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School sector:Government
School type:Combined school
Total student:807 (boy:412, girl:395)
Total staff:70
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1026, ranks No.969 More ICSEA Ranking...
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VCE rank:No.305 (2015), No.188 (2014), No.255 (2013), No.276 (2012), No.376 (2011), No.294 (2010), No.329 (2009), No.257 (2008)
Address:Carwarp Street Macleod VIC 3085
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Phone:03 9459 0222

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School Comment
Macleod College is a co-educational P-12 school with an enrolment of 800 students, drawn from the local area and further afield. The College has over thirty feeder primary schools, drawing many students for whom Macleod is not the closest school. Student d... more
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Student assessment is based on he National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy(NAPLAN) results in 2011.
By Student - 01 Jul 2023, Rate: poor
I am a year 12 student at the school and let me tell you now this school is terrible
First off we do not have a common room. We have been promised the common room for the better Part two terms, still have no got one and even some of the year 12 students have given input and given presentation’s and research about the school and the rooms in the school but still nothing has come of it and were being led on.
Secondly, senior formal, we do not have a senior formal at least I don’t think, it has not been said by teachers or confirmed all has been said is “we will see”, or or “it’s in the works” on the subject is quickly changed, and all of my year 12 cohort and I are fed up with this, and that the rest of the students have come up with a solution that doesn’t involve the school because we are afraid of missing out because we are only a year 12 once
on another note, our year 12 camp has been the same answer as our formal, talked about briefly leading false hope then the topic of conversation has been changed, and a student in their own time on top with studying has planned a presentation, pointing out numerous locations possible camps, the budget per student, and transportation in 2022 to the principal, not the current one, but an acting principal in that year still nothing has come of that, and just a note, our last camp was back in 2019 in year 8, but instead of camp they suggested are you 12 sleepover, for the end of term 2 and then yet again that same student made a Google form sheet asking the year 12s what day would like to see at the end of year 12 term 2 99.9% of my cohorts decided they wanted the sleepover, because we definitely knew the camp would never happen, and these with the other options,
Year 12 sleepover (at school), Lazertag, Escape rooms, Melbourne Zoo, Luna Park, Bounce, Mini golf
And now excursion for end of term two were doing Laser-tag and arcade games, noticed how was not an option and was almost like they said, take it or leave it.
And just all the other little things that make year 12 worth the wait of 12 years at school, for example, in the past years at swimming and athletics carnival year 12 in year 12 only the students could use their mobile phones, For example listen to music taking pictures recording other students (with permission of course) on their last year at a carnival because next year we won’t have that next year and the whole event is bittersweet, and I see all my other friends from other schools, having exactly just that opportunity, through social media on Instagram, and people I don’t know scrolling through TikTok,
Just know anything fun was not allowed at the swimming carnival! We had a soccer ball that we played with to keep us entertained because most of us didn’t swim, but at the athletics carnival that option was taken away, and know that the athletics carnival was a hot day, and to keep us entertained and if you’re thinking, the reason why we didn’t have music is that we play explicit music, that was not the reasons because also AirPods were taken away Apple watches weren’t allowed, iPads as well, and I wasn’t even a hard ask back then they didn’t have to jump a hoop or balance a plate on their nose , I followed this rule knowing that my time would come, and I was allowed but it all came crashing down, they even posted a graphic on our compass news feed, but this was a compulsory event by the teachers advertised as fun, this wasn’t fun it was militancy.
Don’t get me wrong. The school has done some stuff for us for example in the past. The year 12 students on the last day of term 1 they have a barbecue, then would go to the city for bowling then after bowling, they would go iceskating for majority part of the day, and it’s been tradition for as long as I can remember (and just side note we did iceskating for the end of year seven) but apparently it was deemed too dangerous from our new coordinator
But what I’m getting at is all the other year 12 before us had got these things and I know everyone thought that when we got there, we get those things that after almost 13 years of learning,
but it’s like your running a marathon and your 1st and then you pull a hamstring 100m before the finish line and you come 4th not even a medal or on the podium
I know this is a long read, but I’m just channelling my frustration into this so that you would think twice about coming to the school, or they would address the issue at hand
By Student - 02 Jul 2021, Rate: bad
theres many problems with this school to many to list
By Parent - 18 Aug 2017, Rate: excellent
my son HARPREET SINGH study in this college for last three years cuntinuously he is grownup in study, Games n other activities and I am very happy with the Horn able Principle and dedicated teachers and quality programs.Highly Recommend MacLeod College
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