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Wesley College, MelbourneCompare
School Facts
School sector:Non-government
School type:Combined school
Total student:2925 (boy:1662, girl:1263)
Total staff:393
Student attendance:
None-english student:
ICSEA value:
1164, ranks No.123 More ICSEA Ranking...
ICSEA distribution:
Bottom quarterMiddle quartersTop quarter
VCE rank:No.83 (2015), No.80 (2014), No.66 (2013), No.63 (2012), No.79 (2011), No.56 (2010), No.74 (2009), No.71 (2008)
Address:577 St Kilda Rd Melbourne Victoria 3004
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School Comment
Established in 1866, Wesley College Melbourne, an open-entry school of the Uniting Church and Victorian Registered School No. 1, is one of the largest independent coeducational schools in Australia. Wesley has 3 metropolitan campuses, Elsternwick, Glen Wav... more
Student Assessment
Year 3456419436458444367
Year 5539506507550537207
Year 759258956758360641
Year 963263060462964248
Student assessment is based on he National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy(NAPLAN) results in 2011.
By Student - 13 Oct 2019, Rate: poor
when i first came and did a tour at the Elsternwick campus, i was so amazed and was so excited and sure that this was the school i wanted to be at and it was the best at teaching me. Most things that were said on the tour were lies. now ive been here for two years and although i am grateful to go to a private school, it is pretty pressuring that when people ask you what your old school was, where you live, what your parents do or what car they drive, they judge you so much and your inclusitivity or popularite is judged by that. some students only care about you if you are rich like them or if your parents can take care of them and take them to expensive places. that is the social life at wesley. Now education. at my old school, it wasn't a private school and i thought their teaching and curriculum was bad, but after attending two years here at Wesley Eslternwick, i have discovered that although it is a private school, the curriculum is worse. The math is so simple and not equivalent to the year level. For example, in Year 7 they taught us how to draw a number line. The teachers can't control the class and although they will tell you on the tour that they have excellent pastoral care. trust me they dont. In no way shape or form am i trying to hate on them, but if you want to go to a private school for good education and social inclusitivity, then wesley isn't the school for you. Now elsternwick wesley teachers will tell you a whole bunch of stuff to make you feel like you are special, it is obvious that the kids wont. THey make a bunch of rules that they tell the parents but dont commit to it in class. They are extremely lenient and students can sometimes take control of the teachers and students.
if you want to go there to make rich relations and you are already really rich and live in an expensive area, take your kids there. Because the sometimes the teachers treat the richer ones better. I know the children and students there only care about how much money you have, how much your parents earn and if you want your child to fit in without the pressure and bullying of other students, find another private school.
By Student - 06 Sep 2019, Rate: poor
Wesley is a very good school from a physical point of view because they have excellent facilities, small class sizes and a lot of resources to accomodate the the full range of IB/VCE subjects and extracurriculars. For the student, there is every opportunity to develop themselves to the fullest extent in every area (academics, sports, the arts)
However, the ethos and underlying culture of the culture at Wesley is characterised by anger and insecurity, almost as if their lowest uncivilised instincts were never socialised out of them. There is a lot of verbal and relational aggression, but sadly much of this behaviour were from the teachers themselves (as per the other comments and I must add, I've seen a teacher actively discourage a student's aspirations to undermine their confidence) There was a real crabs-in-the-bucket mentality rather than trying to support and lift others up for the collective benefit. I must add a caveat that of course, not all are like this, and being a large school, you'll probably find at least one like-minded person - but all that would be down to the luck of the draw. Wesley may be a high-fee APS school, but that isn't reflected in the general community.
Wesley has everything to facilitate the development of a student's abilities, but I wouldn't go there if you want to be part of a community of well-adjusted and kind people.
By Student - 01 Aug 2019, Rate: bad
I have been fortunate enough to be in private education my whole life. Wesley College is by far one of the worst private schools that I have attended. The students are nasty and your popularity and standing in the school is determined by what car your parents drive and where you live. Little is done to combat the bullying that is rampant in this school as the amount of support that the teachers provide you with is based on building fund donations to the school. Their teaching is equally as bad, in particular, their Mathematics curriculum is atrocious. Avoid this school at all costs. There are plenty of excellent private schools in Melbourne, but Wesley College isn't one of them.
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