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St Aloysius College, North Melbourne
School Reviews
By Student - 12 May 2022, Rate: average
care about uniforms too much and the school's image.
By Student - 26 Oct 2021, Rate: bad
This school pretends so hard to care when they dont and only do it to upkeep appearances, I'm so sad to have spent years and time and money at this school
biggest waste of money
Honestly just save your money and happiness and go to another school.
and dont read these lies of reviews saying this school is good
By Employee - 28 Jul 2021, Rate: excellent
I have worked at St Aloysius College for six months now and can hand-on-heart say that it is by far the healthiest working environment I have experienced. Leadership is supportive, genuine and provides clear direction and communication. The students are respected as individuals, known by their teachers and really do strive to do their best.
By Parent - 17 Mar 2021, Rate: average
I’ve read all these reviews above and it sounds like the school probably needs a fresh start with completely new leadership Team given the intake of boys from 2023. I believe that StA needs to rebuild the reputation and parents of prospective students need to see the work in progress before they can decide if this is the right school for their Son/Daughter.
Toxic environments do start from the top, and I believe you need to get the leadership right before things can improve.
By Parent - 01 Jan 2021, Rate: excellent
An amazing school with amazing staff. My daughter loves the school. The school strives for excellence and the staff and principal are incredibly caring and helpful.
By Student - 17 Sep 2020, Rate: bad
bruh this school is so bad literally don’t listen to the lying reviews saying it’s “excellent”
only thing it excels in is adding more reasons to why i should just end my miserable existence
By Student - 17 Sep 2020, Rate: poor
After almost 4 years at this school, it becomes clearer and clearer how much this school is just a orgy of teachers patting themselves on the back and making the school look good. This comment section is doing the exact same thing. To all the parents on here leaving rave reviews, stop being selfish. You have never attended this school and you never will, so don't overlook all the obvious shortcomings of the school and send your daughter somewhere she will actually be happy. Go have your circle jerk under some other school's name. I pity the people who really believe this school has redeeming qualities, because you are falling into the trap that the teachers and principal have set for people like you that this school is such a warm, supportive environment.
The school tries so hard to appear prestigious and have the students look pretty than focusing on the actual learning. This is the attitude many teachers take with their class, in that they don't actually care about what the kids are taking into their brains but instead how they conform to the schools standard of intelligence and produce results for them. It's extremely frustrating and discouraging to see your hard work be neglected and ignored, which just kills your motivation to do anything. Many of my friends feel the same way. So many people get eaten up by stress and the school has no sense of community when you pass year 8. The school utterly fails to mend this. I would not recommend this sad school to anyone, and I'm sorry if you're reading this as a student. It should be obvious enough to anyone that the school should be avoided at all costs if the only way students can bond is over the complete misery they are put under because of this school.
By Student - 17 Sep 2020, Rate: bad
This school is so bad. I don't even know why parents who have never personally been here are even speaking. What would you know, no offence.
Anyways, teachers don't actually care this is very obvious in their attitude towards helping us. School only cares about outwards appearances and if you are unfortunate enough to be fooled by that. Then this is your last chance to pick another school. There are some reviews saying "the good outweighs the bad" But why even settle for that in the first place. Why risk your daughter hating the school and life for "good" that isn't even evident let alone worth coming here for.
I think I am very clear but if you need further convincing there are articles about the current principal bullying teachers literally just look up "Mary Farah st aloysius bullying" and you'll see everything.
This school isn't what it seems don't risk it.
By Student - 10 Sep 2020, Rate: excellent
Hello, I am a current Year 12 student at St. Aloysius College.
I have been attending this cozy city school since Year 7, and I have had a rather mixed, mostly positive, experience. I have recieved so many wonderful opportunities - scholarships, leadership roles, co-curriculars - that I am very grateful for, but have also experienced negatives too - such as bad apple teachers and hurtful gossip.
Yet, whilst I read some of the overtly negative reviews of this school, I can't help but feel that St Al's deserves more credit for all of its wonderful aspects it brings. A few bad experiences should not ruin such an underrated school filled with hard-working teachers that consistently have your best intentions in mind.
I have not had the same feel-good 'we are all one big family' experience as many of my Year 12 peers claim to have on this site, as well as in-person. Unfortunately, below the surface, there is fakeness and exclusion that myself and many others have personally experienced. However, the reality is that you are simply going to find this at any high school - specifically small, all-girls schools like St Als. Considering the fact that St Al's girls are so well behaved in comparison to all other schools I know of, the catiness is a price that I would certainly pay to recieve the plethora of opportunities and high quality of learning considering the reasonable fees.
I do not feel a connection with the majority of my peers, and I feel that the school could go to longer efforts to unite the students through specialised clubs and commit to social justice causes that we as young people are passionate about. However, the school provides us with ample opportunity to commit to our studies - such as providing study spaces at lunch - that make going to school a little less stressful.
The absolute best thing about St Als are the selfless, dedicated teachers that are not only incredibly good at what they do, but treat you as equals and support you in both your studies and as an individual. The majority of the VCE teachers go to endless lengths to ensure that you feel confident in your studies, as long as you maintain good communication with them - as you would with any relationship. Every single one of my teachers at this current point do everything within their power for their students around the clock to meet deadlines, maximise their students' success through creating, purchasing and distributing additional resources, and making the classroom environment a place where learning is both engaging and fun. My teachers actively create a welcoming, fun community of like-minded students that has helped me to make some great friends in my final year of high school. The small size of the classes not only enable great discussions to occur, but also maximise the time your teacher spends with you for questions and feedback. My Year 12 teachers are like friends to me, and they have truly helped me get through this tough year.
Another great thing about St Als is the incredible opportunities for all students regardless of their strengths. From the incredible annual Musical Productions that I have been a cast member in for the majority of my high school life, to the opportunities in STEM and science, there is something for everyone at St Als. Some of my favorite memories from high school are my experiences in Debate Club, excursions in my Studio Arts class, and participation in extra-curriculars such as the 'Moot' Court Competition, of which we were runners-up to Haileybury College.
If St Aloysius is a potential high-school of choice for your daughter, here are some things to consider;
The school is very small - both in terms of the number of students, as well as the campus.
Due to the small size, the range of subjects is not as varied as other schools. However, there are enough subjects to have a varied selection - from arts, to languages, to science.
The location is extremely close to public transport - trams, buses and trains.
There are several opportunities to pursue sport - such as SCSA Competitions, Althletics and Sports carnivals - the cohort is not as enthusiastic as they used to be.
