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Beaconhills College - Village Campus, BerwickCompare
School Facts
School sector:Non-government
School type:Combined school
ICSEA value:
1051, ranks No.690 More ICSEA Ranking...
VCE rank:No.186 (2015), No.231 (2014), No.172 (2013), No.138 (2011)
Address:92 Kangan Dr Berwick VIC 3806
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By Parent - 15 Nov 2023, Rate: bad
I can not express this strongly enough - DO NOT send your children to Beaconhills in Pakenham. Middle school (5-8) has a horrible culture of meanness and bullying, and absolutely nothing is done by the school to address these issues or improve the student behaviour. If your child is physically hurt or bullied, the school’s response is absolutely pathetic. They essentially tell the victim that they don’t believe them, and just accept it when the offending students deny or minimise their behaviour. There are no consequences for bad behaviour, so the bad behaviour continues and escalates. The quality of teaching is also sub standard, especially when you are paying $10,000 a year for your child to attend. The teachers do not communicate with the parents, and are not responsive when you try to contact them. You constantly get told as a parent to raise all concerns through the Head of House, however they just don’t respond to you. The school does a fantastic job of promoting itself, but it is honestly all propaganda. This school is terrible. I can not caution you enough - do not send your children here.
By Student - 08 Nov 2022, Rate: bad
i’ve been here for 4 years now and everyday something goes wrong i’ll give some examples, fights, getting kicked out of the library and teachers not being understanding or fair. currently i’m in year six and i hate this place i don’t recommend it for anyone.
By Student - 05 Sep 2022, Rate: poor
I rated this school poor because I just got kicked out of the library today. Today I was just multitasking so playing cards with my friend and doing my work at the same time when I was talking just a tiny bit louder than whispering and the librarian overreacted and came over to me and said I was literally shouting and distracting the year 12s just because they are so close. After she said that she asked if I would be more quiet and I said I would then she started explaining so much random stuff and I started smiling at my friend because of what she was placing down and I said clubs last card when all of a sudden the librarian said I wasn’t taking her seriously and said all right pack up your getting kicked out. Like that wasn’t a clear warning wth. Then I started saying yes and asked my friends to come with me when all of them said no but one friend so I tried waiting for him to pack while the librarian said out now and literally shouted at me in a really rude manner. She is right now ditching the school values at a young grade 6 and is showing absolute no respect. Then when we were about to leave she asked if my friend was leaving like what does it look like to you and on the top of that she told me to sign out even though I never signed in. This was what the situation was like. Now, what if I was going to go somewhere unknown and someone kidnapped me. Then whose fault is that… it’s obviously the librarians. Therefore the teacher is lucky I’m not including her name but she knows what she did is wrong. I’m definitely telling my head of house, Head of middle school, and the main middle school trustworthy teacher.
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