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Kambrya College, BerwickCompare
School Facts
School sector:Government
School type:Secondary school
Total student:1265 (boy:640, girl:625)
Total staff:105
Student attendance:
None-english student:
ICSEA value:
983, ranks No.1551 More ICSEA Ranking...
ICSEA distribution:
Bottom quarterMiddle quartersTop quarter
VCE rank:No.368 (2015), No.345 (2014), No.174 (2013), No.289 (2012), No.337 (2011), No.338 (2010), No.394 (2009), No.489 (2008)
Address:68 Bemersyde Drive Berwick, VIC 3806
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Phone:03 9707 7600

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School Comment
The Kambrya College Community Values: Respect Integrity Compassion Achievement Discovering, Creating and Establishing our place in the World. Kambrya College is a single-campus, co-educational, state Year 7 to 12 College with an enrolment of approximately ... more
Student Assessment
Year 7541539538539547235
Year 9581583587580575238
Student assessment is based on he National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy(NAPLAN) results in 2011.
By Parent - 29 Oct 2023, Rate: bad
KAMBRYA COLLEGE falls as the 3rd school in our current zone. I liked the school & chose to put an application for both my boys who r still studying in St Francis Xavier Berwick Campus. Life has became expensive & I'm a single parent. I thought long & hard about changing my 2 boys school as I'm struggling financially on a single income. I chose KAMBRYA college because I've always admired the school since I'm enrolled to study my nursing degree in Federation University Berwick it'll make life easier because the distance isn't far. I walked into the school excited about handing the applications. The receptionist debated me about being out of the zone and what not and mind you I did let her know that I know we r on the 3rd zone but I'd really love for my kids to attend KAMBRYA college. She didn't seem to wanted take my applications but she did anyways. Minutes later a lady from the back office approached me with some attitude & appeared unfriendly & unwelcoming. She explained to me that my kids won't be expected into the school due to being outside of the zone etc. I tried explaining that I am choosing KAMBRYA college because I feel that it's the right school for my boys. She continued to tell me that it won't be expected. She then said that the principle will have the final outcome, I replied no problems. I even told her that I'm more than happy to write to the principle why I want my boys to continue their education in KAMBRYA college. I left the school feeling disappointed & unwelcome. The managements r rude & unfriendly. I decided not to continue with the process as I feel that my children would be treated poorly if they ended up their. I get that the department of education has policy regarding the zone & that but it also states that anyone from whatever zone can still apply & it'll be up to the capacity which means there is still a chance of any students coming from different zone being accepted into KAMBRYA college.
By Parent - 11 May 2023, Rate: bad
This school is unhygienic, they don't provide sanitary items for women nor soap which is a general hygiene practice.
By Employee - 27 Jan 2023, Rate: good
Do not accept the negative reviews written here as factual - the school is large and therefore has it fair share of problem students and parents who would winge about any school which actually attempted to guide the student along a productive educational path. These problem students are not ignored but interventions only work with parental support and student willingness to alter negative behaviour. The dedicated staff are supportive of students and each other. Disruptive and challenging students are not the product of a school and should not define a school. Students are not bullied by teachers - they are diverted and disciplined appropriately when their behaviour interferes with the education of others - they just don’t like that they cannot waste class time or try to high-jack the learning time for their own agenda. The school has an appropriate inclusive policy - embrace it - that’s the new norm in society. To the parent who claims to have videos - I hope the person who took this was not a student and/or had permission to video others in class, as the vic government has a no phone rule in classes and it is illegal to video others in a class without their permission.
I have worked in this school and others and found it to be a school I would happily work in - can’t say that for all the schools I’ve been in.
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