Uniform policy is very strict. Make of this what you like - many younger students complain that this is "all the school cares about", but as a senior student, I understand that this creates unity within the cohort and is quite a lovely uniform.
During the recent COVID-19 lockdown, St Als has handled the stressful situation in the most professional, calm and organised manner. Online classes are well-structured and content is delivered as closely as it would be in the classroom. Teachers go to extra lengths to ensure students are taken care of - including several effective support networks. The school has arranged for us to get back on campus as quickly and as safely as possible, and during periods where students were at school, social distancing, compulsory masks and sanitisation was implemented as much as possible.
As a student that has attended the school for almost 7 years now, if you are able to see that the good outweighs the bad at the school, St Aloysius should be considered as an option for your daughter. Sure there may be aspects about the school that many others complain about, but I truly think that the good outweighs the bad. For the reasonable fees - including opportunity for a partial/full scholarship for years 9-12 - the school's academic performance is really good (see the 2019 VCE results, it's pretty impressive!) For a small all-girls school, the opportunities are really amazing and I am so grateful that the school has granted them to myself and many others.
By Parent - 21 May 2020, Rate: excellent
My daughter is in Year 12 at the school. I have been absolutely thrilled about the way in which St Aloysius has nurtured, challenged and supported my'not so little' little girl through some difficult periods.
She settled in well at the start of her journey in Year 8, has made really genuine and great friends, has teachers that she works hard for, is always interested in STEM and arts, and is becoming a fine young woman. Well.. most of the time.
The Senior Staff of the school leadership are kind, thoughtful, interested and connected. It really is a place you should see for yourself to believe.
Now that we're coming back from the Coronavirus, my daughter is even excited to be heading back to school - to be with her friends and the teachers that she cares so much about before they all move on to the next stage of their adventure.
Thankyou to Miss Farah and the St Aloysius staff - you have made this time in our lives full of joy, compassion and constant improvement. We couldnt have hoped for more.
By Parent - 19 May 2020, Rate: excellent
My daughter is in Year 10 at St Aloysius, and has been at the school for a few years now.
I truly believe that this school is a hidden gem in Melbourne.
Sorry to get down to numbers and prices.. but the value for money is excellent. We have family friends at much more expensive schools, and I'm honestly not sure what the difference is. Maybe fancier gardens? Glossier marketing materials?
The attention that our daughter receives from her teachers is extraordinary. I asked the STEM director whether he realises how much St Aloysius punches above its weight with VCE scores compared to higher fee schools. He told me that the girls are given everything they need to succeed at every level - but it is the attitude of the girls, the staff and teachers that makes all the difference.
I don't think you'll find better education for your money in the State.
Somehow the School administration manages to not only provide elite teaching staff, but continuously upgrade and improve the facilities. Each year, my daughter has been in new classrooms, that are being tweaked, revised and reviewed.
I saw that every single girl has her photo up in the Hall, which I didnt know about. A small thing, I guess, but What a beautiful idea.. contributing to the feeling of being part of something bigger - being known and being seen.
It was a small piece of good luck that we chose St Aloysius; largely it was what we could afford at the time - but I'm endlessly grateful the way that the chips have landed.
By Student - 18 May 2020, Rate: excellent
Im in Year 12 at St Aloysius... and have been here from year 7. As part of the Stay at Home time, Ive been thinking about my time at the School as it draws to an end.
I remember the slow and careful transition program from Primary School as being so helpful in helping me find my feet at High School. I have friends that went to other schools and the transition program was just an Orientation Day or morning. Here, it was a heap of days over a couple of weeks.. I knew a group of girls before my first day, and even enough of the teachers for me to feel safe and like they knew who i was.
As the time has rolled by, Ive had so many beautiful times and memories. Normal stuff like Sports Days and Swimming Carnivals, but unbelievable stuff like school musicals, camps and all the adventures along the way.
This is a kind, loving environment and I would never want to be anywhere else.
As my time starts to come to a close, i reflect on how proud I am of being a St Als girl, how much I love the place and how much it has meant to me. Thank you to the teachers and the girls who have helped me along the way.. I know I am who I am because of the effort and love you have shown me every step of the way.
By Student - 15 May 2020, Rate: bad
‼️‼️read this before coming here‼️‼️‼️
don’t review this school unless you’re actually there, I’m sorry you may say that your daughter “loves this school” i’m sure my mum thinks the same. This school is horrible i wouldnt be surprised if “Miss Farah” typed all these “excellent reviews” herself to cover up all the bad ones when you scroll further to the bottom. IF U HAVE THE CHANCE DO NOT SEND YOUR DAUGHTER TO THIS SCHOOL. there’s so many things this school does wrong it actually amazes me. When the year seven high school novelty wore off I realised the reality I was in, or rather the hell I was enrolled in. Staff are negligent, when you truly need them they do not care! So many people I know (myself included) have broken down at school because the lack of support or care of student in this school is horrible. I am not of a minority race so I am not bias when I say that there is obvious racism in this school if you look further which Farah is so careful to cover up. This school is truly amazing at covering up its hideous reality even fooled myself and my mother during the tour, this school isn’t even worth 20 mins of your time let alone 6 years and thousands of dollars. I would be offended to be Aloysius Gonzaga and have this monstrosity of a “mercy school” named after me.
By Parent - 04 May 2020, Rate: excellent
The positive energy, hard work and dedication coming from the College during the incredibly difficult time of COVID19 has been beautiful.
Although my daughter is apart from the School she loves, her friends and her teachers, somehow the School seems to be closer than ever. Online learning, podcasts, videos, newsletters all reinforce a feeling of togetherness during an otherwise very isolating time. Thankyou to St Aloysius for the care, kindness and compassion you have so carefully mixed with continuing striving for academic excellence and community support. Thankyou Ms Farah for all that you are doing during this most difficult of times. As you say in your video message, we will all be better for this experience, and we will be back together (for real!) very soon.
By Parent - 17 Apr 2020, Rate: excellent
* I am impressed with the patience, proactivity and hard work the teachers have done.
By Parent - 14 Apr 2020, Rate: excellent
Overall, well done to St Aloysius for being so progressive in these difficult and uncertain times. I have such huge praise and new awareness of the skill and commitment of teachers, the staff, the administration and above all Ms Farah for the efforts they have put in to make it all happen. Good job everyone.
By Parent - 06 Apr 2020, Rate: excellent
Congratulations and gratitude to the staff and the entire team at St Als for so quickly putting up a comprehensive school program which has evolved with the girls during such an uncertain time of our lives. It has been lovely to watch the kindness, efficiency and work ethic that the teachers are leading with.
