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The Unit price is 3% higher than last year.
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The House rent is 4% lower than last year.
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Billanook College, Mooroolbark

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School Reviews
By Parent - 10 Nov 2013, Rate: average
The school has some very committed staff. New programs like the iPad roll out and a greater academic success focus at higher levels have caused some friction however, as these have come at the expense of structure in teaching and learning and the community feel respectively. With recent fee increases the school needs to make sure that it does not position itself as a poor mans grammar school, that would be a real shame.
By Parent - 28 Jun 2009, Rate: good
This school for my child is a fantastic school. The one thing i am concerned about is the cost. I am paying alot every year for my child I think that the prices need to go down in some way. The one thing i love about the school is that every child there gets alot of attention and that is the one thing that i was looking for in the school. I think that you need to make a new website and one that shows some of the spectacular art us parents really judge a school on the art. I have had a number of parents come up to me and ask what the art was like and i always tell them that it is great but they need to see for themselves what it is actually like.
By Alumnus - 20 Jan 2009, Rate: good
I realy enjoyed my time at Billanook. The staff were very supportive and I have made life long friendships.I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking at private school. One day I would like to send my kids there.
By Parent - 15 Dec 2008, Rate: good
I sincerely value the encouragement given to my two children whilst students at Billanook College. By excelling them to their own best standards, not only in education but in all facets of life; made them fully rounded educated caring adults. Need I wish for more?
By Alumnus - 10 Jun 2008, Rate: average
When i went there Billanook College was plauged with uninspired teachers, who would rather their classes were over than actually impart some knowlege to their students. The teachers who actually inspired me were few and far between.

The knowlege i gained during my time there was mostly self taught, using the standard texts, not due in any part to the teachers.

The Atmosphere amongst the students was poor, I made no friends there, and i dont regret that either.

There was also no attempts made to follow up or investigate any allegations of bullying.

Any success I have had in life is despite going to this school, not because of it.
By Parent - 15 Nov 2007, Rate: excellent
My children were very happy at Billanook. It is a school that genuinely looks after the individual. My two children were very different in terms of their ability, but the school catered for their individual interests. It seems to be a place where everyone gets along. It is very friendly. My children and I particularly liked the beautiful, natural environment. It was a lovely place for my children to learn and develop. They still have many friends from their school days.
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