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Glen Eira College, Caulfield East

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School Reviews
By Parent - 13 Apr 2024, Rate: bad
My child comes home crying from all of the bullying
By Alumnus - 28 Mar 2024, Rate: bad
I have brain damage after getting beaten up at Glen Eira College
By Student - 16 Jan 2024, Rate: bad
Bullies are everywhere and the school does nothing about it
By Student - 16 Jan 2024, Rate: bad
Too many bullies
By Alumnus - 17 Nov 2023, Rate: bad
It seems nothing much has changed from years ago with bullying as rife as ever!
By Parent - 03 Sep 2023, Rate: bad
awful. my kid (currently in year 9 ) comes home every day with mental breakdowns. She doesn't even come out of the room the whole day. It ruined her well-being. Uterrlly, really. She is now depressed and is currently being homeschooled and in therapy. Do not send your child here.
By Parent - 15 Aug 2023, Rate: excellent
The leadership is toxic and rigid . The teachers are not interesting in supporting kids to learn. The cohort is bad and there is harassment and bullying . I don’t recommend it
By Parent - 15 Aug 2023, Rate: poor
my daughter goes to this school and she has given me very negative feedback about it. All the teachers cant teach properly, such strict rules about minor things, unhelpful behaviour meetings and so on. I am very unimpressed with this school and i will not be sending my daughter here next year !
By Student - 15 Aug 2023, Rate: bad
I went to this school and it ruined my life completely. every teacher is a pain in the ass and they do nothing but punish you for something pointless. Honestly get your act together other wise it's no point teaching there. This school ruined 2 years of my life and did the school fix anything? hell na they didn't get your act together Glen Eria and stop being lazy.
By Parent - 15 May 2023, Rate: excellent
My son came to this school with the intention of learning,making friends and having fun. He killed himself last june. His note only had one word.
By Student - 15 May 2023, Rate: excellent
lost my virginity in the elevator first day of year 7
By Parent - 29 Mar 2023, Rate: bad
Honestly this school is terrible, it is one teacher which is ruining it for all, Ms Maniartis, both my kids think she is absolutely terrible and have nightmares about her, one had to get therapy to help with their anxiety which Ms Maniartis called "stupid" and that "everybody gets nervous"
By Student - 10 Mar 2023, Rate: bad
This school is at the peak awful. And the majority of its downfall comes from a select few staff members. There has been several instances where punishment has been far more severe than necessary,and verbal abuse. In particular there is a staff member named mary maniatis an evil woman who should not be teaching. not only does she continuously verbally barrage many students she is harsh and mean and should be properly dealt with.
By Parent - 14 Feb 2023, Rate: bad
I spent thousands of dollars on this school and my kids didn't learn anything they were only in bad car accidents twice that gave them brain damage they shouldn't be this uneducated at 20 years old I think this school should be shut down!!!! My kids needed to go back too kindergarten because this school and all the teachers blamed it on the car accidents it was only two accidents and a little brain damage!! I'm starting a petition to shut down this school!!!! (email me at elizawindsor@gmail.com.au)
By Student - 19 May 2022, Rate: good
Canteen prices way too high lipton tea is $4.50!!
By Student - 22 Jul 2020, Rate: excellent
First Day of school at Glen Eira I was offered weed and Xanax
By Parent - 10 Sep 2019, Rate: average
A reasonable school. Facilities are ok, and teachers move the kids along. Just be aware that as a public school, the kids need constant follow-up and oversight of their work (by parents) including some potential extra tutoring. Otherwise, it is so easy for kids to slip through the cracks and fall behind.
By Parent - 29 Jan 2019, Rate: excellent
Excellent!!! My kids are so happy here.
By Parent - 20 Mar 2018, Rate: excellent
on the bright side this school is good because most of the teacher help my kids to learn and there is homework help to improve my kids learning keep it up
By Parent - 20 Mar 2018, Rate: bad
This school need improvement because my kids didn't learn any thing at the past please actually teach rather sitting down and get paid thank you i hope you don't hired lazy teacher
By Parent - 09 Nov 2017, Rate: excellent
I have one child here who has thrived. Only criticism in the Hebrew language group needs a new leader urgently
By Parent - 29 Apr 2016, Rate: good
Very happy with this school. Kids a lovely, most teachers are good my only criticism is not enough regular homework. In order to improve academic achievements they have to be consistent with setting homework and more of it.
By Student - 10 Dec 2015, Rate: bad
I am a bright student that honestly hates this school, it has taught me nothing and the teachers are so awful and rude, they lie and cannot be trusted, I suggest that if u even have a thought to send your child to this school think again.
By Parent - 16 Sep 2015, Rate: bad
This is the worst school in the area they can only cause lot,s of trouble for your child and you by creating stupid behaviour meetings in the middle of the day
By Student - 30 May 2015, Rate: bad
the school has bad facilities, the teachers are rude and careless, the school itself is discusting, the facilities are awful and it is just an unsafe environment.
By Parent - 07 Nov 2013, Rate: average
I thought this school was one of the top 40 schools of Mewlbourne
I'm , rate this school

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