By Parent - 06 Apr 2020, Rate: excellent
The effort, skill and persistent organisation behind St Aloysius’ online learning has been far beyond my expectations. We are extremely grateful. Our daughter has been so efficiently and effectively set up, our household has been able to continue our focus on looking after each other and helping others in our extended family and local community who need our assistance.
By Student - 30 Mar 2020, Rate: excellent
We're in school holidays in the middle of the Corona-virus shut down.. and I miss my St Al's girls. The school has done the most wonderful job of keeping us safe and calm and protected. I loved my school before all of this mess.
It gave me a place to feel special.. to feel talented.. to feel important and to feel connected. Since we've been on lockdown from the School.. not only have they made me feel connected and safe and loved from home, its made me realise exactly what a beautiful second home it was.
I can't wait to be back at school.. OMG.. i cant believe im saying that.. to hear the beautiful Ms Farah's encouraging and inspiring chirps and motivation.. to listen to my teachers urging us every day to do our best.. to love my friends as we natter about the details of our lives and practise our TikTok dances.
It really is the most wonderful school and I wanted to join the chorus of people who are singing its praises.
I love you and I miss you St Aloysius.
Mwah xxo
By Parent - 26 Mar 2020, Rate: excellent
In these difficult times, it is such a relief to know that my daughter’s school is calmly, steadily moving to support her learning and education:
We’re big believers in community, social justice and kindness.. but we want excellent results too.
St Aloysius delivers every one if these things at a really challenging point of history.
We highly recommend the school, it’s staff and the principal. I think you learn a lot about an organization in difficult times - and we have learned that St Aloysius is world class.
Thanks to the school for being exactly what we need at this very difficult time.
By Parent - 24 Mar 2020, Rate: excellent
Just wanted to say thankyou, thankyou, thankyou to Mary Farah, the staff and the teachers for setting up and organising the online learning system so quickly. I’ve been eavesdropping to my Year 7 and Year 9 in their classes today and the teachers have done a fantastic job keeping them all paying attention, interested and on track. Have me some peace of mind and room to breathe too. You guys are the absolute best. Thankyou Ms Farah.
By Parent - 24 Mar 2020, Rate: excellent
St Aloysius is excellent. Mary Farah and her team have created a superb environment. Even in this frightening Coronavirus time, my daughter is connected, learning well, stimulated by the school and although is operating from home, seems happy, safe and inspired.
The teachers are being careful to support the girls’ mental health during this difficult time.. so much so that it is improving my family mental health.
If you have a daughter, send her to St Aloysius. You will be so glad that you did.
By Parent - 19 Mar 2020, Rate: excellent
St Aloysius has been named the best performing inner city all girls school. As a parent, I am so proud of this superb effort.
Wonderful teachers, an excellent Principal in Mary Farah, the school has such a lovely spirit, and now receiving the rewards that it so richly deserves. Well done Mrs Farah, this school is headed in exactly the right direction and we are all right behind you.
By Parent - 19 Mar 2020, Rate: excellent
My daughter is a Senior student at St Aloysius.. the way the school has responded to the Coronavirus has been exceptional.
Calm, respectful, careful but never panicked.
The College has been so careful to keep us in the loop at all times and I have complete faith that my daughter is safe and calm.
Today she started a remote learning trial with the school and it was such a joy to watch how she engaged with her classes, the way she was contributing and connected. I was so impressed.
Well done St Aloysius for using every bit of careful ingenuity to maximise our girls' opportunities and potential. Best decision I ever made.
By Parent - 10 Mar 2020, Rate: excellent
My daughter is in Year 7 at St Aloysius. The School has been everything that I could have hoped for, right from the very beginning.
In fact, from about the middle of last year, the school has been spectacular.
Many other families from our Primary School went to other schools closer to where we live - but the care and interest in our daughter’s transition has been first class.
The transition from Year 6 to the early weeks it High School in Year 7 was so well thought out, measured and considerate - my daughter has hit the ground running in High School better than I ever hoped.
She arrived at school on Day one with friends, familiar faces, teachers that she knew and that knew her, and a bright, interested Principal that immediately cared for the progress my daughter was making - and I can’t think of any way that they would have made this process any easier or more delightful.
By Student - 08 Mar 2020, Rate: excellent
Ms Farah has been the Principal of St Aloysius for my entire time at High School. I'm in Year 12.. so Ive had a really long experience with her. She is without doubt the most positive, inspiring and energetic person I have ever seen.
Every day I see her make a positive difference to everyone she speaks with. Over the years she has lifted the whole vibe of the school - and made a massive impact on the facilities of the place as well. Every class is bright, every girl is believing in herself. The pictures of every student in the Hall reminds me every week of what a beautiful School i go to.
Its my last year at School.. I feel ready and capable of taking on the world and making a difference - and I know just how lucky I am to have come to St Aloysius.
By Parent - 03 Mar 2020, Rate: excellent

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful Talk & Tour this morning. My father in law spoke very highly of Mary on the weekend so it was lovely to listen to her presentation and put a face to a name. It was also great to hear from the other school leaders and be given such a detailed tour of the school.
Thank you for giving up part of your day.
By Student - 03 Mar 2020, Rate: excellent
I’m a year 12 at St Aloysius in North Melbourne.
I started at this school at the beginning of Year 7, and it has supported, nurtured and challenged me in just about every way.
The endless opportunities we are offered, the small number of students, the close connections with all of the teachers - not just those that teach me directly, the extra curricular clubs, the student empowerment, the beautiful friends, the effort from the teachers is all incredible.
I am a proud St Aloysius girl, and I love my school.. and I want to make a shout out to the Principal, Miss Farah.
She has been Principal for my entire High School journey. She is always, ALWAYS encouraging, inspiring, connected, patients attention and leading each of us to get the most out of ourselves.
I came from a small primary school.. so I thought I knew what it meant to be from a close community. But what we have at this School blows that out of the water.
I love it here.
By Parent - 03 Mar 2020, Rate: excellent
I live in Yarraville and have been tossing up a few options for my Year 5 daughter.. and what school to send her to from Year 7.
This morning was the School’s Open Day, and the tossing up is finished.
With my daughter we toured the facilities and the grounds and listened to a presentation from the Principal (who was gorgeous!), the school psychologist (who was delightful!) the school innovation and learning - or something - chap (who was inspiring!), the deputy principal (who took us on the tour (she was AMAZING, patient, kind and so helpful) and the school community manager (who was a delightful ball of positive energy).
