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Alia College, Hawthorn EastCompare
School Facts
School sector:Non-government
School type:Secondary school
Total student:76 (boy:50, girl:26)
Total staff:17
Student attendance:
None-english student:
ICSEA value:
1129, ranks No.254 More ICSEA Ranking...
VCE rank:No.440 (2015), No.291 (2014), No.322 (2013), No.108 (2012), No.389 (2011), No.493 (2010), No.358 (2009), No.199 (2008)
Location:Hawthorn East
Address:405 Tooronga Road Hawthorn East VIC 3123
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Phone:03 9822 9622

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School Comment
Alia College is an independent, co-educational secondary school. It caters for young people in Years 7 to 12 and is accredited for international students. The school's primary focus is on education for academic progress and success. Alia College is not aff... more
Student Assessment
Year 7516460470528543481
Year 9626568600604593152
Student assessment is based on he National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy(NAPLAN) results in 2011.
By Parent - 22 Mar 2024, Rate: excellent
I cannot speak highly enough about Alia College. My daughter feels safe, heard and accented here and now loves going to school. I have such appreciation and gratitude towards the amazing team of staff at Alia and particularly the principal Bob Morgan for creating such an incredible and vital learning space.
By Alumnus - 02 Mar 2024, Rate: bad
Went for a trial for a week back in 2008, yes long time ago but remember it so well, writing this after thinking about it and seeing it still exists and that creep of a principle is still there. I would of been 14 turning 15, I was severely bullied at the previous school because of my anxiety and lack of talking, so my mother found this school aswell as another school to do a trial at both back to back. First we got the tour with both my parents and was pretty intrigued and interested by the smallness and lack of uniform and the fact you could leave the premises for lunch, wow, it wasn't until I was brought in alone into the office with Bob who looked like the doctor in the Halloween movie, that I became uncomfortable, he starts asking me standard get to know you questions, and me being nervous I think he didn't like me, but the stand out question was if I smoked and I said no, which I didn't, then he started going on about how he finds the students who smoke are more interesting in character and more interesting to
talk to... okay... pretty much encouraging it, being 14 was weird hearing an adult let alone a principle encouraging smoking. Then he wanted to do some Latin, I have never learnt or know Latin, so for 10 minutes he was trying to teach me Latin and was putting me down like I was a moron for not being able to speak and write a sentence fluently in 10 minutes? We then went out to speak to my parents and he was saying I was behind with intelligence because I couldn't learn Latin in the reasonable 10 minutes for the first time in my life, wtf. So anyway... I did a weeks trial, I honestly found the students dismissive and not caring at all about anyone new, so was a lonely odd week, was walking on lunch break around the block which when I think now is pretty strange considering my age and being a girl it's dangerous I reckon. Kids messed around in classes, some of the clothes the girls wore showed G-strings and bellies, well mainly 1 girl, 14 15 years old. I ended up choosing the other school I trialed at even if you couldn't leave the school on break the kids at the school I ended up going to were much nicer and more accepting. Unlike alia. Also in hindsight, I never had an interest in smoking, but after dealing with him and all that I suddenly begun smoking not that long after, cause shy little me being told people who smoke are more interesting, I don't know seems like that got into my 14 year old brain. I would really do your homework on this school. Wouldn't know what it is like now, but I doubt it's any different to all the negative reviews about this place
By Student - 03 Mar 2023, Rate: excellent
Alia actually made me want to come to school and has significantly decreased the creeping sense of dread I aquire shortly after waking up!
The class environment and relationship with the teachers is a lot less stressful and infuriating than other schools,
and when they are concerned about my participation in class it feels like it's from a place of genuine care rather than an angry authoritative figure wanting me to be more productive.
I love all the friends I've made here, and generally have a positive relationship with most of the staff.
This place has been good for me
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