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Aquinas College, Ringwood

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School Reviews
By Parent - 17 Mar 2023, Rate: bad
Not worth the money at all. Our daughter needs a little extra help in class. Have been told their teaching style doesnt realy suit her and they can only allocated 5 mins per class to help her. Very dissapointed
By Parent - 10 Dec 2022, Rate: bad
The year 7 cohort this year is out of control. Students across the year level are miserable due to the bullying from a very toxic group of girls. The children are very badly behaved and disruptive in class. The teachers have no control as there is no discipline or consequences for bad behaviour. The bullying is rife and the school are very reluctant to do anything to fix it. Far too many students per year level resulting in not enough resources to deal with serious issues such as bullying.
By Student - 23 Nov 2022, Rate: bad
Really Horrible. Teachers don't care about anything but uniform, like having necklace on instead of actually caring about education. teachers also make big fuss' for things that don't matter, toilets are also restricted and we can't even go in at recess without a teacher yelling at us to get out, even though we have the legal right to use the facilities. Even with personal issues at home they have no mercy and expect you to still get everything done,(family member died, asked for an extension on homework and got a detention). teachers barley show up, leaving us with unreliable substitutes, when teachers do actually show up, they have bad temper and yell at kids for the wrong reasons (except you Mr Malvaso!). They pick on students doing the right thing when there's others doing things like jumping up on tables, walking out of the classroom, playing games and more.
Public schools ON TOP. do not go to this over priced crappy school.
By Parent - 10 Nov 2021, Rate: bad
dont go here
By Parent - 29 Jul 2021, Rate: bad
never send your child here
By Parent - 28 Jul 2020, Rate: poor
It’s not good, teachers aren’t responsive and there are no wellbeing areas for struggling students, gone downhill since I sent my first child
By Parent - 26 Sep 2019, Rate: excellent
Worth the cost of the fees. Great community. Happy students in the main. Highly recommend.
By Parent - 08 Sep 2019, Rate: excellent
Gone down hill in last 4years . If you have a child that has a bit of trouble fitting in or is not fairly academic they don’t really care . Senior teachers are either great or horrendous and a few are bullies and need to be reported but principle and assistants are only about the look of school . Stay away and look at others .
By Parent - 12 Feb 2019, Rate: bad
Good for the average student but if you are looking for an academic education try elsewhere.
By Student - 17 Mar 2016, Rate: bad
it is good
By Parent - 03 Jul 2015, Rate: good
whilst the school facilities are good, the poster who claims that the facilities are "second to none" needs to visit other top schools.
By Employee - 02 Apr 2015, Rate: excellent
i have been so impressed by this school. When I first came to aquinas i was amazed at the facilities, which are second to none. The school goes above and beyond in its treatment of students with learning difficulties and illnesses.The students are lucky enough to learn in beautiful modern classrooms in every building with better technology than any other school ive heard about. As an employee i have no hesitation in saying that the school has excellent leadership that has garnered the respect of all staff, which is pretty rare
By Parent - 20 Feb 2015, Rate: excellent
I don't know where the first parent go their information from, but it is INCORRECT. Aquinas is not aggressively raising its fees and in fact is much more affordable than many other private schools.
By Parent - 10 Nov 2014, Rate: average
I have four children at this school with the first one just finishing VCE. The fees for three children next year are more than for four this year. This school appears to be aggressively raising their fees. Very disappointed.
By Parent - 13 Jun 2014, Rate: poor
The senior teachers and coordinators are often unrealistic and not flexible when something does not go smoothly. We have a child who was a good student and well behaved, but developed a chronic illness. The school was not flexible in its approach, and do not communicate well. Also, breaches of confidentiality are common. The youth and family centre are also not used to engaging parents. We took our child out...very disappointing.
By Parent - 04 Feb 2014, Rate: excellent
My son has just finished VCE in 2013 at Aquinas and we found it to be an excellent school. We couldn't fault it really and never had a problem with any of the teachers there. Our son enjoyed his time there, more so the socialising in the earlier years, but was then motivated enough by the teachers and school to knuckle down the last year and achieve an ATAR of 84! We were all very happy with the results! We also had 2 older sons go to 2 different schools, one Catholic and one very good government school, but Aquinas outshone them both!
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