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Fintona Girls School, Balwyn

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School Reviews
By Employee - 11 Jun 2020, Rate: bad
Whatever you do, DO NOT send your child here. This environment only suits certain types of children so please consider whether or not your daughter fits in here before enrolling. Many girls at this school are extremely sheltered and insular about the world around them. In terms of friends, the classes are extremely small so your daughter’s options are very limited. There will be a huge chance that she is forced to be “friends” with people she doesn’t share any common interests in. Don’t get me wrong, Fintona is a great school but only for certain girls. If you fit into that mould, you’ll have an amazing time here, but if not - every moment will be hell.
By Student - 21 May 2020, Rate: excellent
this school is great
By Student - 21 May 2020, Rate: poor
One thing I hate about this school is that a lot of the other kids' parents are quite wealthy...which leads to disagreements at school. Heaps of wealthy kids boast about their riches and it's getting quite bad. Everyday when I go to school there are kids saying 'Hey look what I got on the weekend! I bet you don't have it' or something similar to that. Please do not go to this school, unless you want all this to happen.
By Parent - 20 May 2020, Rate: poor
If you are considering this school, be careful. My 8 year old daughter got bullied so much at this school that we had to change schools. I told the principal and she did nothing about it.
By Student - 20 Aug 2019, Rate: poor
Took away my happiness
By Student - 08 Sep 2017, Rate: excellent
As a student at Fintona, I can definitely say that there's no other school I'd rather attend. I have been attending the school for almost 9 years and the quality of care and teaching is excellent. I have recently been quite unwell and have really been struggling with my health this year. The school have been incredibly supportive and understanding, they have made every adjustment possible to ensure that my time at school is easier for me. I am amazed at the high standard of the pastoral care. The teaching is excellent, it really feels like they care about you and want to help you in your subjects. They explain everything clearly and thoroughly and only want you to do your best, which of course varies for each student. I love Fintona I've already made so many memories which I cherish and I can't wait for all the years to come. If you're looking for a school with flash facilities this is not the place for you, however, if you're looking for a quality education and an environment that is accepting, open minded and naturing then I'll see you at Fintona.
By Parent - 11 Oct 2016, Rate: good
My daughter started in K3 kindy and she seems to enjoyed it. Teachers are great, but I'm really not 100% satisfied with curriculum from prep to year 2. We noticed my daughter was doing the same thing for the last 3 years. School is small which leads to good and bad. Good part is the teacher will be able to identify and care for each individual child. Bad thing is girls are hanging around with same group of people each day which leads to disagreement. We have seen bully not only from the girls, parents were involved too. Majority of families are rich and parents are forming little favourite groups!! Fintona is a good school, but I really can't stand those up to themselves parents. Oh well, I guess it happens in every private school!
By Parent - 13 May 2016, Rate: good
Overall, Fintona is a great school with good education, but the fact that it's TOO small and other things make it okay. Don't get me wrong, my daughter loves this school, no matter how big or how small. Maybe in the younger years, the students should have been taught good behaviours but now in the middle years and senior years, the girls are so mature. So, I rate this school GOOD over certain aspects.
Well, most of these things come from my daughter.
By Parent - 08 Feb 2016, Rate: excellent
good teachers
By Student - 14 Nov 2015, Rate: bad
I attended in year 1 the girls were nasty and snobby I hated it. I was there for 6 weeks (they did refund the money)and decided I could not stand another minute. I went home crying everyday and my parents decided to pull me out. I was a student in 2006 It sounds like nothing has changed.
By Student - 14 Aug 2015, Rate: excellent
Fintona is a wonderful school. The girls are eager to learn and the staff are very supportive. The principal is amazing - she goes to basically all the school events to support the students. The standard of education is really high. I would highly recommend Fintona!!!
By Student - 26 Jul 2015, Rate: excellent
Excellent school! Even it is not a big school but I found make friends is easy. Girls here are friendly and work hard. Our teachers are very helpful and supportive. I love this school and will recommend to anyone.
By Employee - 26 Jun 2015, Rate: bad
Spending this amount of money on your child's education is such a waste. As a previous employee I can tell you that the teaching at Fintona is average. The staff are not a caring community. My teaching has been and is now at a much higher standard at schools with 1/4 the fees or less. The Principal is completely out of touch. I would rather be tortured than work there- is that an environment you want your daughter in?
By Alumnus - 24 Jun 2015, Rate: excellent
Good school good teachers
By Parent - 01 Dec 2014, Rate: poor
I am in agreement with the comments posted on 26 Aug 13. We were attracted to the school's heavily publicised small class sizes, and hoping our daughter would flourish in a school that prides itself in nurturing their students. It fails due to its confused leadership and its inapt ability to focus learning strategies to maximise all their students potential. Calibre of this school is purely its students, nothing to do with the school or its ability to facilitate students maximising their potential. Your money is better spent at another school.
By Parent - 26 Aug 2013, Rate: average
If you are considering this school, I strongly recommend going in with your eyes open and be prepared to move your daughter away. Small classes are "good" but too small is a big problem. Problems are amplified in such a small environment and the pastoral care has been pitiful. While the school understandably expects loyalty from its community, it shows none of that loyalty to its students or their families. Very disappointed with certain aspects of this school.
I'm , rate this school

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