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Hillside Median Price
The House price is 7% lower than last year.
Surrounding suburbs
Caroline Springs$770,500
Wy Yung$705,000
Hillside Median Rent
The House rent is 10% higher than last year.
Hillside property sold price
Hillside 3037 Profile
XPlannings near "58 Melfin Drive, Hillside"
A2 Gourlay Road
22 Mar 2017
Buildings and works by carrying out alterations and additions to an existing Place of Assembly; installation of an additional 20 gaming machines; liquor licence and alterations to access to the road in a Road Zone (Category One)
01 Jan 2019
Transfer of Licence
Distance: 514 meters
Map | Street view
B1/9 Di Berardino Way
25 Nov 2015
2 lot subdivision
Distance: 572 meters
Map | Street view
C2 Anastasia Court
15 Nov 2013
2 lot building subdivision.
Distance: 572 meters
Map | Street view
D65 Riviera Drive
07 Jul 2015
2 Lot Subdivision (prior to construction)
Distance: 572 meters
Map | Street view
EShop 16 49-69 Royal Crescent
17 Nov 2018
Transfer of Licence
Distance: 628 meters
Map | Street view
F11 Rupicola Court
06 May 2015
To subdivide the property into 2 lots then in a separate application to consolidate lot 3 with titl
Distance: 660 meters
Map | Street view
G12 Rupicola Court
06 May 2015
To subdivide the property into 2 lots then in a separate spear application to consolidate lot 4 wit
Distance: 677 meters
Map | Street view
H83 Bellevue Boulevard
10 Mar 2018
To vary the restriction contained in Transfer U877011S by deleting point (a) that we will not at an more...
Distance: 931 meters
Map | Street view
I163 Community Hub
22 Jul 2014
2 lot subdivision.
Distance: 1.3 km
Map | Street view
J868 Melton Highway
18 Nov 2013
Amended Plans associated with a permit for a residential subdivision; to include and entry statement
Distance: 1.2 km
Map | Street view
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