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Parade College, Bundoora

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School Reviews
By Student - 16 Aug 2019, Rate: bad
This is a very bad school to much study
By Student - 10 Jun 2019, Rate: poor
Worse as school, every year 7,8,9 is the worse people you’ll ever meet - they’re equally stupid in everything. All of them have no manners and cannot even say one sentence without swearing. I am very sorry to my parents for wanting to attend this chook
By Student - 30 May 2019, Rate: poor
not going to lie, it's not too bad of a school when you look at it from afar. When viewed from a student's point of view, you see some REALLY dodgy kids, the I.T department is getting a bit out of hand, with IT installing multiple programs that take up battery life and storage on the supplied laptops. The facilities are very good all in all, but some disciplinary/digital areas certainly have some room for improvement.
Year 8's in particular seem to get singled out a bit, with a teacher giving the entire year level an earful about something as many as 2 kids did. I feel like the school is a bit tough on things that you don't need to be tough on, i.e The other day I received a lunchtime detention for not having my shirt tucked in. Parade seems a bit loose on subjects that need to be cracked down on, i.e bullying, possible crime/drug deals as well as possibly illegal items being sold.
Thanks for reading all.
By Employee - 04 Apr 2019, Rate: bad
This school is absolutely appalling. i worked here for 6 months and what i saw was disgraceful. the bullying at this school is terrible i saw 1 boy been punched up by about 5 other boys and there was a teacher there just watching them.
By Student - 15 Mar 2019, Rate: average
Alright school year 8s this year are the worst watch out for Nick Maruza and Matthew Collier
some kids are facing criminal charges for destroying a garden
By Student - 26 Feb 2019, Rate: excellent
Great school been here in year 7 and there are great opportunities
By Alumnus - 23 Jan 2019, Rate: poor
the main problem with parade is its really old fashioned in teaching and in culture.
By Student - 23 Aug 2018, Rate: bad
teachers like mrs potochnik are vey strict and fat p.s i saw teachers having a go at the toilets the other day.
By Student - 22 Aug 2018, Rate: excellent
This is an amazing school
By Parent - 17 Aug 2018, Rate: bad
This is is one of the worse schools I’ve come across .. teachers think the kids are there to provide them with a title .. they sell there school so well but once your boy starts there as a very educated person described it “ it’s a circus “ and it sure is . Teachers are bullies are think they have the right to bully students and parents . We are paid customers .. we pay there wages .. absolutely a disgrace of a school . Thank god my boy no longer goes there
By Student - 27 Jan 2018, Rate: average
This secondary school does its best to educate young men and introduce us to real life. Although the school does its best to educate us, too much pressure is put on students to finish their schoolwork(homework). Students need more freedom in the sense that if we are to become responsible for our learning, we should be studying what we are curious about and want to learn. The learning environment in the classroom is out of control. Good students who work hard and listen to the teacher in class have to the suffer the consequence of staying in late because of some ratbag students disrupting everyone else. It confuses me how the teachers don’t think of this, but instead they think that the ratbag students will change their behaviour when good students tell them to not act like idiots. Is it up to good kids to monitor a bad students behaviour or the teacher? I’m just not sure. Homework is another problem that is faced. Homework is just annoying. The school tells students that having after school activities is good for physical well being and to not think about school all the time, but how is this possible when teachers give us so much work? It is all just annoying and confusing for students I don’t believe that much is benefiting students at younger ages.
By Alumnus - 18 Sep 2017, Rate: bad
It is a bad school because the teacher a ugly and weird
By Student - 30 Aug 2016, Rate: bad
Teachers are strict on things that don't matter like tucking in shirts or not shaving and wearing a beanie to school in the freezing weather, rather than taking care of the problems where kids are being bullied and pushed around and hurt themselves because of what others say!
By Parent - 21 Aug 2016, Rate: excellent
This school is terrible teachers don't know how to teach. Not as academic as it seems.
By Parent - 12 Aug 2016, Rate: bad
Most class rooms are out of control, and I don't blame the kids. I have seen classroom video footage of out of control kids, where teachers are unable to take control. Teachers you need to TOUGHEN up and take control of your classrooms. (I thank my son for the video footage :) teachers beware cause u are being assessed and watched by many :)
By Parent - 07 Jul 2016, Rate: poor
poor school, teachers are uneducated.
By Employee - 28 Jan 2016, Rate: bad
teachers are dumb af
By Parent - 12 Dec 2015, Rate: excellent
I am looking at reviews to get a feel for the school as I am thinking of my children attending Parade. Based on the reply "by student" perhaps its not a good idea.
By Student - 10 Nov 2015, Rate: excellent
Calm down its reflection on the individual not the school you dumb ass just because some little shit on tram is yelling out the only swear words he knows doesn't mean it's the schools fault
By Student - 10 Nov 2015, Rate: excellent
Calm down its reflection on the individual not the school you dumb ass just because some little shit on tram is yelling out the only swear words he knows doesn't mean it's the schools fault
By Parent - 19 Aug 2015, Rate: bad
I'm a parent but not a parent of any child who attends this school. Unfortunately I have to catch a tram to work every day and I am so sick and tired of the appalling behaviour of the Parade School boys on public transport. They are terrible ambassadors for their school - the language and general disrespect of their fellow travellers is just appalling. I have two sons and there is no way on earth I would send them to this school given the behaviour I have to witness every single day. They are not taught any manners or common decency - they are a shame to both the school and their parents.
By Student - 25 Jun 2015, Rate: poor
This school cares more on catholic educations and infrastructure.The education is decent but it isn't at a great level. In fact the school ranking is going downwards every single year. Be aware that all this things that I'm saying are of my experience and many other students are experiencing the same. Overall it's a shit school
By Parent - 16 Dec 2014, Rate: excellent
One of the best schools around, plenty of opportunities for students of all levels. Excellent, caring and professional teachers. Highly recommend.
By Parent - 16 Oct 2014, Rate: excellent
When we needed help this excellent school had all the resources and support services to help my son. School is not only about academic scores. It's about real life situations while you are at school especially in your teenage years. Both our boys were students there and I cannot speak highly enough about how proud we are of the respectful boys they are. Academically they are doing well and both at university. They still remember their teachers as great mentors. This school focuses on academic achievement and real life. Teenagers are under enough pressure from their parents to achieve great academic scores but at what price?
By Alumnus - 31 Aug 2014, Rate: poor
In short, not so good. Some subjects being taught there are of fair quality, but otherwise it is generally too disorganised in so many different areas.
The school invests too much in infrastructure, and not enough on decent teaching and resources for students in VCE.
By Parent - 10 Jun 2014, Rate: excellent
It is the best
By Alumnus - 28 Jan 2014, Rate: bad
For one of Victoria's oldest schools, it is one of the worst. More focus on high academic achievement is needed and less on good sporting achievements (there is no balance). More student freedom is needed (common room) and better planned VCE classes (assigning students shabby hand outs for yr12 holiday homework gives them no idea as to whether they should go ahead and if so how to go about it.
It simply does not encourage good academic achievement and nourishes the substandard students.
It has the potential to be a great school, with all the resources and staff there, it just needs to be better allocated.
By Parent - 12 Nov 2013, Rate: bad
Bad school
I'm , rate this school

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