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Wonga Park Median Price
The House price is 12% lower than last year.
Surrounding suburbs
Chirnside Park$976,000
Christmas Hills$1,185,000
Croydon Hills$1,142,500
Croydon North$1,099,200
Kangaroo Ground$2,453,700
North Warrandyte$1,301,200
Warrandyte South$2,066,200
Wonga Park Median Rent
The House rent is 64% higher than last year.
Wonga Park property sold price
Wonga Park 3115 Profile
XPlannings near "49 Charles Smith Drive, Wonga Park"
A9 Gatters Road
01 Jun 2005
WITHDRAWN Construction of a shed. Estimated Cost: $8000
02 Mar 2006
Construction of a carport and water tank. Estimated Cost: $7500
Distance: 180 meters
Map | Street view
B11 Gatters Road
21 May 1999
A DWELLING A DWELLING LOT 3 MULLUM. Estimated Cost: $240000
12 Jul 2004
Buildings and works in association with the construction of a shed.. Estimated Cost: $15000
13 Feb 2008
Buildings and works for the construction of alterations and additions of a dwelling.. Estimated Cost: $25000
Distance: 197 meters
Map | Street view
C13 Gatters Road
21 Oct 2004
Alterations and additions. Estimated Cost: $10175
Distance: 221 meters
Map | Street view
D12 Gatters Road
03 Oct 2000
Four (4) Lot Subdivision
10 May 2004
Buildings and works associated with the construction of a rural store. Estimated Cost: $25000
19 May 2006
Earthworks associated with access road construction, vehicle parking, levelling of furrows, garden terracing, fencing and vegetation removal.. Estimated Cost: $5000
17 Sep 2007
Use and development of the land for a dwelling and associated earthworks, including consent under Section 173 Agreement AB518176T for earthworks outside the building envelope.. Estimated Cost: $1000000
01 Jul 2011
The use and development of the land for a dwelling, shed and vegetation removal. Estimated Cost: $500000
10 Sep 2014
Use and development of the land for a dwelling and illuminated tennis court, associated outbuildings, and earthworks and consent under the Section 173 Agreement affecting the land for buildings and works outside the building envelope. Estimated Cost:
07 Sep 2017
Vegetation Removal - 8 Pine Trees
Distance: 260 meters
Map | Street view
E17 Gatters Road
06 Oct 2016
Alterations and additions to an existing dwelling - swimming pool. Estimated Cost: $39550
Distance: 277 meters
Map | Street view
F14 Gatters Road
Registered as Victorian heritage
02 Apr 2004
Use and development of the land for a dwelling, associated outbuildings, swimming pool and illuminated tennis court.. Estimated Cost: $300000
08 Mar 2005
Earthworks associated with the construction of a level area around existing sheds. Estimated Cost: $10000
29 Jul 2005
LAPSED Creation of gas supply easement
25 Mar 2008
Earthworks associated with rabbit warren destruction
19 Feb 2009
WITHDRAWN - NPR -Construction of an art and craft centre
Distance: 290 meters
Map | Street view
G19 Gatters Road
08 May 2003
VWITHDRAWN egetation Removal
Distance: 293 meters
Map | Street view
H21 Gatters Road
30 Jan 2001
21 Aug 2013
Removal of three native trees.. Estimated Cost: $3000
Distance: 314 meters
Map | Street view
I25 Gatters Road
24 May 2006
Buildings and works, including vegetation removal, associated with a three storey extension to a dwelling.. Estimated Cost: $260000
06 Aug 2018
Buildings and works for alterations and additions to the existing dwelling
Distance: 329 meters
Map | Street view
J6 Gatters Road
11 Feb 2015
Construction of a front fence. Estimated Cost: $4000
29 Jun 2016
Removal of one tree
Distance: 396 meters
Map | Street view
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