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Berendale School, Hampton East
School Facts
School type:Special school
Total student:119 (boy:92, girl:27)
Total staff:28
None-english student:
Location:Hampton East
Address:2 Berend Street Hampton East VIC 3188
Nearby:House Price  House Rent  Public Transport
Phone:03 9555 6141

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School Comment
Berendale School is a government Secondary School for students with a Mild Intellectual Disability. Berendale has 34.8 EFT 2 Principal class, 23 Teachers and 14 Education Support staff Programs at Berendale encourage participation through connections with ... more
By Alumnus - 25 Apr 2021, Rate: poor
I didn't receive the level of education I needed to thrive in an academic or professional capacity.
I was trained to only ever expect to accept menial jobs as the fate for the rest of my life.
Half of one building was converted into a factory workshop, where we were expected to complete work for no pay for local businesses.
Thank goodness I have moved on from the hell, frustration, anxiety and stigma that is associated with going to a special school.
I still haven't completely recovered yet, but with each new struggle and achievement along the way, I know I'll be able to leave it all behind.
By Student - 22 Nov 2014, Rate: excellent
hi this is Crystal pittas i Cant whiat get this job before leaving BERENDALE
in 2015 when i turn 18 doing media stuff to work on ipod,s phone ipad
I'm , rate this school

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