Inside the gates of the school, this place bursts with creativity, well designed spaces, enthusiastic students doing everything from maths, science, arts, design, film, pastoral care, musical theatre, Japanese... my goodness I can’t even remember all of the things.
I was really surprised by how well they use the space, the community partnerships, the warmth between the staff, the teachers and students.. and the VIBRANT, CREATIVE, COLLABORATIVE way in which this School operates.
I took an enrollment form and will be locking this down immediately.
Just, YES.
By Parent - 03 Mar 2020, Rate: excellent
I just did the St Aloysius “Talk and Tour”.. listening to the staff and Principal of the School explain the values, programs and approach.. and then a tour of the facilities.
That is a seriously lovely school that I am definitely enrolling my daughter.
We heard presentations about well being, community spirit, transition programs from Year 6, camps, music programs, art, performance. The tour reinforced absolutely everything that was said.
Bright, airy, modern spaces; beautiful areas for girls to relax, shared spaces, quiet rooms for study and reflection.. I was stunned by what they’ve pulled together in such a small space.
The way the staff worked together, the cheery, open attitude of the girls and teachers was remarkable.
I cannot express how impressed I was by this place.
DEFINITELY get on one of these tours if you have a daughter in year 5 or year 6. This is a hidden gem.
By Alumnus - 26 Feb 2020, Rate: bad
The Current principal of St. Al's should have been sacked and exposed as a total bully at the end of 2013. Mary Farah was taken to the Fair Work Commission by Susan Purcell and was found guilty of Bullying behaviour towards this staff member. Many thanks to my past teacher Ms. Purcell for having the courage to take such action. Since then I have learnt that she also bullied many other staff members. A long list of staff left....every year level co ordinator, most heads of depts....The list of great teachers who resigned because they were either bullied or unable to work with Mary goes on and on. As far as I and many other Alumne are concerned she belongs in the same shame bag as Steven Russell and all of those others in Catholic Ed. who put reputation etc before true care for both staff and students.
By Parent - 18 Feb 2020, Rate: excellent
I sent my daughter off to camp this morning.. the Year 7s are off to Torquay. Probably not a big deal for most, but for my daughter, it’s a huge deal. She has, I think, a moderate and reasonably normal anxiety around social events and how she is perceived by her friends and those around her.
St Aloysius has been so remarkable for her, even in such a small period of time, that she was (almost) completely anxiety free around going on the camp.
I couldn’t believe it.
She’s been so warmly welcomed by all of her teachers, and the environment seems to have created or found a lovely group of girls that is kind, friendly and supportive.
I think I was far more nervous about this camp than she was! I can’t wait to hear all about the stories and adventures they have, and I’m so optimistic about my daughter’s future now that she seems to have found a safe place that she can be nurtured and that she can believe in.
By Employee - 18 Feb 2020, Rate: excellent
Yesterday the Principal organised Dr Conrad Hughes to St Aloysius College.
Conrad is the Principal of the oldest international school in the world, is also a member of the advisory board for the University of the People and a senior fellow of UNESCO's International Bureau of Education and
he led the publication of Guiding Principles for Learning in the 21st Century with UNESCO.
At both an afternoon workshop with staff, and at the whole staff meeting following the conclusion of the day, Conrad spoke with intelligence and passion about the exciting curriculum developments occurring at the International School of Geneva.
This kind of opportunity, as a staff member, was excellent. This place is always looking to improve, learn, stimulate and develop.. all in the interests of the students.
Great place.
By Parent - 18 Feb 2020, Rate: excellent
My husband and I were very impressed. As a former student, I wish I had some of the opportunities you are offering my daughter.
We look forward to coming back to you shortly, and bringing my daughter in for a tour.
By Alumnus - 16 Feb 2020, Rate: excellent
Came to leave a positive review of the school.. and spent the past 10 minutes reading through all the lovely reviews.. and it has proven to me more than ever that I went to one of the best Schools in Melbourne.
We may be small, but we are connected, powerful, positive and strong.. and only getting stronger.
I’m so very proud to be from St Aloysius.. i wish all the girls and their families a wonderful journey, and I’ll always look back on my time at the School with gratitude and humility.
Go go St Aloysius!
By Parent - 14 Feb 2020, Rate: excellent
My daughter is in Year 12 this year, and I must say that the journey has been wonderful so far.
Today, she came home talking about the lunch that she had with the Principal, Mrs Farah.
Apparently the entire 12B had lunch with Mrs Farah, talking about their ideas, plans, hopes and experiences, and she absolutely loved it.
St Aloysius is such an inclusive, welcoming place, and it never ceases to impress me as to how the school and Mrs Farah find ways to engage with the students and make them feel at home, and part of the decision making process.
She was an anxious girl in her younger years, and to imagine that she was sitting with the Principal of her School, chatting away about ideas and opportunities - just make my heart happy.
Thankyou so much Mrs Farah for always opening the doors to your office, to taking the input of the girls seriously and for guiding the community in such a positive way.
This is a great place to have your daughter grow - whether or not she is a great academic success or just working on her own terms to be the best she can be.
Thankyou all.
By Parent - 13 Feb 2020, Rate: excellent

I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks for my appointment with Mary today. She is such a wonderful Principal!
I had such a dry throat when I went into the meeting, it was a bit embarrassing. But the main thing was that Mary was able to have a conversation with my little girl.
I was thrilled with the school and wholeheartedly adore the values and direction the school is taking. The tour was great.
Additionally was delighted that an offer is being extended to my daughter.
By Parent - 11 Feb 2020, Rate: excellent
The High Achievers assembly on Monday was spectacular. Celebrating all the wonderful achievements of the class of 2019 was a beautiful occasion.. but also.. enormously inspiring!
How well our girls did in 2019.. the way that they worked together, supported each other and supported the Saint Aloysius community.. I just was gobsmacked.
The girl that was the guest speaker .. I think her name was Jess from the Saint Aloysius Class of 2017 was just remarkable. Not only did she entertain the audience, but the girls, staff and parents seemed inspired and glued to her as well!!
What a School we have here.. where the girls inspire each other.. and the result just cascades to the younger generations.
I thought the Principal Ms Farah was just lovely as well.
You can hear and see the affection she has for each of the girls.. not only the ones that achieved such incredible results.. but for all the girls - as they each aspired to their personal best.
She is a special leader and this School is really going places.
Thankyou to all the beautiful staff, the wonderful girls and to Ms Farah.. my daughter has a superb platform to reach out to the broader world.. and I’m so hopeful of what her and her friends can achieve with that base that you have so lovingly prepared with her.
