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Loreto, Mandeville Hall, ToorakCompare
School Facts
School sector:Non-government
School type:Combined school
Gender:Single Sex-Girl
Total student:873 (boy:0, girl:873)
Total staff:125
Student attendance:
None-english student:
ICSEA value:
1183, ranks No.58 More ICSEA Ranking...
ICSEA distribution:
Bottom quarterMiddle quartersTop quarter
VCE rank:No.16 (2015), No.13 (2014), No.13 (2013), No.34 (2012), No.3 (2011), No.9 (2010), No.15 (2009), No.18 (2008)
Address:10 Mandeville Crescent Toorak VIC 3142
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School Comment
Loreto Mandeville Hall, Toorak, is one of an international group of Loreto Schools, founded by Mary Ward, a 16th Century Englishwoman who, as long as 400 years ago, began to educate young girls and young women in the Ignation tradition. The first Loreto Sc... more
Student Assessment
Year 348446845249544879
Year 556454652256854046
Year 760461658161059315
Year 964166364164464015
Student assessment is based on he National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy(NAPLAN) results in 2011.
Tuition Fees in 2012
Year LevelPer Year
Year 1$14,988
Year 2$14,988
Year 3$15,810
Year 4$15,810
Year 5$17,220
Year 6$17,220
Year 7$19,365
Year 8$20,370
Year 9$20,982
Year 10$20,982
Year 11$21,693
Year 12$21,693
By Student - 10 Jul 2015, Rate: excellent
I absolutely love Loreto. The girls are welcoming, well mannered, funny and friendly and the teachers are so helpful and supportive of us. The facilities here are state-of-the-art and i would definitely recommend it for everyone. Loreto prepares you for much more than just prep-12, it prepares you for life and all its obstacles. As a year 7 currently, i love the GSV (girls sport Victoria) and the ability to participate with all the older girls as well. The PAF (performing arts festival) held in february each year for all girls in year 7-12 is probably one of the best things. i just loved the singing, acting and participating with all my friends. Loreto feels like a second home and a great escape from all the stress at home that some students feel !!!!!!!
By Student - 24 Aug 2013, Rate: excellent
I transferred to LMH this year as a year 8 student, and is an amazing school. Especially the teachers.
By Parent - 22 Oct 2009, Rate: good
As a parent of a Loreto student I am extremely happy with what Loreto has provided. I do think there could be more subjects added to the VCE curriculum, but their results are always fantastic and they have more than schools like Lauriston which cost much more $$$$. I also think that Loreto is fantastic for one of the cheaper private girls schools and the girls are much more (in a good way) than the stereotypical Private school girl.
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