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Glendal Primary School, Glen WaverleyCompare
School Facts
School sector:Government
School type:Primary school
Total student:649 (boy:376, girl:273)
Total staff:36
Student attendance:
None-english student:
ICSEA value:
1168, ranks No.113 More ICSEA Ranking...
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Location:Glen Waverley
Address:55 Nottingham Street Glen Waverley VIC 3150
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Phone:03 9803 1330

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School Comment
Glendal Primary School provides high-quality, differentiated learning programs in all curriculum areas. We are committed to continuous improvement and achieving excellence in teaching and learning at every level. We have a reputation for high academic achi... more
Student Assessment
Year 3474454465476456104
Year 554052955156658130
Student assessment is based on he National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy(NAPLAN) results in 2011.
By Parent - 29 Nov 2022, Rate: bad
I heard a teacher called Lau in grade 6 is really a bad teacher. Some parents I known from this class said she favoritism children and exclude the children who deserve the opportunities. As well emotionally bully good children if she doesn't like them.
By Student - 08 Nov 2022, Rate: poor
I am grateful for this school and the kind teachers, although, the school ignores the most serious things... My friend had a stalker from the school, who knew everyone's address, it was mentally disturbing, yet she did nothing about it! They also don't deal with bullies well. I remember the teacher favouriting, a student who acts nice in front of the teachers, but is soo poor outside of the classroom. When we complain and she does nothing about it. The vice-principal accuses people so indirectly without any evidence. There are people in this school that don't even know what a joke is. They take it way too far. Honestly its insulting. I hope the school can better itself.
By Student - 24 Sep 2022, Rate: poor
Mostly good and all, but then in grade 5 there's this bully guy who acts very nice in front of the teachers and was forgiven SO EASILY after saying a really 'unconvincing' sorry. So bad, so bad, he also made one of my best friends join his 'gang', and he sort of spied on me and another guy pretending to hate the bully but is actually just passing him 'info'. And when I tell him about what he had done he's like 'stop lying about what i didn't do' and the teachers take no action to stop this. They wouldn't listen even when a parent complained, and the bully got away again for framing one of his 'friends' for it. And continued, continued keeps doing things bad then when I tell teacher gets away with it. The school needs to do something about bullying, they don't seem to care...
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