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The Currajong School, East MalvernCompare
School Facts
School sector:Non-government
School type:Combined school
Total student:48 (boy:42, girl:6)
Total staff:7
Student attendance:
Location:East Malvern
Address:90 Darling Rd, Malvern East VIC 3145

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School Comment
The vision of The Currajong School is to transform the lives of children experiencing social, emotional and behavioural disorders. Our mission is to provide a positive and therapeutic school environment for children whose social, emotional and behavioural ... more
By Student - 22 Nov 2017, Rate: excellent
I Went to this School for over 4 years and now reflecting on my time there, i have changed a lot from when i have started, The School Has improved me behavior wise, also i learned how to read there, how to do basic maths, spelling and i a lot more! The staff at the school are fantastic at what they do! i look forward to visiting the school sometime soon! I would Highly Recommend Currajong to anyone looking to put their child into the school!
By Parent - 14 Mar 2017, Rate: bad
My son has never had any behaviour issues at school infact teachers at his previous school adored him. As soon as he walked in the doors ar Currajong he was immediately put under the "behaviour issue" band wagon and treated poorly to the point where my son actually changed his behavour to suit the accusation. He was punished for saying he was bored and the work was easy with a ten minute time out everytime.I pulling him out and placing him in a more supportive school where my 12 yr old is currently doing year 9!! He was bored he did know the work the teacher's did not have the skill to encourage him and bring it out of him as promised! Very dissapointed!!
By Parent - 17 Jun 2016, Rate: excellent
I cant understand these reviews! My son is at Currajong and after numerous mainstream plus another special school I have felt nothing but support within the Currajong community. My son is possibly the worse he has been in awhile and the teachers and staff have been an absolute godsend for us...
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