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Genazzano F.C.J. College, KewCompare
School Facts
School sector:Non-government
School type:Combined school
Gender:Single Sex-Girl
Total student:1117 (boy:0, girl:1117)
Total staff:134
Student attendance:
None-english student:
ICSEA value:
1186, ranks No.52 More ICSEA Ranking...
ICSEA distribution:
Bottom quarterMiddle quartersTop quarter
VCE rank:No.43 (2015), No.39 (2014), No.42 (2013), No.42 (2012), No.32 (2011), No.21 (2010), No.30 (2009), No.26 (2008)
Address:285-301 Cotham Road Kew VIC 3101
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School Comment
Genazzano FCJ College was established in 1889 by the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus. A Catholic girls’ day and boarding College of over 1100 students from Prep to Year 12 Genazzano is structured in Stages of Learning: Early Years (Prep to Year 4),... more
Student Assessment
Year 3467450438476420255
Year 555954252255451397
Year 759460358761158820
Year 963766763163761327
Student assessment is based on he National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy(NAPLAN) results in 2011.
Tuition Fees in 2012
Year LevelPer Year
Year 1$12,786
Year 2$12,786
Year 3$12,786
Year 4$13,998
Year 5$13,998
Year 6$13,998
Year 7$17,793
Year 8$17,793
Year 9$17,793
Year 10$17,793
Year 11$20,037
Year 12$20,037
By Alumnus - 14 May 2019, Rate: poor
If you’re ok with a sub-standard quality of Education with respect to the high fees then Genazzano is the school for your daughter. The teachers are lovely but overworked and under-appreciated. I had brilliant academic experience from the RE department but I didn’t really find the other departments particularly good. Some of the senior teachers are only part-time.
Only make to matters worse is the prominence of haughty cliques. It’s not a school for sisterhood despite its foundational institution. If you (on the rare chance) are lucky enough to slip through into a group then kudos.
Otherwise, those focusing on learning can barely manage to absorb much due to the great proportion of extremely disengaged peers. Do note, if you’re of Middle-Eastern or African descent you’ll have an even harder time “assimilating” due to racial stigmas and Genazzano comes off across as progressive but the families and students certainly aren’t open-minded to people of certain ethnic backgrounds. I never felt welcome because of my preconceived religious affiliations despite being Orthodox.
My family and I were throughly underwhelmed.
By Student - 14 Mar 2018, Rate: bad
Firstly, I know that everyone has a different point of view but, this is mine and i do hope you take this into account. I have been a Gen girl since year six and I have not been happy at this school. The teachers all say that they want to inspire girls to be themselves but how can we do that when we are constantly told, "no hair should be loose, your dress is 0.01cm too short." The teachers at this school are good if you are doing outside of school tutoring but, if you aren't like many students, the teachers wont help you or give you extra work if it is too hard. The Girls at this school are downright horrible! I have had many friends at Gen that have straight up stabbed me in the back out of sheer cold blood. Sorry they were the only words I could think of. also, The school tells everyone how they have such a great music program (which they do) and how the school grounds are amazing. But what about the teachers, students, academic side of thing? The reason they don't explain them is because they all suck! Honestly this school has been horrible to me and I spend most recess and lunch by my self because the girls are rude. Most of the time I will come home from school and cry my eyes out. I do not recommend coming to Gen. Lastly, there are NO PHOE RULES. People will have phones in pockets and under pencil cases on their desks. They will ring and buzz and the teachers will not do anything about it. But, the sport at the school is very good if you are in the 'A team' The school is all about having fun and they will let anyone in a team even if they are really bad but this is a good way to make everyone feel included. They aren't about winning but the students are very competitive. VERY! Also the b*tchy and inappropriate girls are the "popular group" which make up 3/4 of the grade then the other 1/4 is made up of really smart people who only care about school school school and that is all they talk about in break time.
Thank you for reading my opinion and I hope you make the best choice for your daughter.
By Parent - 24 Oct 2017, Rate: bad
My child has been attending Genazzano since Prep, I have had strong connections to this school. Genazzano has always been known as a top private girl's school, exceeding in academics, sports, music, etc. So of course I wanted my child to receive the crème de la crème when it came to education. Unfortunately, we -- my daughter and I -- have been betrayed by this school and the only emotions that are associated with this once-prestigious school are ANGER and UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT. Genazzano claims to be school that cares about its students, however, this school only cares about one thing, and one thing only - the image and "prestige" of Genazzano. I have paid tens of thousands of my hard earned money to fund a superficial school. The principal - Karen Jebb, uses these funds to finance a PERSONAL GYM in her office. Furthermore, she pushes forward her absolutely deranged ideals to her subordinates, now they are left acting like puppets of her evil schemes. Genazzano students are absolutely BRILLIANT, they are opinionated, passionate young women, yet their zeal has all gone to waste. I have heard from my own daughter and parents of other students of changes they went to bring forward - the ability for young women to wear PANTS, because apparently this school is encouraging students to be UNCOMFORTABLE in their learning environment yet the school still expects OPTIMAL results from these students. In an interview with the Weekly Review, Karen Jebb claims to “support anything the girls want to do,” Really? You did not want to support the students when a majority of them wanted to wear pants. Furthermore, she claims “I want to make sure our students go confidently into the world, ready to embrace life’s challenges, contribute positively to their community and to pursue the career of their choice.” These poor slaves at Genazzano will not be able to develop themselves into confident women, as you – Genazzano – are denying them the freedom of expression. We live in a capitalist society, where we actually LISTEN to the PEOPLE, but here… Genazzano is only listening through their narrow-minded, conservative pea-sized brains. Jebb refuses to adopt SUSTAINABLE renewable energy sources, she refuses to listen to the students, she refuses to stop being a DICTATOR, who enjoys BULLYING her subordinates, who enjoys DENYING the basic human rights of her students. My own daughter sometimes comes home in a dishevelled state… she truly cannot survive being in this dictatorship. My daughter cannot even receive a somewhat satisfactory education, because the school cannot afford to hire a teacher to teach her a subject. Even when she tries to express her opinions, her opinions are immediately denied because her skirt is 0.5 cm above her knee. I am considering my loyalty to this “school”.
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