. Despite the fact that the canteen is bit overpriced, compared to my previous school, and the drug use sometimes, the school is great. They also have a Maths/Science study group program to help students who are struggling a lot with Maths and Science, to get extra help from teachers on the study group, and to help them with any Maths or Science homework. There’s also the Afterschool Tuition Program, where after school, you get help from a teacher/tutor with any types of homework, English, Maths, Science, etc. Buckley Park doesn’t have any of those programs at their school, which is a bonus for Rosehill. I’m actually so glad I moved to Rosehill
By Student - 09 Oct 2017, Rate: bad
iam a student at rosehill secondary school, this school is very enjoyable but not whe it comes to learning. I am a year 9 student and it is so easy to get weed,coke,molly,pingers and alcohol this school is horrible and i am scared to come to school
By Parent - 27 Aug 2016, Rate: bad
Worsrt school ever care factor none have moved my child to a different school
By Parent - 14 Jul 2016, Rate: excellent
i love it
By Employee - 08 Mar 2016, Rate: bad
It seriously sucks
By Parent - 11 Sep 2015, Rate: excellent
Denchy is a beast
By Parent - 13 Aug 2015, Rate: excellent
kids love it
By Parent - 13 Aug 2015, Rate: excellent
great school. kids really enjoy it
By Student - 03 Jun 2015, Rate: excellent
By Parent - 17 Mar 2015, Rate: excellent
This school is the bomb.com. There is absolutely no drug use on the school oval and all children follow da rules. dey r relly gud at spelng 2, they have tort my child 2 learn da englis and mi child has edyookated me 2 lern da englis. thnx 2 roshil u gud ppl brah
By Parent - 01 Feb 2015, Rate: excellent
dis is halerious
By Parent - 01 Feb 2015, Rate: excellent
you are right
By Parent - 01 Feb 2015, Rate: excellent
you are a complete idiot this school is the best and provides the education my children need
By Parent - 18 Dec 2014, Rate: bad
the coordinator matt hoskings is a complete tightass, he spreads rumors about students and makes up lies as a parent ive witnessed it and am highly disappointed
I'm , rate this school

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