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William Angliss Institute of TAFE, Melbourne
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School type:TAFE
Address:555 La Trobe Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000
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By Student - 05 Oct 2015, Rate: bad
I'm so angry ! How can a school have the right to do this to me ..
William Angliss institute had kicked me out of their school because the chef Marisa , had a grudge against me.
I was generally on my best behaviour in class (Everyone who was in my class could see that I was getting treated unfairly )
They sent me to their institute "school" in port Melbourne and told/ promised me I would be able to go on with my cert III in hospitality, and also be able to continue on with my year 12 from were I had left of, and also told me that I will be graduating with the students that were in my class at their school. they wished me luck and told me they will see me on graduation night, pff! Yeah right!
for some god damn reason after all those months of hard work and dedication, I got handed a certificate that I had already completed in yr 10.
(While attending the institute)
Not only that , I've now been told that year 12 vcal is done all in the one unit. Which meant because I had not completed a whole year at the school
, they had no completed units that they were able to send to me.
I was calling them Multiple times, to find out what was going to be done, and I was always left with waiting on a call back (which I never received)
After all the countless tears that school had already put me through they then made me restart Yr 12 from the beginning again , and told me that "there's nothing wrong with getting the same certificate twice because you gain extra training(" Like that's really going to make my resume look any better !)
I still havnt got given any of the work I completed in the months I was there and for some reason all the work I done last year at the institute isn't being included :/ ( I'm a complete idiot cause I hand write majority of my work ) the only thing sent to me was the certificate for cert II (which meant nothing to me cause I already had one from yr ten)
Im so confused and angry about this and it's effecting me a lot :(
Especially because of my own personal life situations
How a school gets away with doing all this, I don't understand
This is not what they explained to me, I was practically forced into all this because of this school. I was promised that everything would be sorted out, but nothing has been done about it I can't just let them get away with ruining my education/life!
And for some reason they are also trying to say that I havnt paid any school fees to them, but I have at least one receipts to prove that at the start of the year I paid $500, ( once again all my payments were made in cash so records )
And also after all this crap I received a call from Centerlink saying I owe them money because there's no record of me attending school in the time that all this happened ..
because of them I've wasted over 2 yrs of my life! Damn you Marisa you could of just sent me out the room for 5-10 mins when I was talking loud enough for you to hear my voice not just send me to the principles office every time just because you had a grudge. You won this one.
obviously they had your back, I'm a student so at the end of the day you can already see why my opinion / or what ever I said didn't matter
I would really appreciate if someone who is able to help me sort out the issue I have as I don't know what else to do in this situation.
I had six mouths left to finish my yr 12 which was my main concern as I would like to work with animals in the long run (it's my dream to become a zoologist, )although I didn't take the right career paths .
I just can't believe after putting so much effort in the first yr and a half, like that practically meant that not only did I repeat something that I had done in yr 10 but also repeated yr 12 for almost two years .. The last two months now I've just pretty much given up considering I live in the western suburbs and The school was located in portmelbourne ..
After all of this I've ended up still not having a yr twelve pass and no other certificates. And in the time I've wasted I'm sure I would of been able to have a higher qualification , which would of had me well on my way to a good paying job so maybe The money I was receiving from Centerlink for being a student could of been given to someone else who maybe needed a little bit more then what I did
Right now I'm struggling and I honestly don't know what else to do .. People tell me to grow up and finish school ... :/ they don't believe me when I tell them or take the chance to hear me out when I try to explain I'm in the life crisis I'm in at the moment because of all of THIS .
Melissa Lisa Spiteri
I'm , rate this school

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