Go St Aloysius.. we love you.
By Parent - 07 Feb 2020, Rate: excellent
Attended the St Aloysius Year 7 parent information night last night.. so many opportunities and dedicated teachers on show.! We really got an inside look into the school that we’ll call ours for the next 5 years.. and I am over the moon.
No question was ignored, no fear was left unanswered, and the sheer scale of opportunities that are available to my girl is mind blowing.
Nothing like what I had, and I’m a little blown away by what we have access to.
The other schools we looked at were far more expensive - and I can’t imagine that we could be offered more than what came our way last night.
I’m honestly blown away by the commitment of the school, the care they seem to have for each family and each student was so obvious.
Thankyou to the staff for a wonderfully comforting and informative night.
They said that the girls get out of St Aloysius what they put in.. I for one will make sure that my family takes full advantage of the wonderful opportunity that is in front of us.
Thankyou all.
By Alumnus - 06 Feb 2020, Rate: excellent
St Aloysius is a fabulous, fabulous school.
I just had drinks with a big group of St Als girls.. and we all realised what a positive, inspiring, monumental school we were part of.
Love the school.. love the impact it made on me.. and i'll always be a St Aloysius girl.
By Parent - 05 Feb 2020, Rate: excellent
I’m relatively new to the School.. but I can categorically tell you that this place has the most wonderful community and School spirit.
We’re only a week in to 2020 and I have seen at least 15 truly heartwarming expressions of kindness, community, peer support and genuine expressions of happiness and joy.
Retreats, formals, social gatherings, assemblies, returning students all have the ring to them of a family.. and it’s lovely to watch.
But yesterday, wow.. the way the Year 11 students had a session on community spirit building, basically encouraging the students to find new ways to connect with each other; and the room was electric.
This is a school with a strong sense of itself, girls with a strong commitment to creating a harmonious environment, and staff completely dedicated to building on the strengths.
This is the kind of school you want to send your daughter to.
I’m so proud to be a part of such a strong, vibrant and caring Christian community.
By Parent - 04 Feb 2020, Rate: excellent
Today was the St Aloysius Swimming Carnival.. and it was such a superb event.. so bright, lovely, colourful, encouraging - not to mention loud.
I loved it so much that I felt compelled to write about it here.
Some of the girls were extraordinary athletes, and the crowd cheered them on, some struggled every metre - and they were cheered on just as much.
It just summed up so much about this school.
Some girls are excellent - and they’re supported and encouraged to take on the best in the world.. those that struggle feel safe and supported enough to give anything and everything a go.
Everyone and everything seems to be geared towards trying your best - whatever that looks like.. and the wholehearted support of team mates and each other.
It was a delight to watch and be a part of.
By Parent - 02 Feb 2020, Rate: excellent
My daughter and all of her friends attended the St Aloysius formal over the weekend.
I’ve watched these girls grow in stature, confidence, social skills and maturity over the years.. and this glorious event was the most amazing expression of all of that.
These are confident, kind hearted, self aware, supportive young women.. fully aware of their capacity to achieve their dreams.
I am certain that this is in no small part because of the fantastic education our girls receive at St Aloysius.
I saw no catty-ness, no arrogance - just spectacular young women looking to support each other and enjoy each other’s company.
I’m proud to be a St Aloysius mum, and grateful for the way that these girls are growing into wonderful young women.
Thankyou St Aloysius for all that you do, and all that you continue to do for you our girls.
By Parent - 02 Feb 2020, Rate: excellent
My daughter is in the St Aloysius class of 2020.
She got home from the Year 12 retreat.. and I was once again reminded of what a beautiful school this is.
She truly is loved, cared for, inspired, challenged and supported.
This is an enormous year for her, and our family. I’m nervous, but supremely confident that this school will help her create a special outcome for herself, her friends and the whole class of 2020.
Thankyou St Aloysius for being exactly the school that we wanted for our baby girl.
By Employee - 31 Jan 2020, Rate: excellent
I’ve been with St Aloysius for a while now.. and I can absolutely, categorically, 100% inform you that there is no better option for educating girls in Melbourne - let alone at such a reasonable price than what this School offers.
In fact, in my opinion, the service, attention to detail, wholistic approach to education for the relatively low fees that get charged.. it is almost unbelievable.
If you are within reasonable (or even slightly unreasonable) reach of this school.. I thoroughly recommend checking it out.
The girls are magnificent, the teachers are inspired, the Principal is spectacular .. I cannot speak highly enough of St Aloysius as a place to work, learn or partner in your child’s growth and development. I do this anonymously.. and with no fear or favour.
Seriously.. do yourself a high quality turn and book a tour.. you won’t regret it.
By Parent - 30 Jan 2020, Rate: excellent
Today was the first day of Year 7 at St Aloysius.. and the vibe was so positive, enthusiastic, caring and safe. I have been very confident in my choice of schools, and today was even more lovely than what I expected.
This is a place for my daughter to thrive.. and I’m very optimistic.
Thankyou to all the staff for such an inclusive, inspiring and upbeat morning.
My little girl is in safe hands.
By Alumnus - 29 Jan 2020, Rate: excellent
I very recently finished my VCE at St Aloysius.
Whilst I’m so excited to move on to the next steps and challenges in my life.. it is with great sadness that I leave the safe spaces of St Aloysius.
I know that I will always be welcome back.. but there is such a whole in my heart to know that my days as a St Als girl is over.
The school was wonderful for me.
I grew in confidence, my skills were carefully grown, we were taught social justice and ethics that I will carry me through my life.
I just know that the friends that I made at St Aloysius will be close to me for my whole life.
The teachers were AMAZING.. always there for me when I needed anything.
It was a sacrifice for my parents to send me to this wonderful school and I will always be grateful that they did.
I feel as if the world really is now my oyster.. my school prepared me well for the challenges of the world that I will move into and hope to improve.
I hope that I left the School better than we found it... and I encourage all of the students of St Aloysius to really grab every opportunity that the school offers you. It is by being a part of everything that you can that you really get the most out of your precious time at the school.
Because, although it is hard to imagine sometimes.. it really does come to an end, and you’ll need to move on. Grab every moment with every bit of strength you have.. it really is the best time of your life.
Thankyou so much to the whole school, the staff, teachers, the amazing girls for making my time at High school such a rewarding one.
By Student - 28 Jan 2020, Rate: excellent
I’m a student at St Aloysius, heading back to school for the 2020 year.
