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Taylors Hill Primary School, Taylors Hill

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School Reviews
By Parent - 27 Feb 2024, Rate: bad
Do not send your child to this school. My son has been bullied by the principal since prep, she openly told me she wants my son out of the school. She bullies the kids and the parents too. She doesn’t care about the Kids. The principal is constantly lying and accusing the parents of not being good parents and constantly blaming them for the kids playing up when they actually get bullied by her. She had so many complaints from the parents. She was reported previously to the department of education, but she is very good with covering up things and embellishing paperwork.
By Parent - 01 Feb 2024, Rate: excellent
Everyone here is lying i don’t know why but this school is the best. I would recommend it. The teachers actually care about you and help you. The people who are lying here don’t even go to this school. 100% would recommend
By Student - 05 Oct 2023, Rate: excellent
So many of these reviews are false and the teachers are supporting of the students moving forward with there lives
By Parent - 16 Dec 2022, Rate: excellent
It’s a most worse school . Teachers have not interested to teach the students. Students get very less homework. Don’t send your kids is that school.
By Parent - 02 Dec 2020, Rate: excellent
This is a good school it is my first year and it’s been great
By Parent - 22 Nov 2020, Rate: bad
A bad school, avoid. Lots of bullying issues. Leadership team are poor and negligence us high. Like to sweep things under the rug and blame the victim. Disgusting behaviour. Principal is in a power trip, more like a dictator than leader
By Parent - 24 Jun 2020, Rate: bad
It is a bad school. The teachers especially the principal; and vice principal they only care about the funds the school can get. No interest for these students are shown or supported.
So many bulling issues that are not rectified, so many teachers leave, and so many parents pull their kids WHY???? It is not a school that puts its students first. But im stuck in there because of the zoning, in talks with other school about a move. Avoid it where you can. Not a school for young children. Not even a school for pets honestly.
By Parent - 09 Feb 2019, Rate: bad
Leaving this school after seven years has been a weight lifted off my shoulders. The school shows minimal initiative, no community spirit, lack of empathy to students who aren’t their “favourites” and decisions based on their obvious disdain for male students. It’s “their way or the highway” basically. The leadership team wear the teachers down and they always end up leaving. The teacher turnaround is terrible. I’m extremely happy and relieved that we no longer attend this school.
By Parent - 24 Jan 2019, Rate: poor
Classroom teachers are excellent but the leadership team are a whole different story. The school on average has 15 teachers leaving at the end of each year. This speaks volumes about how this school is run and who is running it. The leadership team are feminist authoritarians who have little to no relationship with the students. Their lack of understanding and general “liking” of boys is zero. This has been displayed over the last few years when you look closely at the allocation of student leadership positions ie 2 female school captains and a ratio of 8 boys to 16 girls “selected” to “lead” the school. These women have ruined this school and it now has zero community spirit and is basically a “no fun” zone. I would not recommend this school.
By Parent - 14 Dec 2018, Rate: bad
Gobsmacked! Not only did the principal at Taylors Hill Primary not protect my daughter she made accusations towards me which are false and untrue just deflecting her lack of duty of care, a complete liar hence leading me to me take my daughter out of that school! Clearly this woman should not be running a school.
It’s Ok according to the principal for teachers to get away with grabbing and threatening children, disgusting, according to the principal the teacher has a right to be there, my daughter has a right to go to school feeling safe.
By Parent - 15 Nov 2016, Rate: excellent
Great school, my girls achieve more at Taylors Hill than the catholic school they went to last year. I hope the secondary Taylors Hill is just as good.
By Student - 03 Sep 2016, Rate: excellent
By Parent - 01 Feb 2015, Rate: excellent
Amazing school.
Amazing teachers.
My son has blossomed since attending this school.
By Parent - 01 Feb 2015, Rate: excellent
Love this school.
Taylor's hill is an up and coming area.
Close to shops.buses.and trains.
This school is what this area needed.
My son has blossomed since attenting
By Parent - 12 Feb 2014, Rate: poor
The worst school EVER!!!!
The tachers are schocking the principal does not have the kids interest at heart, only MONEY and what contributions they can get.... Plus they lie to you to cover their own ass.
Thansk god i pulled mine out just in time
By Parent - 21 Aug 2013, Rate: excellent
Avoid this school the teachers are rude and there is lots of bullying and nothing gets done?about it stay away from this school.
I'm , rate this school

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