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Gungahlin College, GungahlinCompare
School Facts
School sector:Non-government
School type:Secondary school
High school rank:No.10 (2015), No.13 (2014), No.22 (2013), No.14 (2012)
Address:3 Gozzard St, Gungahlin ACT 2912
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Phone:(02) 6142 1000

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By Parent - 12 Jan 2022, Rate: excellent
It's the best school my child has ever gone to. This school has helped my child to learn and grow up.
By Parent - 15 Mar 2017, Rate: bad
poor quality teaching and no accountability from staff, very unhappy with several teaches who provide very basic lessons, complaints ignored.
By Parent - 04 Sep 2014, Rate: poor
The school has great facilities and if you have a very self motivated child who teaches themself by all means send them here. If you want a bit more personal attention to your child and teachers that actualy reply to emails and do what they say go elsewhere. I am not saying all teachers are like this. My experience was just Luke the connect teacher and the Vice Principle and some other teachers. Not impressed at all. They say one thing and essentially do nothing. They ignore emails and then if the student looks like they are going to fail the HSC they get them out of the school so the stats look good. I know of 2 cases this happened so far and one where they ruined a young students career by simply ignoring important emails then faking that the email system was down which was rubbish. I'd never send my child there again. My experience is based upon personal experience with them and also the knowledge of other families that had the unfortunate experience of sending their children there. It may sound like I have an axe to grind and to some extent I do as because of them it has cost me money and a huge impact on my childs career. In all fairness this is an honest review and people should be aware of how the place operates.
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