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Buranda State School, Buranda

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By Alumnus - 14 Mar 2023, Rate: average
The toilets be stinkin, the iconic yr six teacher was mean tho
By Alumnus - 12 Oct 2018, Rate: excellent
My time at Burunda from grade 1 to grade 7 were some of the best times of my life. Teachers were fantastic as were the other pupils. 1957 to 1963. Sport was encouraged as was academic pursuits
By Parent - 04 Feb 2018, Rate: bad
If you have a child who may have special needs, don’t send them to this school. They will weed out low-achieving students or any with behavioural problems. All to keep their results up. Philosophy is just a window dressing here, empathy and understanding is non-existant. My child was treated nothing short of cruelly and was trautised by the experiences he had there. Parents of other children there advised me that they’d seen other special needs children treated like this too and eventually their parents move them. The principal is not the boss here, the teachers tell him what to do. It’s all about results to them.
By Student - 22 Nov 2014, Rate: good
yeah, the school is pretty good. The Sports teacher (as mentioned by the other chap) is pretty pathetic. Their behaviour standards can be at times a bit inhibiting, but a one or two of the teachers really do care about their students and treat them with the utmost respect. As for the priveliges thing, I agree as well. But overall I think that it is a good school, certainly better than most of the competition.
By Student - 28 Jan 2013, Rate: average
I feel the sports program is pathetic and they treat the elders with the prievaliges of the youngers and expect us to be behave perfectly behaved. They think they can control us even across the bridge when really we are actually legaly out of their control.
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