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Methodist Ladies College, KewCompare
School Facts
School sector:Non-government
School type:Combined school
Gender:Single Sex-Girl
Total student:2123 (boy:0, girl:2123)
Total staff:279
Student attendance:
None-english student:
ICSEA value:
1199, ranks No.24 More ICSEA Ranking...
ICSEA distribution:
Bottom quarterMiddle quartersTop quarter
VCE rank:No.33 (2015), No.33 (2014), No.30 (2013), No.29 (2012), No.19 (2011), No.23 (2010), No.27 (2009), No.23 (2008)
Address:207 Barkers Road Kew VIC 3101
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Phone:03 9274 6333

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School Comment
MLC is one of Australia's most successful and innovative schools (est.1882) internationally renowned for its extensive curriculum, learning experiences and outstanding academic results. MLC is an open entry school that takes pride in the great diversity of... more
Student Assessment
Year 349546644650244373
Year 556553652157254351
Year 759660758559760517
Year 963365062463664627
Student assessment is based on he National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy(NAPLAN) results in 2011.
Tuition Fees in 2012
Year LevelPer Year
Year 1$14,654
Year 2$16,000
Year 3$18,025
Year 4$18,855
Year 5$19,805
Year 6$21,094
Year 7$21,312
Year 8$21,533
Year 9$22,045
Year 10$22,620
Year 11$23,490
Year 12$23,490
By Parent - 06 Feb 2023, Rate: average
Does anybody know how academics works for academically gifted students? Any special or accelerated programmes? Do they cater the needs of academically gifted kids?
By Student - 07 Dec 2022, Rate: poor
As a current high school student here who has spent my whole schooling journey at MLC, I have mixed feelings reading these reviews. The academics at this school are hit-and-miss but the opportunities are amazing. Unfortunately, the preference for sports over music is very significant, and the school shows an obvious bias toward athletes. The Junior School has some gems of teachers but doesn't raise kids to be kind. Almost everyone I know has had a bad Junior School experience at MLC. MLC is a big school, With an intake of 150 students in Year 7, students get washed away in a crowd and it is very hard to get help in a bullying-type scenario. Snobs rule this school and disrespect is normal. I've been bullied. Every year. I am a G&T (gifted and talented) student and the extension programs in the Junior School are AMAZING, but as soon as you hit Year 7 it goes downhill. Send your kid here if they are a Sport loving, popular kid. They will fit right in. But to those with gifted kids or those with kids in the performing arts- YOU CAN DO BETTER. If you do decide to send your kid to MLC- PLEASE DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF STICKING THROUGH ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS THAT MAKES THEM UPSET. PLEASE SPEAK UP!
By Parent - 01 Oct 2022, Rate: good
Can more parents of high achieving girls provide more comments? I want to know what support they provide for gifted children because it is hard to take a decision whether private or public best suit for high achivers.It's always good to be with like minded kids.
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