I’m proud of my roots in North Melbourne and I’m looking forward to making a difference in the world that I’m growing into.
St Aloysius makes me feel valued, worthwhile and important .. and I understand that I have much to give back to the community that supports me.
I love maths and science.. but I also feel nurtured in creative spaces like art, IT and leadership.
I’m a proud St Als girl; and I’m looking forward to all that we can achieve together in 2020.
See you tomorrow, girls!
By Parent - 28 Jan 2020, Rate: excellent
Back to school tomorrow and I couldn’t be more pleased with my choice of schools for my daughter.
St Aloysius is an excellent school.
It’s a sacrifice to send your daughter to any non public school.. but St Aloysius delivers spectacular results.
So much so, it makes me question why anyone would spend $10,000 - $20,000 PER YEAR more than here.
The VCE results are excellent, the kids are happy, confident and creative, the staff are fun, smart and savvy, the community is kind and caring .. seriously... I feel blessed to have such a school within easy reach.
Can’t wait for 2020 to roll on.. this school is perfect for my daughter and I’m looking forward to seeing what opportunities unfold for us all this year.
By Parent - 25 Jan 2020, Rate: excellent
St Aloysius is a small all girls school in North Melbourne, tucked away in a suburban area very close to the Melbourne CBD.
The school has a small close-knit community, the teachers are supportive and intelligent and seem to have the best interest of the girls at heart.
The Principal is Mrs Farah, and she is bright, happy, kind and welcoming.
The School has been excellent to us - always prompt, genuine and caring.
My daughter is very happy, has excellent friends and very good teachers who encourage her always to do her best.
The communuication between the staff and my family is always clear, friendly and they are always open to communicate. It seems to be a very open, two way communication, which keeps us in the loop of what our daughter is doing, how she is succeeding and where she could do better.
This is an excellent school and I'm very happy to be a part of its community.
By Parent - 23 Jan 2020, Rate: excellent
School goes back next week; and AMAZINGLY my daughter is excited to head back.
I think tht speaks volumes about St Aloysius and what kind of a school theyre running.
When I was a kid.. I think the worst part of my school holidays was the last week.. dreading going back to school and wistfully mourning the passing of each moment.
My daughter can't wait to get stuck into another year.. seeing her friends and teachers again. She's seriously into art, drama and science, and has all of her gear, materials, uniform - the whole bit - ready to go. Can't believe it.
Thankyou St Aloysius.. you are amazing
By Student - 22 Jan 2020, Rate: excellent
A happy and safe place for me to be me.
Always trying to improve myself and live up to what the teachers expect from me.
Happy to be at St Als
By Parent - 22 Jan 2020, Rate: excellent
Incredible value for money. Excellent school, good facilities, great opportunities for every student.
Especially when you compare the fees charged by schools other schools, St Aloysius really stands up well - at a much more manageable cost.
I want the very best for my daughter - every head start she can get.. but I also want her to be around ambitious kids from hard working families.
So many of the (MUCH) more expensive schools are filled with privileged kids from super wealthy families. I dont think that creates the kind of learning environment I want for my daughter.
St Aloysius has smart, savvy, kind hearted, community aware families with a keen sense of social justice and hard work leading to better things.
Its exactly the sort of influence that I want on my daughter..
St Aloysius is an excellent blend of good facilities, diverse ethnicities, striving for personal excellence and self improvement.
The staff are firm but kind, and they have created an environment that is open, supportive and motivated. I feel that every time I walk through the gates.
This is a fairly priced, excellent option if you have a daughter that is looking to make the most of herself - whatever that might look like.
By Parent - 21 Jan 2020, Rate: excellent
So glad I sent my daughter to St Aloysius. My daughter just finished her High School career, and achieved fabulous results.
We couldn't be happier.
We were informed by the School of her cohort's results - they were just sensational.
The girls worked so hard together, supporting each other and were supported by an excellent teaching staff.
I read that 40% of the girls got an average ATAR of 91 or above.. and that 62% got an ATAR over 87. For a little school in the middle of Melbourne.. thats amazing.
This small school has such positive, supportive staff, enthusiastic, happy and safe girls.. when mixed with hard work.. these kind of results are almost to be expected.
Well done to the class of 2019.. I am very proud of you.
By Employee - 20 Jan 2020, Rate: excellent
Im a staff member of St Aloysius. I've been involved with more than 5 schools in my career; and I'm very clear that this school has a beautiful vibe.
The vision of the school, clearly articulated, is to be a "highly creative, student centred learning community where individual needs are met and where the inspiration to personal excellence is integral to everything we do."... and the school does this in spades.
The programs built around creativity are exceptional. Whether it is art, music, IT, design - just about everything is offered and consumed by the girls.
The school administration puts a significant focus on the individual needs of the students... and it shows. Not only do we help the high achieving students achieve extremely high results, we support, nurture and encourage every individual girl to strive for their own personal best.
The line in the vision about "personal excellence" is precisely where this school lands. Everyone is supported and encouraged to drive for their own particular excellence.. and this motivation is inspiring for the whole community.
Certainly in my time at the school, Ive seen a very motivated, highly positive and kind hearted school community, and I'm proud to be a part of it.
If you are looking for a place to work or send your daughter where individual excellence within a framework of Mercy values and school-wide community.. you would do well to have a look at the work we are doing at St Aloysius in North Melbourne.
The students, teachers and staff work very very harmoniously together,
By Parent - 16 Jan 2020, Rate: excellent
Both of my daughters attend St Aloysius. Both are very different people, different learners with very different styles.
What I find most remarkable about the school is that the teachers take the time to understand what makes them both tick.. and both will talk to me that they feel respected, valued, motivated, safe and comfortable.
We're proud to be in partnership with St Aloysius... and I want to thank them for all their hard work.
By Parent - 13 Jan 2020, Rate: excellent
My daughter started at St Aloysius a few years ago, and she loves the place.
As a parent, I see kind, smart, encouraging teachers; good facilities; small class sizes and really good value for money - especially compared to some of the other schools in the space.
This might be one of Melbourne's most hidden treasures.
Looking forward to 2020!
By Student - 11 Dec 2019, Rate: excellent
I guess I'm a slightly above average student, and I've been at St Al's for 3 years.. and it is a really happy, lovely place. Yeah its High School, and we all have our ups and downs.. but my parents work super hard to send me to the school - and I'm lucky and grateful that they do. I really think most of my teachers actually care for me, and give it there best.
