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Peninsula Specialist College, Dromana
School Facts
School type:Special school
Total student:113 (boy:76, girl:37)
Total staff:23
None-english student:

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School Comment
Peninsula Special Developmental School is a dual mode setting catering for students with an intellectual disability. Students are aged between 5 to 18 years, with primary and secondary departments operating in the school. The school provides comprehensive ... more
By Student - 22 Aug 2023, Rate: average
I graduated in 2011 the school was ok i was school captain in 2009 POSITIVES When Peter Koop took over from the old principal Karen Dauncy Peter got a new playground put up removed a lot of fencing around the school, his done alot when I was there, with the old principal the way teachers handled students if they were bad was restrain them like criminals and lock them in the time out room like a prison cell, when Peter took over that rule changed instead he would calmly talk to the student and not have the timeout room, NEGATIVES my cousin passed away at the school from heart problems they left him in sick bay like come on rule 1 if someone complains about there heart u call a freakin ambulance not send them to sick bay and say “everything will be ok” another negative is when my disabled wheelchair bound foster brother put his hand in his pants the teacher would grab his arm and tie behind his back like WTF when I saw my brother like that I would undo the his strapped hand and comfort him, lastly when I was I was there we had a deaf student we had 1 teacher there to teach auslan when she left no one would help this student which made this student upset cause other students picked on him and he would run away from school and Peters idea was to put a harness with a strap attached to and walk him like was dog like WTF, So one day I studied auslan and helped this student but sadly when I graduated no one took over helping this student, The year I graduated it was a joke I had teacher from the school across the road and all I did that year was 30 minutes of maths and 30 minutes of English then rest of the day told to whatever I wanted.
By Student - 01 Sep 2019, Rate: bad
I wish I could rate this place something worse than 'bad'. Horrible is closer to my 12 years of experience at this place. There is so much wrong with this school, I don't even know where to start.
Maybe that the curriculum system is only targeted towards the lower-end functioning disabilities, thus pretty much every senior student is left in the dust academically?
Or how about the ones that DO need it the most, get way too much help and never have to do their own work, meaning even THEY also learn nothing, leaving them as helpless as a fish out of water once they've graduated?
Perhaps the ever-rampant cesspool of baby-proofing every aspect of their lives to the point where the students can't date the other students, except for the equally-present bullying of degenerates in every corner of the senior classes that none of the teachers do anything about, you know, the ONE thing the teachers SHOULD be baby-proofing?
I don't know if anybody is going to read this, but if you're a parent thinking about this school... please, for the love of god, keep looking.
And if you're a student already in that hellhole, GET OUT OF THERE as fast as you can. Trust me. Get home-schooled, get to a different school, whatever. ANYTHING else is better than what this school provides - or as I should say, does not provide.
By Employee - 07 Nov 2013, Rate: average
When a support teacher deliberately trips a student over... that's bad.
When a teacher goes through students' lunch boxes for something to eat... that's pathetic.
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