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Fitzroy North Median Price
The House price is 3% lower than last year.
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Fitzroy North Median Rent
The House rent is 8% higher than last year.
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Fitzroy High School, Fitzroy North

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School Reviews
By Student - 12 Sep 2022, Rate: poor
absolutely horrific towards disabled students. I was bullied severely when i attended this school.
By Student - 20 May 2022, Rate: excellent
great place if ur innit for the cash. another day another dolla make the tax man holla
By Student - 26 Feb 2019, Rate: bad
i wen't here for a year, came out the other end with 3 different mental disorders. just a forewarning do not send your kids here. the students are horrible, the teachers are useless and unfair, and the environment is unhygienic and unsafe. thanks for teaching me. i also learned how to fight and defend myself. only thing i learned there. thanks for reading. :)
By Parent - 19 Oct 2018, Rate: bad
Disgusting place for your kids to learn in. Mean teachers, an awful group of kids and a messy, dirty and unhygenic ground.
By Parent - 19 Oct 2018, Rate: excellent
terrible school, don't send your kids here.
By Parent - 06 Oct 2014, Rate: excellent
Really happy with this school; supportive teachers, a good cohort of kids, a strong sense of community.
By Student - 03 Apr 2014, Rate: excellent
Love fhs the bad thing is I am moving away to a new school fhs provides a flexible learning for the students.
By Parent - 25 Mar 2014, Rate: excellent
My daughter is happy here and she has a great group of friends and teachers. There is drama anywhere but this school realy knows how to take caree of students..
By Student - 25 Mar 2014, Rate: excellent
I disagree this school was wonderful and I loved it to bits. It's a shame I moved. My new school Santa Maria over stresses me and I feel suicidal. It allows students to do academically well while having amazing social support. It's a shame to hear that you got bullied but that is not a way to judge the way a school teaches and there will be rude teachers anywhere.
By Student - 20 Nov 2013, Rate: bad
Use to go to this school for a year, got bullied. Moved schools, best decision I ever made. And hated one of the teacher for being extremely rude to me. over all bad school.
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