I'm glad to be a St Al's girl... I wouldnt want to be anywhere else
By Parent - 28 Oct 2019, Rate: bad
We are looking for secondary schools for our daughter. St Aloysius was not our first choice but we wanted alternatives in case we didn't get an offer from our preferred school.
We got an offer from our preferred school but one of the staff members from St Aloysius rang our preferred school and told them we weren't interested in taking up that offer. St Aloysius rang our preferred school without our knowledge or permission, and proceeded to cancel our application before we could get the offer from the preferred school. I believe St Aloysius made the call so we would only get their offer and was done to boost their enrollments. Now my daughter has to be on a waiting list for a school, any school, as applications have closed for year 7. My wife, daughter and I are absolutely furious.
By Parent - 20 Aug 2019, Rate: excellent
I currently have a daughter at St Aloysius.
She thoroughly enjoys going to school and
she has a great friendship group. Her progress in all subjects has thrived since she’s begun. She receives support from all of her teachers when she needs it, as have we as parents. The Community Spirit is also alive and well with many family activities held at the school. The School bus is also a bonus.
Thanks St Aloysius.
By Student - 29 Jun 2019, Rate: bad
6-8K every year and that all goes to renovations and advertisement. there are many crappy teachers and all the good ones are leaving, most don't even know what they're doing as they're straight from uni and inexperienced. ms farah destroyed this school.
By Employee - 29 Jun 2019, Rate: bad
As long as Mary Farah is Principal, WILL NEVER send my kids here!!!
By Parent - 12 Feb 2019, Rate: poor
This school promises everything but delivers very little.
By Alumnus - 19 Jan 2019, Rate: poor
Felt no sense of community during my time at this school. There is a divide between the teachers, students, and leadership that makes for a dull learning environment. Teachers/leadership often pick favourites, and at the end of the day students are made to feel like marketing tools. The only highlight is that some teachers are kind, good people.
By Alumnus - 16 Jan 2019, Rate: bad
It infuriates me to think that the school pays no consideration into getting the students functional devices. There has also been a case where they photo shopped mac books onto a photo of the girls devices! it disgusts me that in year seven you are treated as an advertising object then after that the school couldn't care less about you.
By Student - 04 Nov 2018, Rate: bad
lack of experienced teachers and the teachers are worried about your physical appearance when going to and from school. The students get way too much homework to the point where I had to stop doing soccer outside of school. Luckily I have a really smart older sister who can teach me when the teachers can't do their job right.
By Student - 25 Sep 2018, Rate: bad
The teachers in this school are always asking,"where is your blazer?" whilst many of us students would like to ask them "where are your teaching skills?" Teachers at this school expect us to be wearing our blazers during scorching hot weather. The principal disregards students opinions and pretends that she gives a crap about them. One of my huge concerns is that unqualified teachers are being assigned to teach subjects they are not familiar with, and this is one of the many things about this school that infuriates the fellow students! Many students have considered leaving considering the fact that we need actual stable staff, which the school clearly lacks. It's sad that many of the good teachers have left due to the poor work of miss Farah. It is alright to have uniform policies, but when the teachers are constantly bugging you about it, it makes you consider whether they care about our education at all.
By Alumnus - 11 Sep 2018, Rate: excellent
I would never send my daughter to this school. All show...no action. I am disgusted that many of my beautiful caring past teachers had to leave this school due to a very uncaring, distant, and money driven principal. It is hard for me to reconcile the mercy values I gained at st al's during my time there in the 90's and the fact that Mercy Ed. has stood by a woman who is a proven bully in law.
By Parent - 30 Aug 2018, Rate: good
Coming from the western suburbs, we chose St Aloysius because we felt it was the best school in its price range and the opportunities offered to students. At first the thought of travel concerned us but this has proven to be a good opportunity for my girls to become more independent and worldly. The school offers international trips as part of their LOTE program which my daughter participated in the Japan Trip. This was an amazing experience for her and a wonderful opportunity provided by the school. The school offers the basic subject options and whilst not as many subjects as bigger schools, they are foundation subjects which will support students through University entry. As my daughters progress through their education, their maturity and attitude towards their teachers and education has impressed us. There are some very supportive and encouraging teachers on staff, and whilst there does seem to be a high changeover of staff, the students still seem to be getting the support and dedication that they need and deserve. There are some stand out teachers for my girls, but like in every school, there will always be teachers that do not suit your child’s learning style or personality. We have at times had to seek extra curricular support in subjects to keep up grades at our own cost but this too has been a great experience for our girls and has enriched their life long learning skills.
Overall, St Aloysius is a great option, particularly if you are from the West where schools are overcrowded and have limited options. St Aloysius students do seem to have an edge over students in our area; in their attitudes, confidence and presentation.
By Parent - 23 Aug 2018, Rate: excellent
My 2 daughters attend St Aloysius and while they may "grumble" at small things, they are always happy to go to school. I have found the teachers professional, approachable, supportive and encouraging. My girls have made a great friends. I have read the previous reviews and
we have never experienced any of this. I trust that the teachers feel safe and supported at the College. We are very happy with St Als and hope that prospective parents check it out for themselves.
By Parent - 21 Aug 2018, Rate: excellent
Finding a high school that suits your daughter is very difficult. My daughter is in her third year of high school. She has not once said she didn't want to go to school and has made some beautiful friends. Yes, she might make some silly remarks about a teacher but all in all she is thriving in the environment that she's in
By Alumnus - 19 Jul 2018, Rate: bad
Hard to believe a proven bully ( see susan purcell Vs Mercy Ed. Fair work commission finding 2016 ) Susan had the courage to stand up for many teachers who were bullied by Mary Farah during 2013 to present. As a past student who loved my education at St. Al's I am disappointed in Mercy Ed. Does not set an approppriate example.
By Student - 05 Jul 2018, Rate: average
i have a friend who goes to this school. She said the school is alright and bearable, however, many people have left the school because of the principal.
By Parent - 11 Jun 2018, Rate: excellent
my daughter comes home crying about this school at least once every week. that's all I'm going to say.
