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Casey Grammar School, Cranbourne East

By Parent - 2023年12月01日, 評價: 一般
Morally and ethically this school has totally lost direction, from the leader down, things need to be changed
By Alumnus - 2023年11月02日, 評價: 優秀
The knock on effect their “policies and procedures” have on the mental health and well-being of the students is unacceptable
By Parent - 2023年09月27日, 評價: 良好
Interesting if the above review stays this time
By Student - 2023年05月14日, 評價: 優秀
This school has drained me so much its serious they need to change things about this school ASAP, and change some teachers the educayion is good but the way they run it is concerning they are covering the reviews and bad things up with money and its not ok, speack up if you feel like this
By Student - 2023年02月10日, 評價: 優秀
Could update everything
By Parent - 2021年11月11日, 評價: 優秀
This is an amazing school and a very educational school. There are so many extra curriculum activities to compete in and the best private school.It is a fantastic institution
By Alumnus - 2021年08月10日, 評價: 很差
this school is just a money taking school that's all they are honestly
By Alumnus - 2021年06月04日, 評價: 較差
The school has adopted a business approach. No longer has the sense of community that it once had. Slick buildings need substance within the walls. Would have loved to have sent my own children here but there are better options in the area. A real shame.
By Alumnus - 2021年02月02日, 評價: 很差
I left the school because i would be bashed everyday and get yelled at by techers every day for no reason. I WARN YOU GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Student - 2020年11月22日, 評價: 較差
The school isn't good at all I was in maths class and my teacher handed out a worksheet and said: "don't worry boys and girls it's not a practice test" then the next day she says "ok boys and girls get out your practice test" confused I say "you said it wasn't a practice test" then she says "I never said that" and then when the school had to do remote learning she accused me of cheating on a test with no proof like seriously I do not recommend this school to anyone all they want is money that they spend on meaningless stuff they got rid of most of the good teachers that actually care about the students. They are so strict on the uniform I had my shirt untucked and I was like a few feet away from the gate and a teacher called back across the road holding the traffic up and told me to tuck my shirt in I said to him "are you kidding me?" then he threatened to give me a lunchtime detention its just terrible how teachers think that that just because they have a little bit of power they can just walk all over whoever they want again I RECOMMEND DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS HERE.
By Student - 2020年08月25日, 評價: 一般
This school is alright. Recently, we have had to do online learning and it has made learning much more difficult. I understand that teachers will also be struggling at this time, and I understand that. The problem is some teachers don’t always help students when we ask for help. Don’t get me wrong, most of the teachers are great! But some teachers, when we specifically ask them for help, just tell us to do what they said to do, even though we can’t from either technical difficulties or other reasons. When we try to explain why we can’t, they may not listen. The school also doesn’t provide much sport potential and opportunities, and if it does, it is not a large range.
This is a great school for certain things, but if you are looking for more opportunities, maybe take a look at your options first!
Also, the primary school is absolutely amazing and Mrs Duell is one of the greatest teachers along with Miss Bourke, Miss Reale and Mr Newham. These teachers honestly deserve a pay rise Casey!
By Parent - 2019年12月29日, 評價: 優秀
Personally I think it is a great school but I am definitely not a fan of Mrs.Duell
By Parent - 2019年08月21日, 評價: 良好
Mrs Duell should not be taking primary level, she’s not a good motivator! She got favourism!
Bear in mind we can afford to send our kids there, as we are professionals and not stupid!
We can observe how she ruled her class! No discipline in the classroom!!!!
Parent can stay anytime during reading time in the morning, excuse me when does she start her class then???
Dear Mr Principal, please take actions and keep the good reputation of the school
On behalf of few parents from 1D
By Parent - 2019年08月05日, 評價: 優秀
Mrs Duel is lazy, not a good motivator for young kids, just go through the flow. She Dont want to go extra mile to encourage and teach kids. If kids lack behind she don’t care. She blame the kids. Never her fault, always kids. A good teacher make good students. Her desk and class always messy, bins not empty. I have lot more to say and am worried about all her students in her class.
By Parent - 2018年06月13日, 評價: 優秀
A fantastic, inclusive school. The facilities are great and my children have loved every minute of being there.
By Student - 2018年05月19日, 評價: 較差
Mr rayeroux isn't great,he always moans in class
By Parent - 2016年02月09日, 評價: 優秀
I have 3 children at this school and I can absolutely recommend it to other parents who are considering sending their children there.
By Parent - 2015年08月07日, 評價: 優秀
Fantastic new VCE building. A great choice for our secondary aged son to grow.
By Parent - 2015年08月07日, 評價: 優秀
My two primary children love their teachers. Thank you.
By Parent - 2015年04月27日, 評價: 優秀
We have three children at the school and couldn't speak highly enough about the school and staff. Keep it up
By Employee - 2015年04月16日, 評價: 優秀
By Employee - 2015年04月16日, 評價: 很差
I go to dis school. I used to speak da good exglesh. But nowis tanks to casey bad school i speak like dis. I would say this school is a waste of space on planet Earth. The principal is an old hagg who just cares about nothing but rice or other acronyms.
By Parent - 2014年11月05日, 評價: 一般
When we started in Prep we were told they follow a Piaget theory (nurturing child cantered environment) but this was a selling tip only for them as when I started asking about their plans I quickly found that it is a very one level teaching and not differentiated levels for all capabilities for individual students. When we got to grade 3 we were convinced by the principal Margret Buttigieg in a very nice way that the Naplan would be too stressful on our son and to sign a waiver for him not to participate. After talking to other parents of the same year level it was obvious that if your child was low academic they didn?t want this affecting their schools image or the My School internet results. Teachers I found were very friendly and approachable, classrooms were always neat. Principal is lovely when you first start at Casey Grammar but she soon shows her non-negotiable ways and lack of understanding towards children with educational disabilities or children who may need to be supported a little more. This was to be our dream school for our most precious children unfortunately the principal showed us this school is all about the money and the children and parents kinda get in her way most of the time. School would be better with a child educational focused Principal.
By Student - 2014年08月26日, 評價: 優秀
Excellent isn't a high enough rating for this school. I eat breathe and live for casey grammar. Love you selda xo
By Student - 2014年08月26日, 評價: 優秀
Casey grammar has given me a chance to explore and develop as a person. It has given me many opportunities to excel and succeed as well as have fun. The people I have met and befriend have shaped me as an individual and taught me things that I can take into adulthood. Casey grammar isn't just a school, it is a lifestyle that I recommend to all.
By Student - 2014年08月26日, 評價: 良好
Casey grammar school is a fantastic institution for kids wanting to excel in their academics and make life long friendships with students and staff. Our main values are Respect, Integrity, Courage and Excellence.
By Student - 2014年08月15日, 評價: 優秀
No talk, it's just a beautiful place all tidy and neat with unisex kids that are independent learners that carry love and kindness to all.
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