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Our Holy Redeemer School, Surrey Hills

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School Reviews
By Parent - 09 Jun 2020, Rate: excellent
Our family joined the community at OHR this year with our son starting Prep. We are extremely happy with the way the school is run, the dedicated teachers and the caring transition process including the buddy program.
Results in literacy and maths are very good and student/teacher ratios are excellent. Public speaking opportunities for all students are fantastic with students including Preps often speaking at assemblies. Mandarin is taught and is a very useful modern language.
Students are very well mannered and the uniform is worn with pride. Our young daughter who tags along for school pickup is looking forward to the day she joins her brother at school and the new friends she has already met after school in the playground.
Take a school tour and you will be impressed.
By Parent - 11 May 2020, Rate: poor
Being the parent of 4 kids at 3 different schools I am very aware of the differences between OHR and others. We have just finished CV19 isolation and we have just seen OHR adopt video conferences(Google class room), not daily, but just 1-2 times a week.. huh...
Similarly our younger and older children have daily checkins and homework to keep them busy throughout the day..
Also we have found that you need to get involved about the most trivial things, in fact matters that should be within the school or holding our kids accountable.
Looks like Xmas this year we'll remove another child.. So sad, but inline with other comments here.
By Parent - 27 May 2019, Rate: average
It has been a long journey but finally got my 3 catholic kids out of here. I do acknowledge there is much rhetoric around wellbeing at the school but there is not much follow-through with the school management. It is interesting to note how some parents say it prepares their kids for high school, yet I am also aware of many kids leaving because of concern for their children’s ability to spell and math’s capability. Furthermore, we know boys don't mature as fast as girls and may need a little more help. Look around the classroom and try and find boys in year 3 onwards, they are a rarity. Furthermore, I cannot believe that my children don't come home with spelling words to learn, really. I mentioned this fact to a educational expert and their look of horror and lack of comment was clearly noted… So if you want a great community, without the academia for your kids then this is the school for you.
By Parent - 28 Apr 2019, Rate: excellent
Great school
By Parent - 18 Jun 2018, Rate: excellent
I cannot rate Our Holy Redeemer Primary School more highly. I have been an active member of the school community for 10 years and have had three children attend. The well rounded preparation not only for secondary school, but individual growth and personal development, is truly remarkable. Children are encouraged to be well mannered, thoughtful, compassionate and caring individuals through all aspects of their learning - in and out of the classroom. There is a strong focus on teaching resilience as well as student driven social justice and project involvement. The important life skills and inclusive community spirit is something you cannot measure or understand from NAPLAN or statistic results. My children have all done very well academically, but most importantly, we as parents could not be more grateful for their positive school start amongst such an inclusive and giving community.
By Parent - 21 Sep 2017, Rate: excellent
Average school nothing special. Considering the class sizes are small if doesn't seem to help the academic performance. My child struggled with writing & never seemed to improve until l got him a private tudor. Bully's get away to to much at this school their" no tolerance" stance is all talk no action.
By Parent - 09 May 2017, Rate: average
Ok it's never an easy thing to answer as it depends on your point of view and child's capabilities. So they run mixed classes ie 1/2 and 3/4 together etc which I am not in favour off and cannot understand the benefits of despite asking several teachers there who couldn't articulate the benefits either... Basic rote learning is not clear that they believe is necessary, in fact my kids get very little homework despite weekly spelling tests on words that they have not been told to learn ie no weekly spelling 10-20 words to learn before the test etc on the other side they have great social just programs, anti bullying initiatives and community. I guess I am little old fashioned and want the old ways of teaching as well as the modern aspects of programs.
By Parent - 22 Mar 2016, Rate: excellent
fantastic school community
By Parent - 12 Nov 2015, Rate: excellent
it a very very good school my childe loves it
I'm , rate this school

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