By Alumnus - 27 Apr 2018, Rate: bad
I laugh at the fact that new students and parents are commenting what an amazing school st alys is, unless your on school grounds or experience the full pledge of this school i recommend you don't speak about those speaking poorly about this school, you can have your opinions but others are too whether its good or bad. what you don't know is what your blinded to see, of course the principal is going to be nice and polite to new comers and there families it's just how the real world works. To be fake is part of it to get what you want is part of it so therefore more students come in. Parents pay the fees which then gets turned into upgrading silly parts of the school rather than the education part of it. And how amazing staff is there wow gee, I went to sick bay with a terrible stomach and was kicked out because some yr7 was crying her eyes out, another time I was in there also having pains not as bad a staff member came in and I wasn't alone a yr7 was in there also and she turns to her and asks nicely showing fake worry in her voice are you okay? then turns to me and with the most monotone expression your fine and walks out. (clapping in distance) wow real mature the seniors are treated like dirt beneath anything well some of us are cared about I use some for a reason. Anyway I remember the time when we had to gather donations for a charity and the money instead went to renovating the steps outside the staff room as if the steps before weren't steps. And to hear that old staff had to be kept there for 15 years if they didn't drop out now was appalling, the principal is just a dime isn't she. I have more but I'm too tired to invest into this school so good riddance.
By Parent - 26 Feb 2018, Rate: excellent
Terrible school.
By Student - 25 Feb 2018, Rate: excellent
No matter what people say this school is the best. The change that had happened that people are complaining about is stupid she is lovely and principals are meant to be strict. Great school I highly reccomend lovely students and the best!
By Alumnus - 24 May 2017, Rate: bad
I attended St. Al's as a student. I am now trying to choose a suitable secondary school for my daughters. I would love to have sent them to St. Al's but it seems to be a well known fact that the current principal is a Bully and that all the " good' teachers left because of her behaviour. I have heard that she has employed inexperienced teachers and is all about show and money. Doesn't care about staff or students.
By Alumnus - 01 Feb 2017, Rate: bad
I would just like to inform you that as a previous graduate of this school, so much has changed in a very short amount of time ever since Mary Farah had become principal. St. Aloysius used to be a warm and welcoming place, the teachers and principal used to put students first, they were the adults that students would look up to as "mother/father figures". Teachers would remember students' names properly and used to care about how students felt rather than caring so much about their grades. Everything that the staff does now is for show, the main value about the school is all about advertising, not about the students. Students have felt that all of the good teachers have left, which has caused some subjects to be removed which gives students less options and opportunities. This turnover of staff and students is purely because of the constant ridiculousness of the new principal's values, again, relating to how she cares so much for just marketing the school, rather than the students. Students are also encouraged to give their feedback, however, I fear that their concerns aren't being taken into consideration at all. It's almost as if students' opinions don't matter at all, almost like a dictatorship. In conclusion, the curriculum was absurd, in which you can see by the exponential decay of VCE results over the past few years.
By Alumnus - 01 Feb 2017, Rate: poor
As a past student of this school i'd like to say that the quality of education and school overall has gone to sh*ts. Although this school had a good reputation in the past and was known for its great education and student support system, this is no longer the case. I'm not blaming the new principal however, i'd like to say that the school values changed after she took on the role. A vast majority of the teachers in leadership no longer have the students best interest at heart, instead they focus on the appearance of their students, promotions and the financial side of the school. In my final year of highschool i found the half-hearted and forced care from my coordinator, and various other leadership teachers, very uncomfortable and unnecessary. My coordinator was a new teacher, similar to other teachers in leadership, and this was just not helpful for me and other year 12 students in our final year. How can students seek support and help from teachers who do not know or care to know them, especially in their most crucial years of their highschool lives? I'd also like to add that these teachers behave in a way that made students feel inferior and often ignored student suggestions(there was a suggestion box just for show :) ) which, i believe, is not a good way to set an example for impressionable, growing young women. Some may want to argue that i'm just a student who couldn't adjust to change, however i'd like to speak on behalf of all the students when i say that despite the sudden changes we accepted them and succeeded in adapting to what was reasonable. On a brighter note, i will say that there are a number of great subject teachers at this school and i commend them for staying with their students and giving them the support they need to graduate in this hellhole of a school.
By Parent - 07 Dec 2016, Rate: poor
to the parent of 14 April 2015
how much is Mary paying you!!!!!!
you definantley dont have a daughter at the school as that is all false!!!!!!
By Parent - 07 Dec 2016, Rate: bad
l am a parent of st Aloysius college North Melbourne having had two girls attend this school l would not under any circumstances recommend this school the Principal is a bully and all the good teachers have left the school because of her and the school used to be enjoyable to go to the girls work hard at achieving there academic goals but also would like to enjoy the fun activities the school provides yet it is now boring and it is run like a army base and the girls do not get treated fairly..... please do not send your daughters to this school look at the amount of teachers that have been leaving every year since they have had this current principle at the school..... you need to ask why???? is this so !!!!!
By Student - 08 Sep 2016, Rate: poor
cares too much about how students look rather then education.
By Student - 30 Aug 2016, Rate: poor
I am an ex student of a Sisters of Mercy school. The sisters boast of the high moral standards at their schools. However the recent treatment of a workman left a stain on the Sisters of Mercy. I would not send a child to one of their schools. If you wish to read details, google white lies test blog and google Innuendo test blog
By Student - 15 Aug 2016, Rate: poor
There are not many good teachers as they all left the school. Their organisation is TERRIBLE and there's no enthusiasm or motivation in learning. Days like St Als Day used to be fun and enjoyed by all but now isn't anymore due to too many changes within the schools such as rules. Their VCE rankings have been declining. Many have already considered moving to other schools. Found myself and many others complaining everyday and not enjoying school life.
By Parent - 09 Aug 2016, Rate: average
Organisation is terrible
By Parent - 20 May 2016, Rate: poor
To the previous reviewer...obviously you haven't studied the above VCE rankings??? St Aloysius' ranking has been declining progressively so I'm guessing you are impressed with mediocrity?
By Parent - 28 Sep 2015, Rate: good
Ok school only as surronding not recommend.
By Parent - 15 May 2015, Rate: average
Only average as surrounding enviornment is not that great
By Parent - 14 Apr 2015, Rate: excellent
My daughter started this year in year 7. I have been super impressed with the level of professionalism shown by the staff and especially the Principal, Mary. I am most impressed with the work and study ethos that the school generates amongst the girls. The girls seem very motivated to strive for high results and be the best they can (which Mary promotes amongst the girls). The new uniform is so much better than what I've seen at other schools and really does give a private school look. I have been most impressed with the opportunities given to the girls to work at their personal academic level within the curriculum. All students are given the chance to succeed within their ability range. I am very impressed and would highly recommend checking out St Aloysius for your daughter.
By Parent - 13 Feb 2015, Rate: poor
Too much bullying and teachers mean
By Student - 13 Feb 2015, Rate: bad
Not a great school as the best teachers left. The principal is uncaring.
I'm , rate this school

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