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Narre Warren South P-12 College, Narre Warren Sth

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School Reviews
By Parent - 28 Dec 2021, Rate: average
It used to be an excellent school and then the principal left to start up another school. This year has seen a return to the fights and violence that had been stamped out under the previous leadership. Think carefully before choosing this school for your children. I am taking mine out.
By Student - 23 Nov 2021, Rate: excellent
whre do i start...., this school is like a refugee camp if the refugee camp was for kids
By Student - 12 May 2021, Rate: average
There were 8 fights in one day and more the next day they had to get security guards. Send your kid to this school and it’s basically the equivalent of sending them to the hunger games.
By Student - 13 Oct 2020, Rate: average
I'm a student myself at this college but i don't recommend coming here. Many of the students don't have respect towards most of the teachers and there's way too much bullying and the teachers don't do much about that.
By Student - 10 Sep 2020, Rate: average
i go to this school not the best but also not the worst!
By Parent - 08 May 2018, Rate: excellent
this school is amazing, wonderful teachers my child is doing very well and it’s all thanks to the teacher and peers im very happy
By Parent - 22 Jun 2016, Rate: good
This school is a mixed bag it's education policies and practice is very good, with the inclusion of extremely determined teachers but I must admit some teachers will tend to give up on students who miss behave.
By Parent - 10 Mar 2016, Rate: bad
My son goes to this school. And his been a victim of bullying more so by teachers right from the start. In the past few months his has been called an "idiot" and a " fat rubber" by teachers. When I called to complain, the cordinator just dismissed the accusations by calling my son a lier. I drafted a mail to the principle requesting for a meeting however, I ended up having a chat with the cordinator and was never called for the meeting with the principle. My son has been suspended in school a few times with no formal meeting with the parents or explanation, when I called up again to enquire about the reasons for suspension and when questioned why the parents were not informed or asked to come to school for a discussion prior.. I was simply told this is the way the school operates which is quite surprising. I've also spoken to other parents from different back grounds like Sri Lankan, New Zyland, India and they seems to have the same openion about the school. I've even witnessed an Aussie student once saying to the teacher "f*** off" during a stay after school session which the teacher just ignored but no disciplinary action was taken. I'm still waiting for my meeting with the principle.. I wouldn't advise anyone to send their children to this school. It's sad to see Government schools like P12 encourages bullying and unfair dismissal judging by the skin color. I'll probably rank this as one of the worst schools just on the basis of very poor values the school seems to demonstrate
By Student - 26 Jan 2016, Rate: excellent
The good thing about this school is every person fits in. It is welcoming to everyone. I am very lucky to go there.
By Student - 12 Apr 2015, Rate: good
It's a good school which caters for everyone, and I'm glad I go here.
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