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Avila College, Mount Waverley

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School Reviews
By Student - 19 Apr 2023, Rate: excellent
Avila college is a wonderful secondary school with supportive teachers and students. My experience at Avila is one I will remember!
By Employee - 07 Jun 2022, Rate: bad
Dysfunctional and unprofessional"leadership" that treat staff poorly. This is the most toxic workplace I have encountered and it comes from the top. Such a same to have wasted all these years of my here. There has been a long history of workplace bullying from leadership, unless your brown nosing and in the head's "it" group, you will be treated worse then a asylum seeker. Leadership parade as christians but they are evil and vile.
By Student - 04 Dec 2019, Rate: excellent
I love this school. I believe every school has it's upsides and downsides, so judging this school based on one incident or one area that needs improvement is not fair (in my opinion). In my experience, transitioning from a public school to this school has been the best experience because the class sizes are considerably smaller so each individual has the ability to develop her own self - academically, socially, creatively etc. This school really teaches skills that you need in the real world, as opposed to being just a number in the academic system. Hope this helps!!
By Parent - 29 Nov 2019, Rate: poor
The Year 8 Coordinator could do with a review of her approach concerning students welfare!
By Student - 05 Sep 2019, Rate: poor
The student behaviour is a big problem. Lots of students and friends I know are leaving because of the bullying. Teachers, if you see this please become stricter with rules like phones and swearing. Nobody has respect especially in year 9.
By Student - 27 Aug 2018, Rate: good
Teaching is great, supportive teachers and (mostly) nice students. Style of teaching and student behaviour could be better though... I feel as if some teachers aren't doing enough to ensure students are properly following the rules. But overall, good school.
By Student - 27 Aug 2018, Rate: poor
teachers are okay i guess (sometimes a little mean) but it's the student's that are mostly my prob. they're mean, they swear a lot (but which high school's students don't), can be plain rude, i just can't trust any of them. learning curriculum is allright i should say. if there was rating between average and poor i would go for it.
By Parent - 21 Jun 2016, Rate: bad
I could teach better. They can learn about how to tap dance and eat noodles with chopping stickissss
By Student - 12 Aug 2015, Rate: excellent
Avila is a great school, with nice students and supportive teachers...and obviously homework was a downside!
By Student - 27 Apr 2015, Rate: bad
The school puts on a show to parents and students acting like Avila is nice, sweet loving school! But when you send your daughter to this college you are making a very bad misteek, teachers don't are about your problems and they are quite rude and mean actually.
By Student - 03 Dec 2014, Rate: excellent
That's what my third cousin said but I think it's an excellent school
By Student - 03 Dec 2014, Rate: bad
The homework was so stressing. The teachers were so mean.
By Parent - 28 Mar 2014, Rate: excellent
Avila is a great school that produces independent young women
By Student - 28 Feb 2014, Rate: excellent
The school is a great and comfortable place to be at.
By Parent - 29 Jan 2010, Rate: good
Allover the performance is good and would recommend for others also.
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